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Concept By: Chao





In Vice City of 2020, a gangster born into a life of crime is destined to bring his life to the polluted sky from the flooded gutters. Having cocaine-addicted friends who always get him into undesirable situations does not help this case, but they are here to help him rise to the top. Will crime take him to the top?



Vice City is very different in the year 2020, things have very well changed, but it seems that the crime rate is still high up. You will see many hipsters and college students who are self-proclaimed geeks that often party and start a lot of ruckus. Cocaine is still in business in Vice City, and it's very popular. There will be coke-heads that will want to fight with you and potheads that will try to convince you that they are an alien that had gotten lost on the way to their home planet. Don't worry, there will also be regular, sane pedestrians that try to make their way through the city without running into any of those freaks, but these pedestrians will NOT help you when mobster pedestrians begin shooting at you.




Shane Caden

You will be playing Shane Caden throughout the game. He was born to a crack-whore mother and a father who was led to death by his own mafia which had turned on him. Ever since his father's death, he's worked with mobs around the city for two primary goals: to make money and to get revenge. He's been arrested and thrown in prison twice for substance abuse and second degree murder. After his last release, his goal was to live life on the top, but to do this he turns to crime for help.


Lance Jones

Lance has been Shane's buddy ever since they were young boys. He is Shane's protector and guider in almost any situations. He will be the first one Shane will take missions from, but he's always there for Shane to talk to when he needs to vent. He will most likely get Shane doped on coke, though.



Marcus is kind of a douche, he is the biggest jokester in the underground and he gets along with mostly anybody, but he does get on a lot of peoples' nerves with his jokes. Shane meets him from Lance's connections and this is where Shane's story starts to go downhill, he is now going down the long downhill which will get him up the small uphill, this is where the actual story begins.


Nate 'OP' Oppenheimer

This is every doper's connection in the underground. There's no such thing as a drug that he doesn't have. He is one of the richest criminal in the city because all he does is sell drugs. His popularity does not bring the cop's attention to him at all, surprisingly. Sometimes you will hear regular pedestrians conversing about "OP", that's how well-known he is. He's very peaceful and likes to listen to Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Bob Marley. He not only gives Shane the deals of a life time, but he gives Shane delivery missions which will get Shane lots of money.


Harry Cox

His name is probably the silliest you've ever heard, but that doesn't change people's perception of him. He's very much an asshole and if you give him any kind of sh*t, he'll make sure you regret it. He's not the kind of guy to mess with - he's known for cutting off fingers and feeding them to his victims. He can pick jokes at you, but if you show any negativity to him, you could be found dead in the sewers next week. He is a famous mobster, known for being intense. Some police even know where his locations are, but they just don't seem to care about what Harry does. Shane meets him through Lance as well, Harry may be on Shane's death list, but that doesn't stop Shane from working for him.



MadGam3rPr0, also known as Mad Gamer Pro or just Mad Gamer, is one amongst those hipster and swagger pedestrians that you just can't tell apart. What he looks like is unknown, but you do missions for him over the internet, he will send you emails of things to do. Shane meets him through Marcus. Mad Gamer is a largely secretive hacker, he's nearly unheard of. He also makes connections between mobs so the gangster-barter system can go on.


Sandra Banks

Sandra meets you on an online dating site that Mad Gamer hooked you up with, although she doesn't know Mad Gamer or anybody underground, not even OP. She does not belong in any mafia or mob connections. She lives in Vice City and not only will you be able to take her on dates, she will give you things to do such as dealing with her ex-boyfriends.



Barney is one of those gangsters that seems to be a decent, moral person, but in all honestly is a sociopathic prick that just wants to get on your bad side. He isn't crazy or anything, he doesn't do drugs. He has his own set of rules, very distant but somewhat close in resemblance to those that society regularly pertains to. He will give you things to do, but he will also give you lessons. He is here to help you get money in other ways than drug-related things.


Peter Vance

His family name is very famous in the mafia world, especially thanks to an old relative that got his name on the wanted list, too bad he had to die, it's the fate of everyone. Peter takes no exceptions, no excuses when it comes to doing something for him. What he tells you to do, he wants you to DO IT, no questions asked. Most of the time, the things he wants you to do seem kind of out-of-place or too far-fetched. But in the end, they usually turn out to support Shane and everything Shane did turns out to be relevant. Peter may seem crazy, he could be your best friend the one day and the next have a hit set out on you, but it only doesn't make sense because he doesn't explain it, it's all business related and always works out in the end. He's a genius that never fails. When in doubt, do what Pete says to.


Lucas Lawrence

Lucas is Marcus's step brother, he is a big drug-addict and isn't so much threatening, and that's why so many people in the underground respect him - he throws parties and finds peace between the mobs. He will show Shane connections to the mob that killed his father and can show you locations, but in order to get that information, Lucas believes nothing is free, so you do things in return, things that Lucas may need help with, and making peace between gangsters from two different mobs isn't always so easy, that should give you some insight for what most Lucas mission will be about.


