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Discussion: GTA V Police (too easy, too hard, just right?)

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Poll: Do you like the Police AI in GTA V? (822 member(s) have cast votes)

Do you like the Police AI in GTA V?

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    Percentage of vote: 23.48%

  2. Don't really care, I just shoot them. (100 votes [12.17%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.17%

  3. No, it could be improved. (529 votes [64.36%])

    Percentage of vote: 64.36%

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  • acewingman

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 02:43 PM

Cops are a little to trigger happy. Maybe this is the way it is in California, it's been 23 years since I was in California so I don't know. But now that I think about it there are a lot more perpetrators getting shot to death instead of being arrested in the United States these days.


I don't have a problem with the cops coming for me after I break the law, but holy cow they come out of nowhere and just start shooting for the littlest crime.


Three things that need tweaking...


First... How many cops respond based on your wanted level. The whole city of LS should not respond for a bitch slap on the sidewalk from some asswipe making a phone call.


Second... They need to stop spawning everywhere. They need to spawn from a police station and drive from there. When the chase it over, they can drive back to the police station and if someone breaks the law then they can go from where they currently are. They should not be spawning all around us.


Third... They need to be less agressive. They don't need to start shooting if I am not shooting back. In the weeks the game has been out I have been arrested exactly one time and killed thousands of times.

  • Hypnotic10x

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 03:00 PM

Is this a joke? I find it so easy to avoid the police - check radar, go opposite direction and hide in an alley or just keep an eye on the radar. I've never had any trouble with them.

  • Kent_Paul_Jnr

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 03:38 PM

escaping the police is easier than ever  -  its when you engage them - they are one shot killing eveyone so there is no fun in the police sequence unless u just want to hide.


The epic firefights whilst changing a vehicle or running through the back alleys have been redued to finding an "exploit" otherwise known as a tunnel or car park where the AI can't spawn into or finds it "hard" to enter


I can escape 4 *'s by going up one floor in a car park - poke my head out one pixel and I am head shotted by ten of Los Santo's finest.


Should have called this game minority report - LS = Thought Police lol

Officer Ronson
  • Officer Ronson

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 07:58 PM

I've been arrested twice by cops, once on foot ( Gave up my-self, I hit a cop car)


The second, cops boxed me in and got out of their vehicles and as I was too scared to get out of mine which at the same time happened to be bulletproof (I was using a Police riot, I stole it from a Barricade) I tried to escape by stepping on the Gas but I just couldn't, so I stopped a while to think about it and then the cops stopped shooting (MIRCALE) and boom, I was busted. I think it's because the cops need you to be at a full stop to be able to bust you in a car.



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Posted 21 October 2013 - 09:55 PM

i share alot of the complains already mentioned; but i still wanted to contribute. 


i think the cops are far too aggressive. alot of fun is had in GTA, harassing the peds with fists or knives or nightsticks, but you cant really do that anymore. to be honest, ever since GTA III, my favorite pastimes was to go around and get in melee fights with the peds. GTA IV made it even better with the new body models and physics engine. 

what got worse was that they made the police much more aggressive and realistic in the fact that they are out to end a fierce criminal's life. it even becomes a chore when you are sprinting on the sidewalk and happen to knock a ped or two down, someone calls the cops, and now you get to spend 10 minutes finding a place to creep. 

the worst scenario ive gotten myself into was getting a two star and then tagging a cop, resulting in an easy 4 star. might as well just count yourself out $5000 at that point 

  • Devilmee

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 12:05 AM

I think the police are a good strength but They can be tough to escape if you don't have a plan. I think you should be able to kill of a wave of cops then there will be some time until they can send reinforcements.

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  • IHerbert

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 12:13 AM Edited by IHerbert, 22 October 2013 - 12:14 AM.

