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Completed GTA 5. Opinions. SPOILERS ALERT

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 06:31 PM

I have just completed GTA 5 and I really didn't want it to end :'(



I am one of those that gets hooked on to the characters and Michael and Trevor to me were 2 of the greatest game characters. I liked Franklin but never been keen on gangster stuff. The part where you get asked whether to kill Michael or Trevor made me panic as there was no way I wanted them to die. Red Deads ending made me cry so GTA 5 would ruin me. Luckily I picked the third option where you stand off against the people who somehow tried ruining your lifes.



Every single mission was truly amazing. I sucked when it came to flying but apart from that i did very well. Every cinematic was just perfect especially whenever Trevor was in the scene. Even the strangers missions were incredible. I was hoping for more bank heist missions in single player because they were incredible.


The shooting in GTA is perfect, That feeling of free flow shooting and a helicopter spiralling down exploding into a building then parts nearly hitting you was amazing.




I REALLY HOPE DLC comes out for single player as well as multiplayer as I really hate how it's all ended :( Just want more




Anyone complete GTA and what is your thoughts?



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