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GTA V Forum Reviews: Your Reviews of GTA V

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 06:05 PM Edited by Deffpony, 18 September 2013 - 06:26 PM.

This is a contest. The reviews will be voted on and the winner will have his review featured on GTAV.net as well as a possible commendation

Warning: this thread will probably contain Spoilers

No discussions in this topic. Reviews Only. Take Discussions to this thread: GTAForum GTA V Reviews Discussion
Alot of you are very vocal about your GTA V experiences, both good and bad. Well what better what to discuss your views on the game, than to create and post your own reviews here? If your not up to posting a full review than just vote in the poll for this thread.
Each member review will be compiled in the OP of this thread. I will update the thread up until October 31st, to allow members the chance to get their reviews completed. The reviews must meet the guidelines established in order to be included. After October 31st we will enter all the reviews in a contest, and allow the forums to vote on them in a few different categories. With the new site update, awards or commendations are still pending, so we will get back to you in that regard.
The reviews must be separated into 5 different categories.

  • Presentation/Graphics-Self Explanatory.
  • Sound FX/Music-Self Explanatory.
  • Storyline/Plot/Characters-Anything involving the story and characters.
  • Mechanics-Driving mechanics, Shooting mechanics, Melee, etc...
  • Gameplay-Missions, Side missions, Activities, Customization, Features

Each category will have a total of 5 possible scores represented in Stars tfZawC2.png?1
o7nxnsp.png?1   Excellent - Everything in the category is implemented almost flawlessly
D2XoKYu.png?1    Good - This category has been improved, but is not perfect, and has some forgivable issues
tfZawC2.png?1    Fine - There are issues with this category that cannot be overlooked.
IyM39I3.png?1    Bad - This category is a definite step back and can be frustrating to deal with.
hYx764G.png?1    Horrible - Nothing about this category works. It makes the game almost unplayable.

With a total possible score of 2 stars per category, that gives the overall review a total possible score of 10 stars. As we get closer to the release date I will update the OP with a more structured template that can be used when writing your reviews, and even post a sample review.
Sample Review
GTA V is alot of fun. It is the best GTA game I have played yet and it will last for a very long time. Visually the game is very impressive, despite the aging consoles. The graphics are much better than GTA IV but there are still some pop in issues and framerate drops here and there.
The new dynamic score really helps keep the action feeling like its not just randomness, but something important. The radio/music of the game really depicts the west coast and modern era music well. Sound effects like gunshots and car engines really feel powerful.
The storyline is awesome. Everything feels believable and the character interactions are fantastic. The plot doesnt feel watered down and balances realism and over the top nicely,
The mechanics are better in every way except for driving. The driving is frustratingly arcady, making the game feel like ridge racer. The shooting and cover mechanics are amazing however.
There is alot to do in the game, and it can be over whelming. You will never feel bored in Los Santos and will have loads of activities to do for months and months.
Sample Score

The graphics are much better than GTA IV but there are still some pop in issues and framerate drops here and there.
Sound FX/Music-o7nxnsp.png?1
The new dynamic score really helps keep the action feeling like its not just randomness, but something important. 
Everything feels believable and the character interactions are fantastic. 
The mechanics are better in every way except for driving. The driving is frustratingly arcady, making the game feel like ridge racer. 
You will never feel bored in Los Santos and will have loads of activities to do for months and months.
Total Score: 9/10
Template: Copy this into your post and edit your own review in.

******Your Full Length Review Here******

******Brief Description Here******
[size=6][color=#00cc00]Sound FX/Music[/color][/size]-[img=http://i.imgur.com/o7nxnsp.png?1]
******Brief Description Here******
******Brief Description Here******
******Brief Description Here****** 
******Brief Description Here******
[size=6][color=#00cc00]Total Score:[/color] [color=#ff0000]Score/10[/color][/size]











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Posted 18 September 2013 - 03:21 PM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 03:45 AM. Fixed formating. :-)


I've only played the game a few hours and can already say that R* new installment of GTA lived up to the hype.  In fact, I think I'm having a better time playing it then I originally thought I would.  As all of you know, a week or so before release, the game was leaked.  After watching 20 minutes of gameplay, I thought the game looked great, but I was beginning to question whether GTA V would really deliver.  The threads on here of people complaining about the driving mechanics/car damage, truthfully, got me worried.  Needless to say, I was still very excited for the 17th to see my copy laying on the front porch.  When I popped in the disc, installed the game, and played the first few missions I was hooked.  See why below:

    Presentation/Graphics- o7nxnsp.png?1


I play games on a 32" Vizio flat screen.  Some games look great on it, some others not so much (for example, GTA IV).  Luckily, R* gave us some eye candy this go around.  There's such a contrast to the colors of the depressing Liberty City and the vibrant Los Santos.  Man, does 5 years make a difference.  Everything from the buildings, to the mountains, to the reflection of the sun on the hoods of cars look beautiful and help suck you into San Andreas (rather, Southern California).