For me, it's not the difficulty of escaping so much as it is the tediousness of them (i.e., just today a robbed a tattoo parlor in Sandy Shores. I killed an officer on my way out, and ran about two blocks to some building with a secluded dumpster in the back. I ducked behind the dumpster, and even with a helicopter, the police couldn't spot me, since they all crowded around the parlor.)


It's not the escaping that's hard, just waiting for them to give up.

  • Gingersnaps


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Posted 22 October 2013 - 12:19 AM

I think there's a lot of whiners in here. Yes, the police system could use some tweaking. My first couple days with the game, I thought they were pretty hard to get away from. And then I got better at the game (having not played GTA 4 for about 6+ months, I was a tad rusty) and then my complaints went away. 


Sure, they could tweak some things like people calling the cops on you for standing next to them, and make it so when you're in the middle of nowhere lighting your car on fire or whatever that the cops aren't instantly after you.


But overall, it's not as bad as most of you are making it seem. Which is all opinions, of course. Just like what I'm saying is my opinion. So everyone's holds the same amount of weight as the next guy's.

  • R4P7OR

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 01:55 AM Edited by R4P7OR, 22 October 2013 - 01:57 AM.

Completely agree. I was in a fully upgraded Adder going full speed and theres a cop approx. 200-300 feet behind me. Next thing you know he like triples in speed within like 5 seconds and rams me, putting me into a wall and killing me. They're also like twice as dence as everything else so you cant crash through them.


Cops are way too agressive and overpowered. It just makes this game no fun with a wanted level. They need a complete overhaul.

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  • ZHPbim


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Posted 22 October 2013 - 02:02 AM

The wanted level system in this gta is by far the best they've done with. Once you learn some techniques it's so rewarding. It bein harder makes you have to think more creatively. Yesterday I had two stars in sandy shores and decided to evade them by running only. I was taking cover, using stealth, running my ass off hopping fences. It almost felt like what you see on COPS. Get 2 or 3 stars around lake zancudo and evade them by swimming and running up some paths along the mountains, and then randomly hearing a jaguar ready to attack and having to shoot it down. It's amazing. They made evading cops just as fun, if not more fun in the desert/forest areas.

So no, they aren't too hard. Harder than before yes, but that makes it much more enjoyable.
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  • Kent_Paul_Jnr

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 12:47 PM Edited by Kent_Paul_Jnr, 22 October 2013 - 12:56 PM.

The wanted level system in this gta is by far the best they've done with. Once you learn some techniques it's so rewarding. It bein harder makes you have to think more creatively. Yesterday I had two stars in sandy shores and decided to evade them by running only. I was taking cover, using stealth, running my ass off hopping fences. It almost felt like what you see on COPS. Get 2 or 3 stars around lake zancudo and evade them by swimming and running up some paths along the mountains, and then randomly hearing a jaguar ready to attack and having to shoot it down. It's amazing. They made evading cops just as fun, if not more fun in the desert/forest areas.

So no, they aren't too hard. Harder than before yes, but that makes it much more enjoyable.

R* has changed the focus of engaging the cops and having shootouts,  to the player is to run away and hide from the cops or u will die, that's why they have super human powers of detection and car speed, as R* doesn't want you shooting cops , R* wants you to run and hide from them.




Mechanics such as cars not blowing up when turned over have all been relatively small changes but made huge impact on how u play the game.





I also think In its current state it's a buggy mess - my theory is they don't show u who kills you at the wasted screen anymore, as was done in iv, as it will expose regular police shooting you from impossible locations, ie through walls, under the map, through cars, from sandy shores to south los santos etc etc

  • Godeater


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Posted 22 October 2013 - 05:24 PM Edited by Godeater, 22 October 2013 - 05:31 PM.

Personally I think the line-of-sight is fine. Too easy in some cases. One trick I've learned, if it's night, is to turn off the lights in your car. If you have a decent hiding spot most time they will pass right by.

