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Android version - rampage glitch

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 10:16 PM

Hi! So I am playing the android version and trying to get 100%. One day I decided to do a rampage, one that is behind a pink wall, south of a gas station in Ocean Beach (you use a chainsaw). I activated it, but after a few seconds, I turned off the tablet because I had to do something else. After some days of completing the rest of the rampages (leaving this one for the end becuase it's hard), I came back to do it, but it wasn't there. I thought i had completed, though i didnt remember it. But I didn't. I checked my stat sheet, and it says 34 of 35 (or 35 of 36, dont remember). I checked back and I know I did every rampage. So, this means that by turning off the tablet while doing the rampage, it screwed up, it does not show up and I'm screwed out of 100%. Is there a workaround for this? Has anyone else had this problem? Please, help!

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 08:49 PM

I responded to your other thread on this-- it is now in the gameplay section... if the rampage is "gone" then I will likely move it over to this section.


I asked you to upload your save in that thread-- I will give it a look as soon as I can-- it is possible you just have another one left somewhere (I hope that is the case)... I have a mod installed on my phone that makes it easy to see rampages from a great distance.... I also have a game save editor that I think will show where any rampages are located (however it was designed for the PC version and is at least somewhat buggy about showing remaining jumps)


LOCKED this thread (since it is a duplicate)--

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