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Motorcycles, questions and glitches

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 06:17 AM

So I have a bunch of motorcycle questions and I've noticed some glitches


1)First off does anyone have the PCJ 600, Ruffian, or CarbonRS spawn in their game?

I've been playing since midnight release and the only way I could find it was buying it online (The Ruffian is also given to Trevor in one mission). The CarbonRS I can find anywhere but according to the internet its in the game.


2)Are motorcycle bodies randomized like GTA 4?

For example the PCJ 600 in GTA 4 came in many variations like 1 big headlight or 2 small headlights, tall black mirrors or short chrome, exhaust under the taillight or to the side, 2 gauges or 1 gauge on the dash etc, and I'm wondering if this will happen in GTA 5, because in some screen shots GTA released the bikes (like the PCJ) have these "variations" from the model in game


Some glitches I've noticed all have to do with buying motorcycles online. First, they never come in the color you ordered. Second, the Vader does not have exhaust pipes when ordered online (at least this happened to me). And last, the Ruffian pictured online has a different headlight than the Ruffian you receive in your garage (maybe this isn't a glitch but just proof of the randomized variations I mentioned before)


Also I've noticed that the "best" motorcycle stat-wise in the game is a Bati 800 with a turbo upgrade

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