I think what most ppl have a problem with is the aggressiveness and the escalation factor. Too often it seems the police are hyper-vigillant. A few pages back I wrote about a ped running into me, not the other way around. Bam! 2 star level with the cops aiming to kill.

Maybe, just maybe, this is some sort of comment about the LAPD by R*. Shoot to kill and ask questions later. Like the whole force is Cole Phelps on a side mission. What? Some guy stole a lady's purse? Shoot to kill!



I created an account just to say thank-you for introducing me to Spaghetti Cat. Spaghetti Cat rules!


On topic, the OP is totally correct. The main issue is not that the cops are "too difficult", but the petty things it takes you to get them on your ass, then spend 5-10 mins ditching them is very annoying and detracts from game play.


Pedestrian starts beating on your because you looked at them funny, so you defend yourself and bash their face in with your fists, cops come after you guns-a-blazin? Come on man!

  • Valanazes

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 06:03 PM

They're annoying, especially online.


Can't have a 1 on 1 gunfight with someone because they intervene. Can't drive too far without them coming after me.

They're very easy to escape, it's just I feel like I'm doing the same thing constantly... Which is running away like some sort of little girl. I ain't no girl scout.

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  • carmelo3


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Posted 22 October 2013 - 11:38 PM

This is bullsh*t, I got a wanted level for drawing a gun on someone....as they ran off they called the police and I got a wanted level.


So I hide in the most secluded alley, yet somehow...even though there was no police around when they saw me hide, they magically know where I am.


And boom, my wanted level goes up to two stars and they start shooting at me.


The whole police system in GTA V is flawed.

  • tenpennyisplainevil


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Posted 23 October 2013 - 12:20 AM

They weren't joking when they made their motto "obey and survive"  :miranda:

Drunken Cowboy
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Posted 23 October 2013 - 03:21 AM

All I'm saying is that state patrol isn't usually casually driving on railroad tracks when searching for an out-of-sight fugitive...


Oh, and that a game that allows the concealment of dozens of weapons and scores of ammunition in your anal cavity can't be pushing for realism.

  • pyrhhus5

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 06:30 AM

there's nothing more satisfying than lighting up a swat chopper with a mini gun.

The Almighty Me
  • The Almighty Me

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 03:49 AM

I'm all for a difficult game, but there's a fine line between legitimate difficulty and cheese and most developers don't understand that.


Dark Souls is touted as the hardest game in a long while, and that's absolutely true at least until you've learned the game. 


Borderlands 2 is a great example of a game that is just blatantly cheesy.


What makes these games different? Both of the games have incredibly difficult to kill enemies that can murder you on a whim. Is that not what difficulty is?


Dark Souls is at the very least, fair. Minus one badly designed boss, there is a way to make every fight a fair fight. Fair isn't synonymous with easy. You can still make mistakes and instantly be dead. However, deaths happen because the player made a mistake that was otherwise avoidable. Difficulty comes from learning the game and avoiding mistakes. Hence why people who have completed the game are laughing at me right now saying "Dark Souls is for teh newbs lol". You've learned how to play, of course it's easy.


Borderlands on the other hand, is inherently unfair. Not only do the enemies take hundreds of hits to kill, they also do enough damage to kill you in one hit if not for game mechanics designed to prevent one hit kills (They just put you at almost dead and then 2 hit kill you). Now, that isn't the biggest issue. The big issue, is that most of the attacks are borderline (and in some cases completely) unavoidable. The game has devolved into everyone using exploits just to have a fighting chance.


If you get ganked by an unavoidable attack, is that a difficult game? Nope, that's a cheesy game. It's artificial difficulty. Designers throw that unavoidable death in there to make you die, and the uneducated of us say "OH NO, I'm dead. Gee, this game is super hard...."




Now, I drew these comparisons to reinforce my main point.


 GTA is leaning too heavily towards the cheesy aspect of game design.



The main issue with the "difficulty" of the game is the absurd AI accuracy. 


