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Replaying The Lost and Damned today , after GTAV ...

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 02:30 PM

Personally, due to time constraints, I haven't been able to finish my post-GTA V playthrough of Lost of Damned yet.


I've seemed to have finished all the friend hang out conversations seems they've gone quiet now, yet I still got nine missions to go.


My Lost crew are basically living now in a perpetual motion of gang wars, after Brian's civil war, and before working for Elizabeta.


It's basically the quiet after the storm, but before the even bigger storm and hurricane that follows.


It's probably the best part in Johnny's presidency history.

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 09:54 PM

I have finished V and started playing IV again, and for tha first time, The Lost and Damned. I was amazed how awesome does this game is.. i thought i would lack some of V's content, but definitely, in V i would love to see some things that are present in this episode im afraid.. Loving to see the effort they had put into storytelling and dialogues. Calling friends and asking favors, like guns and weapons really approaches us to our "brothers".. this game seems much more realistic and plausible than V could ever be. Not only this, but has deep characters, great story, great gameplay.... graphics doesnt really make that difference to me, so i think this time i will stick with IV and Episodes from Liberty City - especialy The Lost and Damned - rather than going back to V. Precious gold found afta 4 years, even more brighter than V in my opinion.

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