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Street Running (Xbox 360)

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Posted 20 September 2013 - 12:27 AM

Welcome to the Street Running Crew

XBOX 360

This Crew is all about street Racing

This is NOT meet to be your main crew its for pepole who want to street race for Fast Cash and Rep I want to bring a diffrent type of crew to GTA where racing is fair and the playing field is lvl


My Idea is pretty simple make a class for cars in the game such as

Class S Fastest

Class A Faster

Class B Fast

Class C Mediuim

Class D Slow

Class F Etc

So this would work so that the Class the car is in will race with other cars in the same class and everyone is not racing the same cars as the others I want ppl to show there personal style and skill.

Of Course Money comes in to play I want the ppl to put money up and if possible pink slips up if possible and devolpe rivalry. (of Course this is not req)

I want to bring the Street Racing feeling to GTA.

Races will be held at least twice a week for each class.

Right now the car class are not complted yet just because the game just came out and as a crew I want help to figure out what cars to put in each class feel free to help out better yet become a member ??

There will be a website soon and more ideas to come




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