Spawns are kinda lame, sure. The spawns are necessary to ensure that an Adder/Aircraft does not equal a "remove wanted level" device. That's fine.


The cops "Cracking open a Can of Ramming Speed" is definitely just lame.




That doesn't even come close to how lame the hilariously good accuracy the AI has is.


Case in point: (In fact, the sole reason I registered to post this cause this is dumb and needs to be fixed)


I was just shot by an AI. No way right?


Now, that alone isn't an issue. I take issue with the fact that this AI was on the back of a moving motorcycle, wielding a mere pistol.


Somehow, this literal God of a man was able to shoot me. While I was in a moving helicopter, flying away from him (cockpit shielded), a good 50 feet off the ground and a comfortable ~100 feet away from him. Neither was this a singular stray shot, but I was shot 4 consecutive times and killed. 6 shots total, the other two of which still hit the already unrealistic target of the chopper.


There isn't a person on the planet, with any amount of training, that could make a shot like that consistently. Effective handgun range under stress is like ~20ft.


Did I make a mistake there? Was I supposed to somehow expect that some guy riding a Motorcycle was going to make an impossible shot 66% of the time? 


No, it's just unfair and cheesy. The AI just decided, "Line of Sight on any body part, probability of hit roll = greater than required = hit".


 That's dumb.




Also, isolated incident you say? NOPE.


A few minutes previous, while flying the same helicopter with a 5 star army on me, I pass Mt. Chiliad. Tumbling down the mountain, a hundred or so feet away, is a cop car. I laugh at the absurd spawn mechanics for a second until I see from the window, a single pistol shot fly across the distance and again, hit me in a  helicopter moving full speed. and bring me to within millimeters of death.



There has to be some sort of more reasonable hit criteria with the AI. It's not acceptable to just have them programmed to hit you 90% of the time if you're at all visible. It's dumb and detracts from the fun of the game. Players aren't given the opportunity to let their mistakes kill them, they're insta-ganked by super soldier pistol sniper Jedi Knights with the force guiding their bullets.


Chase sequences become, "To hell with this, I'm going hide till they're all dead" because no matter how good you are at driving gunfights, they're eventually going to kill you cause each guy is virtually guaranteed to hit you from outside of your effective range.


I've been blindfired to death by a guy with an Micro SMG from sniper range (100% serious, Quarry Quarry, dude was behind a generator while I was by the off ramp of the freeway)


I can't do anything about it, cause I'm getting hit before I can hit his arm from half a mile away. It's unreasonable for him to hit me at all while blindfiring from that range, let alone kill me.




In short, the AI behavior is actually good. Lame at points, but overall good. The accuracy is the biggest problem, as it makes the game unfair. Gunfighter missions become exceedingly frustrating, and it's already frustrating enough having to drive halfway across the country 1-2 times a mission without getting ganked the second you reach your objective.


Accuracy needs to be toned down. Players who constantly feel cheesed by the system won't stay with you.


Pretty sure you want your players to stay with you.



Hopefully this hits home and gets results.


If not, I at least hope someone got a chuckle out of my misfortune.

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  • tinstartio

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 04:02 PM

I throw in an I agree. The other day in point. I'm driving back to garage to park a fresh mod (jeep I stole from Marryweather). Driving careful to get it back without issue. Then I hear sirens and stop thing from LSPD. Suddenly I see a taxi fly by me and feel a slam where a cop hits me. They then start chasing me like I'm the bad guy. Luckily I evaded them.

P.S. If your near the mountains drive up them, no roads, you'll get await from them.

  • TragicSatireIndeed

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 06:20 PM

To the guys who have never been busted. ITS IN THE GAME BUT RARE IMO


I was busted on 4 stars - I was trapped between cars and they didn't shoot at me but and officer arrested me - and instead of wasted the "game over screen" it says "busted" instead of wasted ,  I lost all my ammo and my armour - has only happened once in over 60hrs game play.