  Sound FX/Music-D2XoKYu.png?1


This aspect of the game is little tricky for me to review.  I'm not a big listener to music, so rarely do I know tons of songs in a game's soundtrack.  What I can say is that GTA V holds a large variety of radio stations.  Compared to GTA IV, there's double (probably triple) the amount of radio stations.  Other than listening to the radio, I'd suggest parking your car and just listen to the world around you.  Pedestrians are smarter and funnier than ever.  Sometimes, in the distance, you can here an on-going police chase, or shooting.  Not only does the world look/feel vibrant, the world sounds vibrant.




Remember Niko?  (You probably do, considering we were all forced to play as him until yesterday.)  Remember the story mode's missions' objectives that you had to do with Niko?  Yeah...toss the idea of driving, finding, shooting, escaping, repeat out the window.  Mission objectives are varied this time around.  You never know what you're getting yourself into when starting up a mission with any of the 3 playable characters.  Without spoiling much, I just want to say that the Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are 3 people that come from, what seems, other ends of the earth.  You can do a mission with Trevor and think, "I can't believe these three guys know each other."  The same with goes when you do a mission with Franklin or Michael.  What's amazing is that, when the time comes, they all mesh together.  How?  MAGIC.




As a player who could barely maneuver through the streets of Liberty City without crashing and flying out the front window, the driving is a great improvement from IV, but it kind of feels a little Saints-Row-esque.  Now don't take this the wrong way.  I hate when people say it feels arcady.  The truth is that most casual players are going to love the new driving mechanics, while many IV vets won't.  You can't please em' all, but they sure pleased me.  Now I can drive!  Do you know how liberating it feels to hit over a hundred on a highway full of cars and be able to serve between them and NOT crash?!  Yeah...it's pretty liberating.  As for, car damage, again, I can see why people were so upset with this when the game leaked.  It my be a little toned down, but when you really do get into a crash, it show.  It's not liked there's no damage, there's actually a lot of it, but not as much as IV




Weapons have vastly improved over the last installment.  The installment of the weapon wheel is a great improvement.  There's a couple kinks, but nothing really.  I'll tell them to you anyway.  The reticle for guns is a dot.  While, I feel that it's better than IV's locking system with the circle and the bars, things can get a little dicey when you try to do a parked drive-by or shoot someone while driving.  Actually, I've just heard that you can change the reticle shape, so that shouldn't be problem.  One last thing, I wanted to point out is that right after you kill someone, the screen flashes white for a moment just to show that the person you shot, knifed, whatever, is actually dead.  It's kind of getting a little annoying for me, so if anyone knows if you can turn that feature off please tell me. Combat...IT'S FUN.  Let's leave it at that.   


  Total Score: 9/10

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Posted 18 September 2013 - 04:07 PM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:38 AM. Fixed formatting.

I really loved the game. It was everything that I had hoped it would be. I did have realistic expectations, and I made sure I didn't set myself up for a disappointment. I loved the diversity of activities, vehicles, people, weapons and the environment.


There were a couple things that were MINOR irritants. I personally love flying and I loved the detail of LSX and even the air base Fort Zancado. I loved the details of the buildings, hangers, and even the runway lights. My disappointment is that it's impossible to acquire an aircraft, taxi and takeoff without the police up my ass. I am alo disappointed that there isn't a highly detailed civilian airport. I know there is sandy shores, but its not my favorite the way it's run-down. I wish they had a civilian airport on the north end of the map the same size of sandy shores only with nice tarmaced runways, nice hangars, and lights, and lots of civilian traffic.. I know once I progress through the story I can purchase a hangar at LSX and that will alleviate some of this disappointment.

The world is huge, beautiful and immersive. It definitely gives me that "gta sa" feeling. I love it!

Sound FX/Music-o7nxnsp.png?1
I loved the radio stations, there very diverse, the talk show radio is funny, the random comments from both players and npcs is great too. Voice acting is the best I've heard in game.

