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(TMP) The Grand Theft Auto Update Thread

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 08:41 PM Edited by DDX-GTA, 21 September 2013 - 08:44 PM.



This is the Grand Theft Auto Update thread, the idea of this thread is to summarise all of the updated wants into one, to simply make it easier and to perhaps ease the clone topics a bit more. 


I'll quickly explain the foundations. Basically, past facts can be provided for speculation on what can happen in the near future. (For when there were complaints or minor bugs present at the time) which could mean that all complaints that are currently being represented, could be fixed.


This is not a complaint thread, nor a thread to slander other uses based on their thoughts or opinions, for example, if someone says "The driving in this game is terrible" and you reply "Well get the f*ck off the forum and don't play the game at all then" or any type of offence content, then you'll risk being reported or flamed by other users, thus resulting in making the discussions problematic for everyone else. 






  • The vehicle camera was updated in the short future after the games release due to it being problematic while hand breaking around corners. The camera never used to focus on the car as it turned,resulting in a lot of players having head on collisions with walls or other vehicles due to the impaired vision. The only way around this at the time was to manually use the right thumb stick to reposition the camera until it re-focused at the end of the turn. 


  • The circular health reticule was slightly modified, the colour had a distinctive change and its functions had minor alterations. 


  • In TBoGT, there was the parachute bug, this bug allowed players to manipulate the use of the parachute by pumping the triggers to gain unlimited altitude in the sky, this, however was patched after R* caught on. 

  • In the vehicular camera change post, R* made it changeable in the pause menu in the game, resulting in giving the players choice of what method of play they'd prefer. 


Current Complaints in GTA V




  • The vehicle handling in the game is the most dominant complaint going forth as of yet. The current handling is disliked by about 45% of the community, even though these figures aren't official, as a possible result of this, the oncoming updates could make available an option to give players a choice between the current and classic handling. 


  • The flying is also a minor complaint as R* have tried to implement turbulence in the game, although a smart addition to the realism of aircraft, some players find it a nuisance, or it is a bit overpowering in a unrealistic perspective. 


  • Texture issues are also another complaint, there are users that have reported pop-ins and distorted textures which leads to undesirable game play, this however has a very strong chance of being fixed in the future. 


  • BETA vehicles are already flowing through the forums as users believe the vehicles have been left out because R* have decided to, THOUGH THIS COULD NOT BE TRUE, considering in the past, R* have vehicles out and re-added them in DLC's. An example in GTA V would be the Hunter, an attack chopper from III era games and the Hydra Jet, a VTOL from San Andreas. Both of these vehicles can be seen in screenshots. The LifeInvader website promotions have tell tale signs that content will be made available for the game in the future.


These are just to name a few, hopefully this will catch on and additions can be made to the topic, an update fixing some of the issues named are not for certain, this is just to theorise what could happen, since some of the problems named have been repaired or altered in the past. 


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Posted 21 September 2013 - 09:42 PM

These should be implemented....


Red Dead Redemption's - Dead Eye


Cell Phone Cheat System


GPS Guide / Path On Actual Gameplay Screen


Option To Choose Where To Respawn After Dying

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 09:50 PM

I'm not even sure if this is a bug or if it's supposed to be like this but about 95% of the time cars will turn off when you exit them. Once in a while they would stay on when I exit them because I can still hear the radio in it and the lights are still on. 

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