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How To Leave Engine On/Car Lights On

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Posted 2 days ago

Still an issue. IV made it better, R* should patch this and made it like IV, especially annoying when the cops chasing you and you have to turn your engine on like an idiot... and we all know gta v super aim bot cops, right?

It seems more and more like R* just doesn't give a f*ck about anyone who wants to role play or play story mode in this game and won't patch jack sh*t instead they just want to get the retarded kids to ask their parents to buy shark cards so they could afford more ammo for the minigun that they plan to use on the aircraft carrier heist so they can get enough money to afford a Hydra to store at the airfield so they can go on strafing runs on the tanks around the city.

Now, what ever happened to the crime game... after all it is called Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Theft Military Fighter Jet to go on a bombing run of a tank.

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Posted 2 days ago

For the people having trouble with not punching their car, you can also do this by standing next to your door and shooting forward once, holding aim and pressing Y I use a silenced pistol cause it's clean quick and rarely gains attention.

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Posted 22 hours ago

In online all you have to do is start a mission through your in-game phone while sitting in your car and back out. That will leave the engine and lights on.


In SP and MP you can also block the doors so that you teleport in and out. This method will also let you keep the wheels turned.

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