I have seen Police with a parked up police car - talking to a drug user / suspect outside a café, unsure if its a fixed spawn like the preaches or a random event.


I have yet to see police patrol on foot but have seen one or two lone officers driving in crown vics in the city.

I have not been busted once on PS3 or XBOX 360 versions of the game across all three characters.  Its not a testament to my skill, its a fact. I've completed both storylines. While I find it odd sometimes that the rules of engagement for the LSPD and Blaine County Sheriff's Office are rather short(escalation is almost instant regardless of the act), I find it refreshing to see R* coded the police to respond to hostile acts such as brandishing a weapon outside a vehicle in sight of an LEO or assaulting pedestrians. "Hostile acts vs. hostile intent" and "equal force"(i.e--if I'm using a pistol, shoot me. If I'm using my fists, stun-gun/take down, If I'm driving like a maniac, pit maneuver)  need more polishing and my main point would be: I hope Rockstar improves the stealth. I agree with others that the police should not be called IF the player is using a flash suppressor, does not cause an explosion, and has not been spotted by a witness--LEO or civilian. To respond to the OP, if the police are killing you while stealing a Jumbo Jet at the LS airport, steal a Leer Jet. If they're killing you still, pick an aircraft which is not "docked." Keep changing tactics until one works.  During chaotic situations such as the one you describe, even the most sound tactics  sometimes aren't enough to escape death. There are multiple solutions to these problems if we seek them out.  Just my opinion on one of my favorite games.

  • puds1970

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 06:30 PM

I actually find it not too bad as I find if you hide instead of outrunning you tend to lose your wanted level so much easier.

  • Xtrem8plr

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 06:45 PM

Police r way to easy unless ur stupid. Go off road. They don't follow u off road. The chopper will but after a minute he flys back so it's easy to rob store people n stuff n hit the off road in wait that easy.

  • Costar

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 08:12 PM

Police r way to easy unless ur stupid. Go off road. They don't follow u off road. The chopper will but after a minute he flys back so it's easy to rob store people n stuff n hit the off road in wait that easy.

Yep you can usually get off the road into a mountainous area or a tunnel but they're not always conveniently located nearby. If 1+ helis are after you also then you may not even make it to a mountainous area, besides w/ them following/shooting you, the cop cars will eventually show up there too.

Also even if you're in a mountainous area AND at the least on foot at any point, they will pursue you (on foot) up the side of a mountain etc. I was in a car on top of a mountain, got out, started sniping @ cars on the main hwy below, eventually cops showed up on both sides of the mountain, running up on foot shooting. Its still pretty much the same way it was in IV as far as, if you're in a car, they pretty much pursue you that way, then when on foot, they go on foot too.

  • Ermac


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Posted 25 October 2013 - 01:35 AM Edited by Ermac., 25 October 2013 - 01:36 AM.

The police's accuracy in all situations (on foot, in a speeding car, off the side of a truck, etc.) goes without saying, but what needs to be fixed as well is the absurd spawn rate of the police helicopters. Take one down, and literally 10 seconds later there's another one right above you. It's ridiculous. 

  • marco-polo


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Posted 25 October 2013 - 11:29 AM

Helicopters spawing 2 seconds after destroying one, cops "cruising" the back roads and generously offering their time to come after you, or driving past some on the road - one more up front, get away from him, another up ahead later on...


Not difficult, i enjoy their accuracy and the game of cat and mouse - but it's petty and annoying when you're not in the mood for a chase after telling someone they're an idiot or shooting someone on the mountains - after it takes you 10 mins to get up there and cops are there in an instant..


Or - knocking out a ped and getting stars... (Just to get $14-17 for your trouble and pursuit. Tough economy when people are all holding onto their money like that eh? Or do they have credit cards these days and barely any money on hand? No seriously, where's all the money? Played GTA IV today and scored $650 off some guy)


I had a laugh when i went to the police station and moved around the desk to use the internet.

