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Hitman Absolution To SA

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Agent 47's handler with the International Contract Agency, suddenly goes rogue, carrying out a catastrophic sabotage that includes publicly exposing the Agency. The Agency reforms under agent Benjamin Travis; Travis assigns 47 to kill Diana and bring Victoria, a teenage girl in her care, to the Agency. Shooting and wounding Diana in her home in SAN ANDREAS, 47, rather than executing her, comforts the dying Diana, where she gives him a letter and asks him to keep Victoria safe from the Agency.

47 hides Victoria at a Catholic  and contacts an informant named Birdie who tells him that Blake Dexter, head of Dexter Industries, may have more information on Victoria. As payment, 47 is forced to give his Silverballers to Birdie. Eavesdropping on Dexter, 47 learns that he plans to kidnap and auction Victoria to the highest bidder. Sanchez, Dexter's enormous associate, then proceeds to knock 47 unconscious. Framed by Dexter for the murder of an innocent bystander, 47 evades the police, only to learn Birdie is being hunted by Dexter's ally, Wade; despite 47's intervention, Birdie is caught by Wade and sells Victoria's location to protect himself.

47 reaches Victoria and learns that Victoria has a necklace, which if she doesn't wear she will become physically weak. Wade and his men attack the orphanage and kill most of the staff. 47 mortally wounds Wade, but Victoria is kidnapped and taken hostage by Lenny, Dexter's son. 47 then follows him to Hope, Bone County. Meanwhile, Birdie approaches Dexter, offering to broker the ransom of Victoria back to the agency, but he is rejected. In anger, Birdie secretly provides information about 47's location to the Agency, and information about Dexter to 47, hoping to profit off the situation. In Hope, 47 retrieves his Silverballers when Birdie gives him the location at a gun store. Later, 47 kills Lenny's gang, then interrogates Lenny, and subsequently disposes of him. Learning from Lenny that Victoria is at Dexter Industries HQ, 47 infiltrates the facility and destroys their research data on the girl while assassinating its head scientists, and discovers that Victoria is in fact a , bred to be a top-class assassin like him, however her fighting skills are only possible when she wears her necklace. 47 kills Sanchez in an underground cage fight after learning from him Victoria was taken back to Hope. Recuperating at a hotel, 47 survives an ICA attack lead by the elite all female hit team "The Saints" and kills them.

Infiltrating Hope Courthouse Jail, 47 reaches Victoria but is subdued by the corrupt local sheriff Clive Skurky, who is working with Dexter. The ICA, led by Travis, takes over the town in an attempt to get Victoria back and kill 47, but she is nowhere to be found, while 47 escapes the prison and evades the ICA. He then confronts a wounded Skurky in a church, demanding Victoria's location, to which Skurky ends up telling 47 she is at Blackwater Park, then dies from his wounds. Travis pays a ransom of Ten million dollars for Victoria, but Dexter doesn't keep his side of the bargain and keeps both Victoria and the money. 47 arrives at Dexter's penthouse and kills Dexter's assistant, Layla. Dexter, unbeknownst that Layla has been killed, plans to destroy the hotel's roof if she didn't meet him there within five minutes. As Dexter is about to leave the hotel with Victoria and the money by helicopter, 47 mortally wounds him. 47 saves Victoria, while Dexter, with his dying words, apologizes to his son, Lenny and asks for his money. Victoria, who is disgusted by Dexter's words, opens the briefcase containing the ransom and throws the money onto his dying body. 47 and Victoria then leave the hotel.

47 learns from the letter Diana gave to him, that Travis created Victoria without the Agency's knowledge; in the letter she also requests that 47 kill Travis to protect Victoria. Pursuing him to England, 47 finds the ICA exhuming the Burnwood family graves, believing Diana's death to have been faked. After killing Travis' assistant Jade and then his personal guards, 47 corners Travis, who asks him if Diana is dead, but he refuses to answer him and kills Travis. During a closing cutscene, 47 watches Diana and Victoria from afar, before a message from Diana welcomes him back to the Agency, revealing that the shot 47 fired at her was non-lethal. Victoria also considers disposing of her necklace to prevent her from hurting anyone, with Diana telling her to do what she has to. Another cutscene then shows Birdie offering information on 47 to Cosmo Faulkner, a detective investigating his case.









1236135_651220854902865_1325107818_n.jpg  Agent 47: You play as him, Prove yourself, Use his instinct and prepare your own decitions. Also all the story turn around him. 



1013686_651220818236202_1433183912_t.jpg Diana Burnwood:  Your direct  ICA Contact, It's a dificoult thing... Kill her.



558276_651220898236194_847946307_n.jpg Victoria: You must protect her with your life, She's cannot die.


1231487_651220781569539_1606938211_n.jpgBenjamin Travis: The bad guy in this Story, He's your enemy, He wants Victoria any cost.


1234907_651220828236201_96913547_n.jpgBlacke Dexter: The owner of Dexter Industries, he came to know about Victoria .


68843_651220901569527_1971072055_n.jpg Birdie: He was hired by 47 himself to help him in finding out more about the people after Victoria.


1238794_651220921569525_1877290861_n.jpgEdward Wade: Was a mercenarie of the Colombian drug cartel and a long time, friend of Blacke Dexter.


1186248_651220714902879_1437563518_n.jpg Sanchez:  He's the personal bodyguard of Blacke Dexter .


1235510_651220721569545_513233391_n.jpgLayla Stockton: Is the personal assistant and advisor of Dexter Industries and Blacke Dexter.


1240588_651220738236210_775518431_n.jpg  Lenny: He's the son of Blacke Dexter.








Mission #1 : A Personal Contratc  


Mission #2:  A Personal Contract II


Mission #3:  The King Of Chinatown Intro


Mission #4:  The King Of Chinatown Part I -Prologue-


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 07:41 AM

Looks exciting, looking forward to this. Good Luck (^)

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 01:01 AM

Hell yeah, i've played them all!

And they're all awesome :3



PD: Hope that this dyomking doesn't copy them ^^

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 03:43 PM

Nice Missions Dude,I'm Really impressed

btw..Am I The Only one Who see A LaaaaaaaRge Space after Cooltext Logo?

Hope u Fix Dis :D



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Posted 30 September 2013 - 06:23 PM

Thanks a lot, Guys :D

:panic:  :panic:  :panic:

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