The Man

The most well known, but secretive mobster in the underground. He is from the Vercetti Mob and is very rarely seen, even by his own mafia. He is rich enough to buy off all mobs, in fact he pretty much runs all of the orders through the underground. Shane only sees him twice throughout the whole game, but saw his face 0 times. The Man usually leaves notes at Shane's front door that tells him what he's supposed to. The Man will take you to the top as long as you do a few things for him first, and then he will tell you how to get your hands dirty in order to clean yourself up.





Named after their main focus and gain - money. This is one of the richest mobs in the city, although not the richest. The leader is Tyke Noah, not much is to be said about him.


8-Ball's Gang

A mob that never had an official name, but it is most often called 8-Ball's Gang as 8-Ball is the gang's leader. 8-Ball is an antagonist who Shane will battle against during one of Marcus's missions. There is much to be said about this gang, but their main focus is cocaine. They are self-habitated and rely on no other gangs, if they see another gang they will not comply to any of their wishes and kill them on the spot. This is the gang that Shane's father used to lead until they turned on him.


Vercetti Mob

One of the most well-known mobs in the underground, this is the richest mob in the underground and its gangsters are treated respectfully as long as they do what they are supposed to do. Most of the underground's wealth goes to here, and still it is very disliked by other mobs because of its success. It's also one of the oldest mobs in the city. It was once known as the Vercetti Gang, but its name changed through years of people calling it the Vercetti Mob because it was shorted. It is owned by a highly respected man known as The Man, for his name is not known.



A very unpopular gang which causes little to no threat to you. This mob may shout negative things to you on the street, but once you pull a gun out they'll sprint back to the docks from which they came. The leader is Thomas Zwei, a Chinese fellow. This gang is in the background the whole game, meaning they are only talked about and appear on the streets, but take no affect on the story.


Radio *By Modern I mean 2012


VC.1 - Dubstep Station (Skrillex, Excision, DeadMau5, etc)


RetroBot - Old Pop/Rock (Rick Astley, The Beatles, Journey, Zeppelin, etc)


Rock 75.1 - Modern rock station (Korn, Disturbed, FFDP, etc)


Speedy McWeenie - Talkshow radio station named after host


SwagTalk Live - A talkshow by a character named Swaggy McYolo


Power Pop Radio - Modern pop (Imagine Dragons, Fun, Adele, etc)


Jamout - Classical/Traditional metal (Metallica, Dio, Iron Maiden, etc)




Shane is released from his time in prison for 2nd degree murder. You will start out at the prison station and will have to make your way back to the house you once lived at (before the game's intro). Shane will find out that he no longer lives there and goes to his friend's house (Lance) who will then have Shane drive around the city with him and will describe the differences to Shane, showing him different things he can do (clothing stores, places to eat, bowling alley, etc). Do some things for Lance such as drug deals and other little things, and eventually Lance will take you to meet his friend Marcus at Marcus's place. This will be mission called Party-Crashers. Shane is at Marcus's with Lance and a lot of other people. Lance is wasted out of his mind  and Shane is sitting alone thinking about how he's going to have to drive Lance home. That's when there's a drive-by and a rock is thrown through a window afterward with a note on it that Shane reads "Marcus - The Money You Spent On The Party Was Our's, Pay Us Tomorrow or Die". Things get serious and you start doing things for Marcus for events that happen between the rival gang that Marcus owes money to and Marcus himself. Eventually, after a few missions of failed raids and a lot of dead mobsters from the rival gang, the rival gang stops going after Marcus and leaves him be. That's when Shane meets OP, from another gang but Marcus gets along well with. OP wants Shane to work for him for a while, OP promises that he'll help Shane get onto his own feet somewhat if he helps him. Shane agrees and starts helping OP. Eventually, you get done helping OP and Lance shows you another guy that might help Shane make some money - Harry Cox. He warns Shane that a lot of people dislike Harry Cox, but as much of a pest as Harry is, don't at all try to humiliate him or attack him. After doing some missions for Harry, Shane and Harry grow an increasingly negative relationship, it never gotten positive from the day they met, so they just split apart. Marcus tells Shane about Mad Gamer and Shane is meant to email him a message that says "Sent by Marcus". Mad Gamer instructs Shane to do some things which increases his working with electronics, which is all that society in Vice City was based on in that age. Mad Gamer is not able to pay Shane 100% for all of the work he's done, so in return he tells Shane to join a dating website and look up a Sandra Banks, Mad Gamer thinks they go along well together personality-wise from what MG knows about Shane. And Mad Gamer was right, Shane and Sandra make the perfect couple, and their relationship tends to last throughout the whole game if you contact her often and do her missions. Barney is then met. Barney sees how good of a job Shane does and Lance tells Barney that Shane is looking to ditch the life of crime and live life as a normal person, considered the high-life. Barney offers to help as long Shane helps him. Barney's first impression to Shane was that he was a decent man, a moral character with a strong sense of responsibility, he was the first man he met in the underground that wasn't addicted to pot or cocaine. During one of the Barney missions, Shane works with a man named Peter Vance who gives Shane his contact information and has Shane work with him. Shane, for a while, works with both Peter and Barney, until Peter tells Shane to kill Barney. Shane is hesitant but Peter reminds Shane that if what he tells him to do is done quickly and without questions, it always turns itself out and puzzles together. Shane thinks Peter is crazy but does it anyways, looking at the past crazy missions Peter tells Shane to do that actually made sense at the end. Shane ends up killing Barney and it is revealed that Barney was plotting to set a hit out on Shane anyways. Peter is one of the most intelligent gangsters Shane meets in the game and Shane grows a good friendship for him, so Shane does missions for Peter sometimes throughout the rest of the game, in the same way as he helps Marcus and Lance out sometimes still. Marcus finally introduces Lucas, his step-brother. Lucas probably has the most connections between gangs than anyone else in the entire Vice City underground. Lucas has Shane do certain things that he needs help with and some missions that he gives you is not even for him at all, it's just so Shane learns something without Lucas having to tell him himself. Most missions that Lucas gives out to Shane are about making peace between the mobs, because sometimes making connections for the mobster barter system doesn't always work out. Last but not least, Shane meets The Man. The Man is very direct in giving Shane missions, although he also is indirect in some ways. He leaves Shane messages of specific instructions in his mailbox every night that he has something for Shane to do. A couple of times Shane met The Man in real life because The Man told him to, but both times were because it was very complicated instructions, it was leading to the final mission - Moonatic (you spend a whole week on the moon during this mission). In this mission Shane is given 2 billion dollars that was robbed from The Man's own gang and Shane is expected to fly to space (in 2020 they allow tourists to fly to the moon for 2 billion dollars). Shane goes to the moon because there is a certain rock up there that would make the 8-Ball Gang rich and rise to the top of the underground - a rock that could make a very amazing kind of cocaine that never goes bad. Shane steals all of this rock, makes it into cocaine himself, and sells it to mobs making Shane the rich one, gaining about 3 billion dollars in under a year. Shane pays back his dues to The Man, and with the rest of the money, he puts towards revenge by hiring many mobs to get together to kill 8-Ball's Gang, every single one of them. He sacrifices his money for revenge. He may not have made it to the top floor where all of the normal people walk, but he made it to the top floor of respect in the underground, and he had made peace in the underground as well.






