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Best drift car in GTA V?

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  • Worldofflames

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Posted 6 days ago

:r*:My 2 favourite cars to drift with are:


The Futo

Elegy RH8


  • Eurotrash

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Posted 6 days ago

You can drift in GTA V?

  • killahmatic


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Posted 6 days ago

My favorite car to drift is the Dominator. For me its definitely the easiest to control

Mr Tomato
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Posted 6 days ago

This is drifting:

Whatever you are doing in GTA V, if it doesn't look like this, chances are you are NOT drifting, if you are playing GTA O, you are as sure as the sun will rise NOT drifting. So do NOT use the word drifting to describe whatever pitiful act you are performing, because it just simply is NOT drifting.

If you do NOT have slidey cars active there is no way you are 'drifting' in this game as the standard physics simply do not allow it. Full stop. End of.

I'm sick to death of people thinking drifting is a term usable for any traction loss that is causing the car to slide sideways, there is much more to it than that and you are disgracing anything and everything to do with drifting.

If you all love drifting so much it might pay to find out what the f*ck you are talking about before you claim to be doing it.

(Sorry for all the capital NOTS and the rage but I'm trying to make it very clear, as people are causing drifting, which is a very finesse driving style that requires a ton of skill and should be an understood and respected ability to lose it's meaning, which is not okay by me.)

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