There all great, but Trevor truly is unforgettable, I really enjoy the side characters I've met so far. I'm not very far through the story, but its been great so far. No more tedious boring missions!

Driving is the most controversial, but its not too bad. Yes it's easier than expected but I still thnk it's enjoyable. Everything has been improved from walking, moving in through doors, and gun play is superb. One gripe I have is the it takes too long to get in a car when being wanted or being shot at. In these scenarios there should be a sense of urgency. So far my favorite thing is taking a truck and trailer with a jet ski, backing it into the water, driving the jet ski, then loading it up and driving to another place and doing it again.

Everything ties together perfectly. The graphics, characters, the environment, and the mechanics. It is fluid and responsive just as advertised. The three character system is absolutely brilliant. They all three add to the game in different ways.

Total Score: 10/10



Original score given (not an average) 9.8/ 10

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 09:52 AM

I've just finished the storyline, but still feel like I've just started the game, because there is just so much to do. When I first started up the game, I found it quite overwhelming, and really had no idea what to do, so I decided to go along the freeway/highway along the perimeter of the map, and this was when I really got a feel for the incredible size of the map. Up in Paleto Forest I really felt miles away from Los Santos, which of course I was. 
I instantly fell in love with the mechanics. Everything I do feels responsive, and the driving is just fantastic. I do find it hard to shoot sometimes since the dot is so small and hard to see, but maybe there is a way around that I haven't found yet. There's just so much exploring for me left to do in the game. 
Storyline is brilliant. The three characters are interwoven fabulously, but their own personal campaigns are brilliant too. Trevor's first mission was just immense (bit of a shocker, too), and at the end, even though he was still the same crazy psychopath, it really felt like he had changed. They all changed. One of my favourite sub-plots had to be working for Solomon Richards. Nicely done by Rockstar to get Vinewood involved in the story. His missions were fun and rewarding. Don't get me started on the heists! If I said everything I wanted to say about them, this would be one painfully long review. So let me just sum heists up in two words: Utterly incredible.
One of my favourite parts about this game has to be the incredible attention to detail. There is so much packed in to this game. One example is having the lunar cycle, and if you switch to Trevor on a full moon he may do his werewolf noise. So clever. The humor is there too, I thought it was hilarious having Lazlow in the game!
It's not bug free. I went to get a car out of my garage once and realised both of them had vanished, which was very annoying. Also, characters changing clothing is frustrating too, because they always were what I don't want them to wear. Believe it or not, but I don't want to walk around Sandy Shores with Trevor wearing nothing but his underwear. But if those are the only two major bugs/gripes I can pick up in one of the biggest open-world games ever made, that's very impressive.
There is so much more I could go on to say, but rather than writing all day, I would like to go back to playing this incredible game. Let me finish by saying, thank you Rockstar, thank you for all the hard work you've poured into this game. GTA V is surely one of, if not the greatest game of this console generation. What a game to finish these consoles with, as the new ones approach in only a couple of months.
Graphics are just stupendously good. Yes there is the occasional pop-in but that can be forgiven when you think that this game pushes current gen consoles to their very limit. Draw distance is incredible.
Sound FX/Music-o7nxnsp.png?1
In GTA IV the city still felt kind of empty, because there was so little background noise. Completely different in V, there is a lot of background noise. My favourite part is being able to hear a race track in the distance. Radio has a great variety to suit almost all tastes.
I was worried pre-release that the storyline would be just about setting up heists and nothing else, but not at all. The characters are very different and the way that they are integrated together is amazing. Also, very nice touch to have the two missions in North Yankton.
Despite what some people say, I think the driving mechanics on this game are bordering on perfection. The cars on the road feel responsive, slick, real. Car damage is somewhat unrealistic, but I'm not complaining that my $650,000 Cheetah isn't horrifically damaged after one crash.
I feel like I've only seen about 1/5 of what the game has to offer, and I've finished the storyline! I still need to climb mountains, go diving, go hunting, buy houses, buy cars, buy businesses, build up those businesses, complete all the side missions... damn there is just so much to do!
Total Score: 10/10
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Posted 22 September 2013 - 11:51 AM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:39 AM.



Grand Theft Auto V is the best game that I have ever laid my eyes on. From the first mission to the last, as well as beyond that with the various side missions and hours of free roaming, this game is perfect. Not only does it look and sound beautiful, but it feels beautiful; just having the chance to play this game is a treat. The characters have brilliant back-stories, the plot does not rely on filler missions, and the game looks absolutely stunning.


