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GTA will get monetization - buy In-game moneay with real money

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  • Omfgturtle

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 04:44 PM

Another drawback of console games. They've begun to niclkel and dime people on just about every game out these days.

I honestly doubt this is true. Maybe these cash cards are random rewards or drops from doing thing sin game and it randomly selects a card to give you. Did no one think of this?

The Shadow
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Posted 24 September 2013 - 04:47 PM

Of course.. Apperantly 1 billion dollars in sales are not enough for them... Is it me or Rockstar is becoming money-hungry? *cough* EA *cough*

  • theshadowfax

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:04 PM

For every action there is a reaction.

If Rockstar have truly sold us out like this, "high server costs" or not, I'm actually eager and excited to watch the reaction unfold. I predict piracy will spike through the roof and the Online hype will die out before we even get to November then theyll be left with what they've got and the knowledge that they could've had more.

  • DerangedDisaster

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:13 PM Edited by DerangedDisaster, 24 September 2013 - 05:14 PM.

I don't really like it but from a business prespective it's understandable. If they say that GTAO will constantly grow and evolve for free and R* gives us new content for free I don't mind the whole microtransactions thing.

It shouldn't have an effect on the competitive side anyways since you usually pick your weapons up from the ground in these cases. In regards to free roam the only downfall would be that the stock market could possibly be controlled by people with alot of real world money into the game but as long as that does not mean they get an edge on me in terms of overpowered weapons and vehicles then I'm fine with that. It's just a shortcut after all. Money can't buy skill anyways.

  • RX2000

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:50 PM

This is awesome! As someone with a full time job & responsibilities, I like being able to just pay real cash & keep up with all the kiddies who can just sit around & play all day & do nothing else! Keeps us on a level playing field, AND Rockstar makes money! Thats what I call a win/win!

  • S1LV3R_W0LF

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:50 PM

Just money? I have a feeling and based on my 7+ years playing "Free to Play" games with micro transactions, that this will be just the start. After that there will be special vehicles, properties, guns, armor, specials...

BaM BooZeLLed
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Posted 26 September 2013 - 07:05 AM

Well I have never and will never spend my real money on fake in game money. I dont care if Ill never afford a fake golf course haha I live less then 3 blocks from a real one and have a buddy that works there free golf.


I hope this isnt the way they are gonna make it.

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 07:06 AM

They have even revealed the price for the money packs... The cheapest is £1,99 for 100k in-game dollars, f*ck, if this were EA it'd be 10,99 just for that. Guys, realise Rockstar has to sustain themselves somehow for Online, there WILL be microtransactions, but not gamebreaking ones.



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