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Random encounter (Antonia Bottino) with $60,000 reward.

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  • Mark8147

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 11:26 PM

Head to the very north of the map and you will come across a Antonia Bottino, daughter of Sonny Bottino (from GTA 4), being attacked by two guys. Rescue her and be rewarded with $60,000.



Derelict Frog
  • Derelict Frog

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 09:38 PM

I rescued her as Trevor, but popped into ammunation to get armour on the way. When I left the store she had vanished. Is it possible to redo this mission. I want to hear the in-car chat if nothing else.

Vice Beach
  • Vice Beach


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Posted 23 September 2013 - 10:22 PM

I took her to the Altruist's lol.

  • Mantonn

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 10:39 PM

Did this 2 days ago, by the I hadn't read about it in any forum. Should've posted it directly :C

Great extra cash ;)

  • Crav3

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 05:33 AM

I rescued her as trevor and that was not the spot she was at lol and I got 90k not 60k after the mission..

  • soundless248


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Posted 01 October 2013 - 05:48 AM

Can you do this with Franklin? and does it have to be a certain time of day? 

  • StarFyer

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Posted 18 October 2013 - 12:08 AM Edited by StarFyer, 18 October 2013 - 12:12 AM.

Can you do this with Franklin? and does it have to be a certain time of day? 

I found her with Franklin during the late day around 5-6pm.

GTA Worthy
  • GTA Worthy

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Posted 18 October 2013 - 02:19 PM Edited by GTA Worthy, 18 October 2013 - 02:21 PM.

I found her with Michael late day as well.. let her live and got that fat chunk of uneeded cash lol

  • Cyc2u

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Posted 18 October 2013 - 03:25 PM

I do this one and the bicycle theft event as early as possible with Franklin. 160k is a nice chunk to get early.

  • 5.7

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 10:03 PM Edited by Syphiroth, 13 November 2013 - 10:07 PM.

I did it with Michael my first time after collecting waste in the ocean.
I just found her with Franklin but her security guard shot me because when she got out the car I was driving kept moving and she went ass up on the ground. She took a Trevor swing at me so I clipped her pickup driver (after he pulled a gun and started shooting me) and let Antonia run away alive. She called me crazy like the hillbillies.
Frankie C should of put two slugs behind her ear!

Wondering if the hole event will respawn? Since my last save is awhile back? I'm just doing Mary Ann's crap and it's how I found her with Franklin.

Edit; I just reloaded my old save file. Still, if someone knows the answer to my question asked, I would appreciate it.

  • kama0kazi


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 01:59 AM

if you dont fully complete random encounters, they will respawn.

  • wh1t31v3y

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 05:19 AM

Is this only available after a certain point in the story. I'm doing another playthrough (actually my 4th) and I'm trying to earn as much $ as possible before doing the jewelry store heist but I cannot get it to activate. Same with the drug deal gone wrong which is just south of paleto bay (25k in the briefcase) I can't get either random encounter to activate

American Viking
  • American Viking

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 05:40 AM

How is this even worth posting about? Anyone who really explores and takes their time will find this. In fact, a perfect time to find it is when Franklin races that crazy broad (forgot name). From where the race finishes, just walk up the hill a bit and you'll run into it. It always amazes me when people post things that I discovered in the first week of release. 

  • wh1t31v3y

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 06:20 AM

Ok so that happens after the 1st heist. I asked a simple question trying to find out how early it can be activated

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