No wonder this game has broken sale records. We have the most serious competitor for Game of the Year (and Game of the Decade, when the time comes) here.






The graphics of this game are absolutely stunning. Trust me when I say that I haven't seen anything as beautiful as Grand Theft Auto V.




Sound FX/Music-o7nxnsp.png?1

The sounds of this game are amazing; whether you're driving through the countryside, or speeding through the busy streets of Los Santos, the sounds will represent this beautifully. As for the music, I don't think I've heard many better scores in a video game before. They've really taken notes from their past games (Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3) and bettered each of them for this soundtrack; heaven to my ears.




I thoroughly enjoyed completing this campaign; the plot itself was very well written and the way it was executed was amazing, and the characters back-stories are very well structured. The way that the three protagonists stories intertwine is amazing, and I enjoyed every moment of the story.




From shooting and hiding for cover, to the swimming and bike riding, the mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V are spectacular. Every movement animation was executed brilliantly, and leads to a smooth gameplay experience. Despite what most other people say, I even enjoyed the driving! I've never driven a car at the high speeds that I do in this game, so I can't say if it's extremely realistic or not, but it's definitely enjoyable, and I found the cars easy to control (especially as Franklin).



Finally, the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V is amazing. The variety of activities that you can take part in is absolutely astounding. Whether you want to have a peaceful game of golf, or take out hundreds of cops, this game will give you an absolutely amazing gameplay experience.




Total Score 10/10

One word to describe this game: Perfection. Thank you, Rockstar Games.

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 01:01 PM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:39 AM.

GTA V is a wonderful creative game, but it feels on it's own feet. 69 missions are just not enough for this kind of game and even in much more bigger map. City seems to give fake city feeling time by time, because you just can't find anything to do in there. R* said some of us will not going to find out whole map in even 100 of hours of playing, but I did it in 45 hours. I had a bigger expectations and even after you watch trailers, you can notice even trailers seems to be much more alive than GTA V game itself. 

Let's be honest, game don't reach even half of the fame and glory what GTA San Andreas had to give to a players. GTA V disappoints me. In some ways even GTA IV had more to offer than GTA V.

Graphics are absolutely gorgeous. When you walk through city or county I have been amazed how much details there is over all corners.

Sound FX/Music-o7nxnsp.png?1
Music and sounds quality is very very good, the only thing in my opinion is that some sounds seems to be very "dusty" for example car sounds seems to be low volume.
Storyline was one of the best in all game history, if not the best. I love it and characters seems to be very colorful persons. Area is huge and amazing. Otherwise, GTA V don't leave as much deep feel after you finish it, as GTA San Andreas did.
Mechanics seems to be improved and I love how it works in GTA V except driving could be less sticky.
Gameplay is awesome, it has some major bugs like police cars climbing mountains better than your modified Jeep and or sometimes cars get in under road for few seconds. Actually I love physics and even car arcade driving become not an issue for me any more. Otherwise after you finish main missions, game starts to feel boring and you need just about 8 more hours to finish other 50% of it. It's very short game. You don't really have left anything to do in the city after you complete the game.

Total Score: 7.5/10



Original score given: 8/10 (not average)

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 06:14 PM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:07 AM.

Wonderful addition to the GTA Series and I cannot wait for the full experience -- Online. It will be WILD! This game isn't perfect but it is extremely well crafted and the world is just oh so beautiful and detailed that it would be wrong for me, the exploring type, to give this game a score below 9.

The graphics took me by surprise I mean I thought the game would look bad. The water is just gorgeous, still water, crashing waves, pool water, they're all beautiful. The draw distance and detail is shocking judging by how huge and how content filled V is. What is everyone else's excuse lol who make games that don't look as good as this?

Sound FX/Music-o7nxnsp.png?1
The sound effects are nice, when you're in the country or near water it is literally soothing. The cars sound great but that isn't anything I care about. All GTA's have mediocre car sounds but this one has some nice sounds. The music is fairly great. Found some great 80's rock music, love the West Coast Classics Station, and Non Stop Pop isn't as annoying as I thought it would be.

Love the story, love the action, the characters are well developed. This is a game like IV which I could play again and again. Nothing is tedious except for how that bitch Amanda rushed Michael after she tried to shoplift.

