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What should Rockstar change in a PC port?

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  • n0e

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 06:26 PM

If/when this game makes it to the PC, what changes/fixes/addons do you think would need to be made?


I'm hoping for at least better mod support than we had in previous GTA versions.

  • Burner

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 06:31 PM

R* shouldn't change anything, the modding community will take care of that. 


And about better mod support; What? All the games have been modder friendly since GTA1. Again, modders have this under control. User made cars, guns, maps, characters, scripts, have all been created for every entry in the series for PC, how much more modding can be done to a game? 

  • n0e

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 06:36 PM

Well, I mean easier integration in the game similar to what Elder Scrolls use. It's just easier management and can help minimize comparability issues. 

  • PkUnzipper


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Posted 19 September 2013 - 07:06 PM

What Burner said.  Just port it to the PC so the PC modding community can go to town on this.


From a game play perspective, I'd like to see these mod features added:


1. Mod the booty call to add peds the player meets online at dating sites like in GTA4.  You should be able to register a profile on a dating site and have at least 3-5 profies reply back for a date. Then use the existing booty call system to call up these internet romances for booty calls.


2. Add a basic dating game scenario like in GTA4. Except this time, the player is the one that initiates the date with a phone call.  The game doesn't need to track the stats of how many times the player calls the contacts for a date. So it won't matter if you never call a contact back. The contact will always go out with you on the date. 


3. Mod the existing friend date system to take non friend dates to the venues like the movies, rides at the broadwalk amusement park, all sporting activities like golf, darts (but not triathalon or races sports).  Silly, warm fuzzy places like hiking trip up Mt. Chilliad or hanging out on the beach.  Or perhaps even hunting expedition (if you're playing Trevor and his tralier park universe) :lol:


4. Add a mod like HippieCommunist's GTA4 break out of prison mod. This had to be one of the best mods in the entire 4 universe given the number of times you keep getting busted.  But set this up as an option for those who don't want to role play breaking out of jail. 


If you successfully make the jail break without being killed, you should get at least 50% of your confiscated weapons and armor back as a reward.  You should also get the option to use any peds you escaped from jail with as potential crew members for your next big heist.


5. A more comprehensive ATM mod which lets you interactively manage your checking/savings accounts and not just view the balance. You should be able to transfer whatever amounts you want between checking and savings account and make some interest on the savings account. This was another good mod to have in GTA4.


6. A mod like HippieCommunist's weapons and weapons weight mods.  Lets you store your ammo in your safehouses around town and adds a weight movement penalty for being overburnded with ammo. You should be crawling if you're carrying RPGs and machine guns instead of a regular m-9 etc.


7. Add SA style work out activities like weightlifting/working out to build stamina and strength skills.  Yoga, Golf, tennis and the existing sport activities are great. But not being able to do weightlifting to build stamina for participating in the triathalon was dropping the ball IMO.  Especially since a poorer character like Franklin can't afford to buy a high priced mtn or racer bike early in game.


8. Make peds more aggressive like being more prone to jacking your vehicle. As of now, the crime level appears to be restricted to random events which is terrific.  But the crime level should change proportional to the environment/neighborhood you're in. eg. if you park your vehicle on Grove St v. in Vinewood, you're 90% more likely to have it stolen if you leave it unattended for a time. Although the existing ped AI has vastly improved, it could use some more refinement tweaks.


9. ADD MORE FOOD STORE VARIETY TO THE GAME. I hate to say it, but SR1 and SR2 got this aspect of gameplay right.  You should be able to pull up to a fast food window like at Clucking Bell and buy a cheesburger etc. without getting out your vehicle.


And yes drinking beer and being able to rob convenience stores (another SR feature) are great game play advancements. But there are a ton of food stores like Burger Shot, Coffe Bean and a whole bunch of interesting looking smaller food shops on the beach pier.  Yet none of these are interactive? :/   Why can't you buy food from these besides the hot dog vendors etc.


Well that's my 2 cents for now.  I'm really praying this gets ported over to PC. That would put me in Nirvane. :cool:

  • NYPD.ESU.55


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Posted 19 September 2013 - 07:15 PM



- Better/brighter LED's on emergency vehicles, because its barely visible at daytime.

- Less texture pop-ups.Maybe is the weak point of the RAGE engine, or just the outdated console hardware cant keep up with the game?

- Enterable/'robbable' restaurants, and being able to buy food from street vendors.

- Clothes shops can be robbed too.
- More pedestrians/cars on street.

- An option wether to use the original, or the GTA IV-like handling. Or at least the golden mean between V and IV, to make everyone happy.

- Police patrolling streets. ( in car and on foot )

- Being able to buy safehouses (as R* promised btw.)


And last but not least, a proper, well-optimized and beautiful PC port that releases in this year. :)

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