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Computer freezes for about 1 second at a time - Windows &

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 03:56 PM Edited by marmoo, 21 September 2013 - 04:03 PM.

Hi All


Hope someone can help me with a little annoying problem which I have encountered on 2 separate computers


Recently a built myself a new computer: see topic:




Windows 7 is OS but I am not sure how to edit title of topic 


My problem is at intermittent times my PC will freeze for about 1 second at a time. It does it randomly. If it was a case that it would do it when I was doing just one thing like playing GTA IV or doing something else I would be able to isolate the problem but it does it randomly. 

What i experience is liking a 'jarring' effect which last no longer than 1 second at a time. It does not kick me from the application /game I am using at the time (The only time it does is if I am playing GTA IV online and it tells me connection has been lost with 2 or more players or my computer is running too slow). The mouse icon lags, the sound lags and graphics lags but only for a second at a time. 


My connection speed is about 7 mbps and I rarely lose connection or drop so I doubt it is this which does it because it does it when I am not online also.

What is confusing the crap out of me is that about 6 months ago I experienced the same problem on my previous computer


Core 2 Duo 2.8ghz

4 gig ddr 2 ram

AMD 4650 1 GB graphics

Windows 7


Now I do live in a village in the United Kingdom  so I tried to protect myself with a surge protector for electricity so not sure if this is the problem


The fact that 2 separate computers are doing the same thing is very confusing so any advice would be appreciated


I have checked the Windows 7 forums and there are quite a lot of threads re this with no real answer so thought I would try my luck here 


P.S. Never had this problem on XP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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