Learned to love the handling and curving around bends in the country, feels wonderful. I don't give a sh*t about the crashing at all. IV was better yeah but who cares? Don't crash much anyways because I have OCD where I hate driving around in a dinged up car. The shooting is harder and therefore funner for me. Almost all actions have been well animated such as hoping off roofs. I also loved flying planes, it was hard and funny. Tried to land a 747 in Fort Zancudo and exploded upon my flawed landing.

This is where it starts to fall down. I love the game a lot but certain things irk me like the lack of interiors and no purchasable property. It isn't that bad though. We get a sexy Mediterranean house and a modern one further up in the hills. More interiors should have been done though. I wish there was more car customization for certain cars like interior colors or bumper parts for every car instead of just a few. I'd also love to buy all cars in the game, not a selected few.

Total Score: 9/10

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 04:24 AM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:41 AM.



Grand Theft Auto V takes the series in a more fun-focused direction, but sacrifices the realism that made Grand Theft Auto 4 such fun to begin with.


What we end up with is a conflicted, but still very well executed entry into the series, which will attract more gamers to jump aboard but may alienate older fans.





The graphics are nothing short of impressive on the PS3 copy I played, they build on the already outstanding visuals of the previous game and really help to give depth to the characters and environment. While there are some slight inconsistencies with jagged edges on distant objects, this is not uncommon for console games, but if this was the sacrifice that Rockstar had to make; then I have no issues whatsoever.



Sound FX/Music-D2XoKYu.png?1


I find it unfair to judge the choice of music in the game, as this is subjective to each player.


For a fan of the innovative sound design in the previous game however, I found myself wondering why Rockstar hadn't payed more attention to this very important part of the experience. While the radio portion of the game is outstanding as always, I had issues with the sound levels in particular, characters being way too loud for certain situations for instance, I found to be illusion breaking when everything else was of a higher standard.


We got a slightly more unconventional plot this time around which I found refreshing, the use of three main characters was a very useful way to keep things interesting, I felt that the characters were strong, but I was disappointed that there were not more.

Lester and Trevor in particular, were two very interesting characters that provided a good counter balance to Franklin and Michael's relatability, but I feel another unpredictable character in the mix could have elevated things a lot more.


The ending unfortunately felt tacked on and lacked any build up, it felt completely unnecessary to kill off a main character at this point without further exploration of each of their personalities.. and the option to kill Michael felt insulting as this is something that Franklin's character would never do, it directly contrasted with the person who Franklin was portrayed as throughout the game.

It makes no sense to me as to why GTAV should have a definitive ending that portrays it's main characters in such a bad light, unless the most relatable character sacrifices himself.. It's simply depressing, and not the way a game should end if we are to want to stay connected to the characters to continue exploring the world.


The poor ending actually put a dent in my want to continue playing, and for this reason I give it one star, there was a huge room for improvement with such a vast world to work with.

Mechanics- D2XoKYu.png?1

Combat and NPC response to damage have been improved, which will be a relief to anyone who sat through the entirety of GTAIV, combat could have done with a little more variety in the way of melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat; but it is still a step forward.


Driving-wise however, GTAV is step back in comparison to the previous games, realism and skill based gameplay are sacrificed for fun, and while it is fun while it lasts.. The series' signature drifting is long gone, and it is far too easy to dodge through traffic at high speeds.


Decisions such as the lack of realistic car damage, a lack of personality to the different vehicles in the game.. are somewhat overlooked by the re-introduction of vehicle customisation, which i'll go into next:


Rockstar have pushed the boundary of game design with the introduction of three interchangeable characters, random events keep the game fresh and exploring a GTA map has never been more fun for these reasons. What must also be praised is the amazing attention to detail that Rockstar has put into creating the city and it's surrounding countryside.


Vehicle customisation covers a lot of bases, but the lack of choices on each aspect causes this feature to lose steam after a while, what disappoints me most about the vehicles in GTAV is that there is no sense of hierarchy, virtually any sports car can be turned into the fastest car in the game.


A few users have called GTAV a HD remake of San Andreas, and for the most part I find myself agreeing with this, there are no real innovative features that wow me, i've seen it all before in previous games, but what cannot be denied is that these features are all executed well in GTAV.


Total Score: Score 7.5/10

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 08:08 PM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:42 AM.



For me, GTA V is this year's biggest release. In the run up to it's release, I had just come out of a three-month stint in EVE Online and played Saints Row IV, which  - despite my praise for the earlier games - left me feeling somewhat disappointed and, in many ways, much more anxious for GTA V to live up to the hype. This is on top of having being stuck in Liberty City for longer than I care to remember, and whilst I enjoyed GTA IV's attempt at gritty realism, I felt that it lacked the slight absurdity of previous games, something which R* failed to infuse into TLAD but eventually recaptured - albeit briefly - in TBoGT. 


