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Australian Nation (AUNA) Recruitment

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Posted 27 September 2013 - 12:10 AM Edited by zxroachxz, 27 September 2013 - 12:11 AM.

Hey, Just yesterday night Me and a few friends decided to start an All australian, and All PS3.

At the moment we are on 7 members but aiming for 30-50 by the end of the fortnight.


The link is: http://socialclub.ro...stralian_nation


We are all australian and from the ages of 20-13 And we are also all friendly and will usually skype together.


If you join and recruit 5 people+ per fortnight You will 100% get a promotion to representative.


Our rank System is based on how many people you recruit a fortnight + Your respect and loyalty


Muscle: Defualt rank

Achieved by: Joining the Crew


Representative: 2nd Rank (Sergent)

Achieved by:

1.Recriuting 5+ People per fortnight

2. Being loyal and have much respect

3. Earning my trust and becoming a friend.


LIEUTENANTS: gives orders/ High rank

Achieved by:

1. Earning Owners trust Heavily

2. Being active ingame

3. Being loyal + having respect

4. Recruiting 15+ people per fortnight

(When we reach 6 LIEUTENANTS There will be no more Leuitenants as the rank will be full


Commissioners: Co-Owners/Leaders right hand man

achieved by: 

1. If a commissioner leaves the crew A random Leuitenant of my choice will be chosen for a test to get Commissioner

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