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Memory footprint and texture popping

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 11:31 AM

Hi guys,


I am currently running the latest patch + ENB MILD + Neophites textures + a LOAD of cars + Traffic control.

My PC is [email protected], 6G DDR3, GTX780 (watercooled) + SSD, so is fairly capable.


My current config is running pretty well. My commandline is minimal, just norestrict , nomemrestict and nonvblank (with adaptive vsync forced in NVconfig).

I do not tend to get texture popping until after about 15 mins of play, and even then it is at a tolerable level. I reckon I can do better than this, but it’s a slow process of trial and error.


Anyway, I wanted to discuss two observations I have made.


The first is on the memory footprint of GTA4.exe.

When I am happily playing with no texture problems, I switch to task manager and see that GTA4.exe is using about 1.8G.

Later on and after playing for a while I’ll start getting a few problems with textures, and I have a look to see how much memory I am using and see that GTAs memory footprint has reduced about 500M, to 1.2G.

I find this very puzzling! It’s like the application has flushed it’s memory, but for what reason?! Why won’t it just keep as much data in RAM as possible?

The fact of texture popping + a drop in memory footprint definitely seem to be related.

Does anyone know if the memrestrict parameter is supposed to influence this at all?



I have also found that as soon as I start to have texture problems that if I phone Brucie to start a race, he’ll tell me the race is ready to start, BUT no map marker appears, and if I go to where the marker should be there is no line-up. So the race has not actually started, and it never does, I have to quit and restart.

Anyone know anything about that? Or what might help?


While I am at it, are there any mods that give you more / harder races?




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