The general feeling, now that i've completed the game twice; very, very happy with it and it'd be perfect if not for a few niggling issues.


My review will only focus on my experiences with the PS3 version.



- A significant step up from GTA IV and the previous games, Los Santos, Blaine County and North Yankton look fantastic, and the three major locations are varied enough to keep things interesting no matter what you're doing, avoiding the gray blandness that characterised much of Liberty City. Although some people have mentioned texture issues and pop-in, I am lucky in that I haven't experienced any of that with my game. Textures look crisp and very high-quality. Weather - when you get something other than sunshine - looks amazing and Thunderstorms both look and sound fantastic, especially if you play with headphones on.


On the subject of weather, the water in V is another step up, and not only the sea looks great but even standing water on roads and wet clothes manage to look good.


Sound FX/Music-D2XoKYu.png?1

I've rated sound down due to a couple of issues. Firstly is that some vehicles don't sound quite right. The Bravado Buffalo, for example, sounds like a Japanese tuner car, despite the fact that it's clearly modelled off the 2012 Dodge Charger and Franklin's unique Buffalo has the correct engine sounds. Similarly, the Rat Loader also possesses the wrong engine sounds for it's style. Some of the weapons also sound quiet at times, but overall this isn't too much of an issue.


Voice work is, as ever, very impressive and very rarely did I feel the need to use subtitles. As noted above, rain and thunder sound great and overall, the general ambience of the different areas of Los Santos and Blaine County give both areas a distinct and realistic atmosphere.


Perhaps the only other negative point I could say is that despite having around 10-15 radio channels, I personally find myself only ever listening to LS Rock Radio and Non-Stop Pop, and occasionally Rebel Radio.




I found the plot particularly enjoyably, and without giving away too much, I felt it was a nice fresh approach to the open-world crime game that we've come to know. From being an immigrant trying to make it to the top in GTA IV, R*'s approach to V's protagonists was a well thought out decision that pays off. Michael, the ex-bank robber living life by his pool in Rockford Hills, is a great example of what might have happened to Claude Speed or Tommy Vercetti once they'd dispatched their respective final bosses and taken the seat at the head of the table. He's well rounded, and the inclusion of direct family gives him an angle unseen in previous GTA games.


Franklin is a point of much discussion for players, but for me, I found him to be relatively interesting despite the fact that, at times, his motivations aren't always clear. Unlike many players, I am glad that his missions take place mainly out of the CGF and the hood, as I feel that doing so would far too easily have turned him into another CJ and been a major distraction from the main direction of the new story. Being a driver, Franklin tends to be my most used character due to his special ability.


And then there's Trevor. Although I was disappointed that his entrance to the game also marked the exit of another character from the series, Trevor's gameplay delivers the most fun by far, whether it's his missions, rampages or just generally switching to him burying someone in the desert or hungover, in a dress, at the top of Mt. Chilliad.


However, other characters are somewhat forgettable once they no longer have relevance. I quite enjoyed the Franklin-Lamar pairing and he continues to be a good character when interacting with Trevor. For me, though, the return of several previous characters were often the highlight of the game. Lazlow, Johnny Klebitz and U.L. Paper make some good cameos but ultimately, it's Packie McReary that takes the biscuit, and going back and rerunning the heists with him was a blast.


Despite the fact that I blitzed my second playthrough in around 24-32 hours, I didn't feel that the story was too short but at the same time I was glad it wasn't padded out with unnecessary missions. 



Weapon switching and the new weapon wheel are a massive step forwards for R* and I can only hope that this never goes away. Not needing to visit a safehouse or an Ammu-Nation every five minutes to select a new weapon is a godsend, and the new customisation system is nice, even if a lot of players have complained that the stealth system is unreliable outside of missions, and - personally - I feel that the weapon tints look terrible, but since they're optional, I don't have to use them.


Driving physics also got a much-needed revamp and both cars and bikes are now actually fun to drive. While driving physics in IV weren't atrocious, it's nice to see that sedans aren't wildly unpredictable in turns and that bikes don't slide around corners. Adding in-air control and the ability to roll a vehicle are also good additions.