After 40-45 secs surfing the net, they start yelling and the controller starts vibrating... Get off it and 3 stars with a room full of cops shooting me...


A polite "please move, sir" would have been nice :D

  • RedZuluZulu009er6

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 02:07 PM Edited by RedZuluZulu009er6, 25 October 2013 - 02:08 PM.

I haven't been bothered by it at all.  I do get mad occasionally when I am roaming around trying to do something and end up having to run from cops, but you know what?  I shot someone who made a dumb comment on the street, so it's my own fault.  

I have not witnessed the helicopter problem AT ALL.  I get out and shoot the pilots out of it and drive the f*ck away from the scene before it hits the ground.  I have not witnessed them coming back instantly.  I feel like going into the game now and trying to observe this, but I haven't at all yet after putting a sh*tload of hours into the game.  


I don't want the cops to be easy to slaughter.  I got bored of GTA III and Vice City for that very reason.  After I completed everything and got 100% in each game, it wasn't long before 'rampages' lost their fun.  You could take them on forever in the older GTAs.  


As for the "SWAT" and Military/Merryweather?  They should be able to ruin me in no time.  They do that in real life, so why not in the game, right?


The accuracy thing is not that bad either.  I've ran from police who were shooting at me many many times and only took a half dozen hits or so, because I wasn't running in a straight line.  I haven't taken them on in a helicopter yet, so I don't know about them shooting me from the ground with a pistol, and I'm not doubting that.  I will try this as well.


I don't know.   Gamers are some damned nitpicky bunch.  Look, R* spent 270 million +  on this game to give us this world to fool around in and I'm not about to look a gifthorse in the mouth, you know?

I'm not "jumping on R*'s dick" either, I haven't played anything besides the GTAs and smuggler's run games.  If this was made by some guys over at ATARI, I'd still enjoy it.  I don't play games for the hype.  I don't watch trailers and don't even keep track of what's coming out.  I go to EB games and see what's on the shelves when I feel like getting a new game.  I read the box and I buy a second hand copy for like 14 dollars and go home and check it out.  I've gotten some gems that other people say are sh*t (MOH:warfighter) and I've gotten some sh*t games that folks are hyping over (Any Call of Duty after WaW), so I don't know.  Herd mentality.  I'm not being high and mighty here, I'm just saying I don't give a rat's arse about hype and I certainly don't take it personally if a game company puts something out with a few things that don't work out that well for me. It's a challenge.  I like challenges.  

  • Shaenno

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 02:27 PM

Yes! I reckon they are the most challenging out of all GTA series.

I mean, 1 star they start shooting at you, jesus -_- and 2 is the maximum amount of people I can sucker punch before the police is at my butt, it's challenging yet ridiculous at times especially if you're in a mission. Although it's realistic too because police can find you even if you hid in the most dark alleys and sh*t. It's cray, especially the helis. 


    Player Hater

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 04:32 PM

i got 3 stars for parking next to a ped at a race fking joke the police in this game.

  • Colognenigguh


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Posted 25 October 2013 - 10:20 PM

I like the field of view feauture its really realistic but I also liked the Gta 4 Manhunt Circle. The System in 5 is more realistic but I dont know if you go underground they never find you. But if you hide behind  wall were in Real life no one could see you they like see through Walls very anoying. And in my opinion the Manhunts last way to long and even if you punch somebody in the middle of the Desert they mostly come directly. In Gta 4 I loved having some Punchouts in the Ghetto. But an improvement is that with 1 star you can pretty easily run out the Cops.

  • Pelican

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Posted 26 October 2013 - 07:33 AM

The worst part is that you can't hide anywhere. They WILL zone in on you, even if the radar isn't flashing red and blue. It's ridiculous to say the least. Not just zone in, but actively move towards you, even if they have no way of knowing where you are. Clairvoyant pricks. 

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