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some effy things in gtav

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  • iammnotbatman

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:00 PM

i love this game i really do.  i am not a hater im not a call of duty fan im a video game fan.  while playing gta since it came out these are a few things i took exception too



1 you cant access the police computer those side missions were fun


2 i been playing gta since 99 n i love classic cheats but when they came up with the phone and were able to save em in there that was amazing.


3 does damage even happen to the cars in this game? i feel im doing over 100 i slam into the guy in front of me and not even a bumper hanging off


4 why cant you take someone hostage on the street?


5 im all for making the game realistic but did they have to make controling sticky bombs so damn hard? you were able to toss them out right on the side of you in IV now this one you have to aim while driving which makes them more difficult to attach to (HUGE FAN OF STICKY BOMBS)


6 is it me or when cars blow up there not as cool looking. or maybe i should say "cool scenes when they blow up"


7 come on give me some blackjack in the casino they make a golf course but have a beautiful casino that you cant even enter


8 ok the little itty bitty white dot when you aim your gun!!!!! i cant not see that for the life of myself!!! and i wear glasses! it needs to be bigger idc what anyone says 


8 i hate the gun turn disc when switching guns let me just hit SQUARE this isnt red dead


9 can i get a little more life? you get shot 3 times your dead whats the fun in that and why even pick up armour i feel like that gives you nada as well.


10 can the army come after me? where are the 6 stars?


11 can i stop getting shot at by police with one star i mean gimme a break




im sorry but i had crazy high expectations for this game. i am very happy with it i really am but i guess i was just amping it up way to much.  to me a wait of 5 years for this game and to have list of disapointments like this just is a little sad to me

  • gepetto420


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Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:03 PM

im still trying to make the millitary come out.  let me know if you figure it out. 

  • Chudboy

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:09 PM

Agreed on some points.


But cops don't shoot at you on one star. It's 2 stars when they start shooting. And you get it pretty easily in this game. Especially if you get in a car an try to drive away. It's not like previous games where you can drive off with one star. If you drive off you get two stars, usually.


I like how you mentioned the gun disc, say "this isn't red dead" but want blackjack and casinos, which were in Red Dead! Just thought that was a bit funny! Seems like you do secretly want some of Red Dead.


Taking Hostages on streets? Never happened in other games. But would be cool. I rather the explosions in this game to be honest. The cars don't turn into black mess now. They seem actually burnt. Sticky bombs are better. I rather throw them on cars, than on the floor, much funner! But I agree, it's a bit difficult. Aiming a gun is difficult while driving too, unless you slow down time with Franklin.


I think the army come after you? At 5 stars? 5 Stars is pretty difficult to get to, I haven't done it myself. If you don't want to die so quick, buy some armor, it makes a big difference. It's suppose to be a little bit harder for you to do bad things in GTA V, in my experience anyway.

  • Kampioen


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Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:12 PM

You can change the reticule for the guns. Go to options and change the setting from simple to complex. Every kind of weapon also has a different one that way and it's a million times better.

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