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Plotpoints that bothered me/ didn't make sense (SPOILERS)

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:52 PM

I posted this originally in the OGA but I'll post it here as well.

I don't know man. Like its a brilliant game. Superb. But I just feel something is lacking. Some of the characters actions just didn't make sense. Devin being present just before the torture scene didnt make sense what so ever. There's just like this rich guy chilling with the FIB as they torture a guy. And for what. Like he doesn't even pay you and you still run around like a little bitch for him. Same goes for the FIB and Steve Haines. Surely it'd have been way easier for the trio just to whack them than go around robbing tons of sh*t and killing tons of people for them.


A major plotpoint I dont get is the whole Norton angle. Like wtf went down. Norton shot Michael and brad. Michael is in hospital and then norton offers him witness protection? But it was an unofficial witness protection. Who was Michael even a witness against?. Brad was dead, the driver was dead and Trevor was on the run and clearly free. It was even mentioned that Michael was paying a 5 figure sum into Nortons account every month. Like it just doesn't make sense. Did Norton offer to set Mike up with a new identity if he payed him alot of money or something?


Alot of the sub plots were resolved way too quickly in my opinion. The O neills, The Lost and The Aztecas were a prime example of this. There's this huge war meant to be going on in the desert and Trevor wins it within like 3 missions. But then nothing happens. Like you dont get any money. There's no extra sidequests. You can just run guns for Oscar. Trevor even says that Oscars operation aint a part of TP inc. For all his posturing once Trevors monopoly is secured nothing else comes from it.


Martin Madrazzo bothered me as well. We have this big time mexican cartel gangster. We pull down his house, kidnap his wife, bite off his ear and yet in both cases we pay him off and all is forgiven. He just had no presence in the game which was odd given he was the biggest crime boss you come across in the game.


The bail bond missions were a massive let down as well. I was expecting this massive sprawling list of fugitives but 4 guys into it your'e done. Like WTF. I thought it'd be like the bounties in RDR.


It just seemed so lacking in places. I really wish there were more heists and that you had to take a much more in depth route for prepping them. It quite often seemed to be, go here steal this, repeat, start heist. 


It is a great game. One of the best I've ever played but after having this really emotional, character centric story in IV, V just seems.... well empty. Like the gameplay and setting is without a doubt some of the richest, most vibrant in a video game. But plot wise.... Eh. It's just so expositional at times. It seems to try too hard to be satirical. It seems to try too hard to tell you what these characters are like rather than showing you. All of the characters relationships with there family and friends seem to pretty much stay the same, only really changing within one another and even then it's pretty limited. Trevors a pyscho, Michael is haunted, Franklins a newb. Okay we get it.


I dunno. The characters who returned were handled pretty poorly imo. Like Rocco of all people is there. Why?. Like i mean seriously. Nothing to do with the Ancelottis  is even mentioned. He's just a movie guy now. He didn't even deserve a cool execution. Like with Terry and Clay I wanted to give them headshots as they deserved to go out like pros. Rocco on the other hand....I smashed his car a bit. Fired a clip in his general direction, hitting the pavement then shot him twice in the leg. He rolled around on the ground and then died, no doubt soiling himself as he did so.


U.L Paper was a nice surprise and it was certainly satisfying to clip him. What a f*cking slimer. Packie was a cool addition to the heist crew and it was interesting to find out that Derrick is dead regardless of your choice in IV (Probably ODed). With Packie though you never really learn much more about him. Which makes sense given he's just a random goon but there was so much potential for his story at the end of IV. Instead he just shows up in V, quips a couple of one liners and helps your success in the heists.


I do find it funny though that a street gangsta, a meth head and a fat middle aged man can wipe out teams of NOOSE and sh*t. At least in IV there was some air of believability to Nikos bossness. He was this ice cold Slavic veteran. Trevor on the other hand failed to get into the airforce (He mentions not becoming a full pilot due to a pysch evaluation) and huffs gasoline yet he takes down scores of Merryweather and sh*t.


What happened to Episilon as well. Like have i missed a sidequest or something. There was so much stuff about them pre release and yet in game all Iv found so far of them is some internet sites and some radio advertisments. What is up with that.


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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:55 PM

All these plots could have been extended with a longer story ie 200+ missions, but most people including myself would have got bored. The who blowing up losts camp etc; was an ok mission but you have to remember there was small lead up missions towards that. 

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:12 PM

There are missions for the Epsilon...All you have to do is be Michael and donate some money to them on their Website...Then wait until you receive an icon. 

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