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InfectedOmen Xbox 360 GTAV/O guild

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 04:07 AM Edited by code117, 20 September 2013 - 09:05 AM.


Just in case you haven't realised,
Welcome to InO's Grand Theft Auto 5 / Online Guild page.

We will pop this in right at the top, as of 20/09/2013, only 21 of our members are GTA crew members.
We only started the GTA crew and recruitment (Exception being admins), on 16/09/2013.
We will update this daily, until we have a minimum of 50 GTA crew members.

Lets have some fun

Now I want you to concentrate, as I need you to remember two things:
First... September 17th 2013
Second... October 1st 2013

On October 1st, GTA online will emerge
and there will be alot of people blitzing about.

! Make sure you're one of em !




Our Intentions

Ok, I've had my fun with the intro part for GTA 5/Online, now on to the guild stuff.
As I said above, GTA Online will launch October 1st.
The old GTA had amazing multiplayer, and was so much fun with friends, which is where WE come in.

Come October 1st, singleplayer will be put on the bench,
so if we can get a full room of like minded mainiacs and other non psychopathic friends, there is no stopping the fun
(except power outages, network disconnections, server failures, nagging wife, stripping girlfriends and being murdered)

I will point this out right now, this guild is built on the 360 MMO: Defiance.
If you don't like seeing defiance related things posted all over the place,
or hearing about defiance news/gossip in chat, post in the suggestions what
you would like us to do about it without severly affecting our defiance based members.

There will be alot of events that we can plan, I personally plan on a golf and tennis tournament at some point.
But we will have alot of tournaments but mainly alot of times where we can just group up and do...
insert_family_friendly_word_for_#censored (Stuff).

Events I have in my mind:
Casual world roaming
Bank Robberies
Racing Day/Tournament
Sports Day/Tournament
Clan Wars (8 vs 8)
King of the Hill
Armageddon (Who can steal the most in a certain time frame)
Aerial Combat Specialists
Etc Etc Etc Etc (This will go on as there is alot I want to do)

There are many other things that we could do, from which we organise as a guild.
Please remember that just because you see nothng now, doesn't mean it isn't incoming,
just means it isn't there yet.
No event there, members have the ability to make their event.


What YOU need to do

Obviously you will need to become a member of InO, which is done by application.
If you have not sent us an application and had it approved, you are not a member.
To sign up, click the Time to get infected ? Apply here link top of the page.

If you read the new membrs info page, you should have put your gamertag on the roster.
If you want to keep it private that is fine, on events just find a member or preferably the host
and get an invite that way.

On every page you will notice (should events be planned) upcoming events on the right
of the main banner if you scroll to the top of each page.

If you are new to InO then you should understand that we all make events happen.
Every member has the ability to make their own events listing on this site,
we just ask for common decency and some thought put into it.
Just don't put events down every hour for the next two weeks and watch
the language.

If you want to go free-roaming mid-day one weekend, and plan to host it, then make an event.
If you want to do something specific but want someone else to host it,
post it in the events request forum or ask via guild chat.
I just realised there is no events forum, it is incoming should we get people wanting/needing it.

I will say this again, read the new members info, especially the GTA section.


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