The three-character switching mechanic is arguably the big new thing, and there's not much to say about it. It works. My only criticism of it would be that you can't switch once you have a wanted level, which takes some of the fun out of getting a five-star wanted level with one character and having another turn up as the getaway driver.



As noted, the improved driving and shooting mechanics mean gameplay is a marked improvement over IV. Adjusted police AI makes for much more interesting police chases and shootouts, with my only real criticism being that cops hit very hard and by comparison to Niko, V's characters feel very fragile and as such, even the most well prepared free-roam rampage can be snuffed out inside of a few minutes. 


Missions are fun and well balanced, and whilst I don't have an exact favorite, the missions Derailed, Caida Libre and Deep Inside are some of the most memorable non-Heist missions. On the subject of Heists, the game does a good job of offering multiple options for certain Heists and associated setup missions for all of them. The crew system is good and always leaves you with the dilemma of Success Of The Mission Vs. Cut Of The Take. With the right crew, however, you don't need to worry about this, but it's still fun to go back and redo the heists a different way or with the worst crew you could find. Only criticism here - MOAR HEISTS.


The return of small aspects, such as Taxi missions, is always a good thing. However, in V is also serves to highlight the lack of Paramedic, Firefighter and Vigilante missions. Whilst ultimately not having them doesn't spoil the game, it would have been nice to see them return.


Total Score: Score 9/10

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Posted 29 September 2013 - 05:27 PM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 06:10 AM.

 TJ's GTA V Review
GTA V is one of the best games I have played in a long time. From the missions to the free roam, there is loads to do! One of my favorite things to do in the game is just to walk around exploring the huge map of GTA V. The story is one of the best stories in a game I have played. Its one of the best games I have ever played! I would recommend getting it if you are 18+. I would not recommend for someone under 18, due to the violence and nudity.

The graphics are incredible! The draw distance is amazing! You really get a feel for how big the map really is and the detail of every building. Everything that Rockstar has done to this game visually has been amazing. It truly looks like a Next-Gen game!
Sound FX/Music-D2XoKYu.png?1
The Sound FX are good. From the gun sounds to the car sounds, they all sound realistic. The music is okay, but I turned it down because it got old really fast. Just the same 15 songs playing over and over...
The story line is amazing with 3 protags. Very fun an in depth. The switching between them is also seamless
The mechanics are pretty bad really. The car handling isnt that well and more frustrating than anything. The helicopters are just as bad, and almost impossible to control and land in a small area. The planes are pretty good though.
You will never get bored because there is much to do in the game. From free roaming to missions, it will keep you busy for months!
Total Score: 8/10

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 12:12 AM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 03:35 AM.


GTA V is a meh game. It's an okay time-waster but far from enjoyable. In my honest opinion it is THE worst GTA Rockstar have ever made.


The graphics are marginally better than GTA IV but a little on the cartoonish side (Too colorful) and less functional (Hard to see in dark places) than GTA IV. The driving is downright aweful, it feels like a bloody 12-year old created the driving physics in this game (And this is a 17+ rated game, where's the logic in that?). I'd go off and say even GTA Vice City and GTA 3 had better driving physics then this game.


The Audio in this game I'd have to say is a downgrade from GTA IV simply because you can't hear a damn thing! It's like there's a blender in the background or something. The sound level is super low and you have to turn up the volume on your TV and have random background crap blaring while the main sounds are still barely audible.



The Graphics are too colorful and not functional enough, otherwise, they're not the best graphics I've seen in a video game, but they're adequate enough.
Sound FX/Music-IyM39I3.png?1

I was torn on whether to give them a 0.5 or 1.0, The Audio in this game is more of a 0.75 for several reasons. One, You can barely hear a damn thing, Rockstar focused to much on background noises rather then on the important stuff. Two, The AI in this game have a very limited vocabulary, Being called a "f*cking Cock Sucker" gets old pretty fast. Also, All the humor is gone from ALL AI speech. Also, while the music selection in this game is good, it doesn't seem to flow good with the theme of the story (The theme of the story is supposedly about the pursuit of money, but I'm really not feeling it)


I honestly thing Rockstar had no theme planned for this game and just decided to throw a gangbanger, a retired guy, and a psychopath into a all-in-one deal. The theme of this game is supposedly about money, but I'm not feeling it. It feels like they tried to mix the Boyz n the Hood theme, midlife crisis theme, and poor and loony theme into one game and failed miserably.


