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Commercially speaking, what's the best step for Rockstar Games now

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 08:05 AM

We all know GTA series is the series that made Rockstar Games big and keeps it running. 
Now GTA V is out there, what is the next logical step for Rockstar?

First of all, how long will it be before the next GTA comes out?

the RAGE engine that they're using now is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. 
If they keep it as it is, they could create a new GTA game with a map just as big as GTA V or maybe even bigger, in a few years time (3, 4, 5?). If they choose to create a new engine, or adjust the current one, it might either take longer, or they choose to have a smaller map for the next GTA.

What will the setting be?

Going back to Los Santos now doesn't make sense, so I'm leaving that out. 
Liberty City, is an option, but I think many gamers hope for something new this time.
Vice City would make sense If they choose for a smaller map. The improved graphics alone can make it a succesful selling game. If so, the question is: in what time will it take place? Vice City in the 80's has been a great succes in the past, and it can be again! But Vice City in this time, I don't know. It could be great, but it isn't as popular as it used to be in the 80's. 

Maybe a city they have not done before. I'm not going to name any, because there's so much they could do, however, if you're going to, make sure that you keep in mind that Rockstar Games will try to take it a step higher then GTA V. 

Who knows, they might already be working on the next GTA right now.

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 03:40 PM Edited by l1l2l3l4l5l, 25 September 2013 - 03:41 PM.

Las Vegas and the surrounding areas! To the East of Vegas is a desert than mountains. North is a Area 51 and some salt flats. South is just a desert and so is East. 


A fully decked out Las Vegas would be killer. Vice City would be sweet as well but please, as a Floridian, Florida isn't just driving into the sunset down Ocean drive. It's swampy everywhere. Vice City along with ALL of South Florida. From Key West to the Palm Beach and everything in between. 


Also Rockstar was said to begun GTA V literally a few days before GTA IV came out. 

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 04:31 PM

Well, everyone expected GTA V to be in Vice City at first. So, I'm guessing Rockstar will choose to do Las Venturas and San Fierro for the next game. At most, I'd wager 6 years. Minimum, 4.

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