Spicer (Audi)

Durby Cart (Ford Taurus)

Fury (Mustang GT)

Rider (Ford Ranger)

Smogger (Dodge Ram 2500)

RoadKill (Ford F350 4 door)






Delta (FBI car)




Rhino (Tank)

Reindeer (Jet)

Pocket (Smart Car)


Other (normal ones you see in games)


Easter Eggs


Wilson's Ball

On Shipwreck Island, a new addition way out into the seas of Vice City, there is a Wilson Ball from the movie Castaway. There is also a similar easter egg to this - on the moon you could find a Wilson Ball gravitating around. But this one only has 3 fingers including the thumb as a bloodprint to shape Wilson's head, sort of like an alien's hand.



On the moon, the main place to find easter eggs, you can find a UFO halfway sticking out of a pond of ice in one of the moon's craters. It will be dark so bring a flashlight.


OP T-Shirt

On the whole map, some, but very few people, will be seen wearing a shirt that says "OP".


Cow on the Moon

On the moon, if you go to a certain location and look up, you will see a cow flying over the moon, but it appears to be frozen and stuck in orbit, it's a reference to "And the cow jumped over the moon" from "Hey Diddle Diddle" nursery rhyme.


Minecraft Creeper

A Creeper from the game Minecraft may be seen in the Vines Jungle, but you can never get too close to it, it'll always run away.


Tommy Vercetti

Sometimes you'll hear references to Tommy Vercetti from pedestrians on the street when they notice violence from you or someone you're doing missions with; "I thought that Tommy guy was dead!", "What's with all of these Vice City terrorists!" and (usually from hipsters) "The internet will protect me from Tommy!"



870 Combat
Pump Shotgun
M1 Garand
Mosin Nagant
Cerereal Bore
Tech 9




(The map will be up soon as soon as I draw it)

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 07:16 AM

I like it. It's got it's background and it all adds up. Only thing I can ctirisize is the massive block of text. Maybe you can cut it up a bit with some paragraphs?


It's good though. The easter eggs gave me some chuckles :D

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Thanks, I'll edit this later.

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"Shane is released from his time in prison for 2nd degree murder." Tommy was freed from prison after 10 years.

8-ball gang and Vercetti Mob are also weird. Third era's over, man!

Rock 75.1? FM waves start from 85 :/

Moon is a good idea for next Saints Row.

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 04:33 PM

8-ball gang and Vercetti Mob are also weird. Third era's over, man!


I don't think this matters at all. Vercetti was a large influence to crime in Vice City. Why SHOULDN'T he be included? Just because some ass at Rockstar decided to ruin it for everyone and say III/Vice City/San Andreas basically never happened?

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 05:51 PM

Yes, and as you know, "Rockstar' makes the series, and THEY have decided to erase III era from history. this concept is something like a new game to be a reference to olders. Is it really needed?

References and jokes aren't worth being a new single game

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Why is there a minecraft reference I'm a GTA game?

Also, why is "modern rock" from the 2020s from out present time?

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