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How to make money in GTA V

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 01:02 PM

Hey guys,


another try in this main section, because i think no one reads the gameplay section. =(




I really would like to know how many options are in the game to earn money.

Maybe you guys could help me, so everyone who has found out something is welcome to post it here.


It would be nice if you can post the average amount of earned money behind your description.


let me tell you what i noticed / found out:



- doing heists / story line heists ( Very high amount, normally a couple of millions)

- playing Tennis vs. an Opponent and winning a match ( low amount, depending on the opponents difficulty Level, around 25 $ @ normal difficulty )

- open world random actions ( the amount of earned money depends on what the action is, for example robbing a Gruppe 6 Transporter : around 6000-8000 $,   getting someones bike back (as Michael) and then he gets transferred a huge amount of stocks - up to 100.000 $)

- robbing stores, like the 24/7's ( low amount, around 300-500 $)

- beating/Shooting peds to death and rob 'em ( very low amount, around 12-18 $)

- buying properties and doing missions ( i would say middle amount, actually i did not do this yet)

- doing cab missions ( low amount, around 250-400 $ per fare)

- trading stocks ( low - high amount, depends on how good you are / how much luck you have / how much you invest in total )





I would love to hear your experiences.

Please do it like i did above... maybe even more concrete.

If you think i was wrong in one of my predictions, let me know !



Thanks guys !

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