A straight-up big, fat, zero. The Driving in this game is f*ckED UP. The Protagonist still walks likes he's drunk (I was walking along the highway and was trying to stay on the center dashed lines walking back and forth and my character kept walking in the last imputed direction for atleast 5 seconds). It takes forever for the Protagonist to change direction. The Protagonist has no sense of urgency while stealing a car, getting off the ground, or reloading while in a gun fight. Also every AI's vehicle has The Hulk's Fists for front bumpers, even the Drivers that are chasing you and ramming you for making them mad.


A monkey has more creativity then the developers of this game. You can't tow Semi-trucks, you cant car surf. The developers have some secret hatred for past GTA Protagonists (CJ, Niko, Johnny). The Protagonists aren't really crazed maniacs like in the last couple of games. The overall tone of the game is even more serious then GTA IV. And, The Developers have shrugged off many good opportunities to incorporate past GTA protagonists (C'mon there was a damn mission on Grove Street and you couldn't have brought CJ back!?). And they decided to change Grove Street Families into CGF. You can't have 2 hour shootouts with the police like you could in past GTA's. The police know where you are instantaneously, even when you have evaded them and the stars are flashing.

Total Score: 2/10

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 06:26 AM Edited by Matty, 30 December 2013 - 04:43 AM.

Overall, not a bad game, but definitely not the experience I was expecting it to be. I could forgive IV for its faults because it had an amazing story, engaging characters, and also, it was their first attempt at an HD video game, on a freshly built engine. But now, it seems like they took IV, took out the great story to replace it with a B- Movie one, update the graphics, mechanics and physics, made the map 3x larger but not do the same with the features AND slapped a big, sloppy, stinky pile of Online sh*t on it and called it GTA V. I expect more from a game coming every half decade.

It's amazing what they achieved with the current generation of consoles. The environment is stunning and Rockstar really grasped that Southern Californian feel. Long gone are the days where ''GTA never was about the graphics ''.
Sound FX/Music-D2XoKYu.png?1
The sound FX in this game are top notch. However, the radio is really lacking and I find myself listening only to LSRR/WCC/Rebel Radio most of the time, because I find the rest completely unbearable. I think the new trend of R* introducing us to new artists is not such a good idea and I wouldn't mind the radio to be filled only with good classics of every genre.
This is where V dropped the ball, up from a f*cking balcony. The storyline had a promising start and the characters seemed to have immeasurable potential. All was going well. Franklin's introductory missions were spot on and everything was perfect (the plot, dialogues, pacing, etc. ). And then Trevor came along. Everything went downhill from there. Sure, the missions were extremely fun, but the story was horrendous. After stories like IV, L.A Noire, Max Payne 3, and the jewel of them all, RDR, this is what we get ? From the character development to the antagonists to the pacing of the story, everything went to sh*t and it's f*cking depressing. Hopefully, the next GTA will learn how to balance good storyline/engaging characters ( IV ) with thrilling and fun missions ( ).
Even though the driving mechanics feel really arcadey, I have learnt to master it and have fun with it. The shooting mechanics aren't bad but they aren't outstanding either. Same for melee. Nothing that impressed me, but nothing that pissed me off.
The missions are what I think pushed the Gameplay score up to it's 1 out of 2. The missions were thrilling and fun. The side missions however are unpolished and lazy. The property management missions or the Hunting side mission is just completely horrible and meaningless. The activities aren't bad. I quite enjoy Tennis and Golf (No, Yoga ! Get the f*ck back in the closet !) but they get old pretty quickly. They're kinda activities I do once in a while but not on a regular basis. The vehicle customization could be improved a lot. Many cars are left with no physical alterations and it's really frustrating. Character customization has returned but I, personally, think it needs more depth, but it's a nice comeback to the franchise. I think the game is a bit empty once you complete it ( Yes, I have finished it 100% ). Some will say that I could explore the map and enjoy the stunning graphics, but I think the map is lacking also. It is so vast and diverse, but I can't help to think it seems wasted by the lack of interactivity and safehouses. It really pains me that I can't buy the house near the lighthouse, down Mount Gordo, or get a nice penthouse in the highrises of LS, or a beach house in North Chumash. It's all beautiful and detailed but it serves no purpose. Its just ... there. My score could go to a 1,3 if only Rockstar would fix the hellish police AI and also fix the goddamn vehicle impound thingy ( Good idea, just not used properly ).
Total Score: 7/10


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Posted 05 November 2013 - 09:08 PM

Locked. Will compile and create a voting thread in a few days... or so

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