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Posted 10 hours ago


Howdy folks! My son and I have started playing and we're finding that the public lobby is toxic. Within the last week we've had run ins with a couple evil modders. De-ranked us twice. Thankfully rockstar fixed it on both occasions but all that messing around has put a bad taste in my mouth. We're in need of a safe place to go where we won't be hounded by trouble makers. My son plays Abit better than me admittedly but we're both willing to help anyone out. We play almost everyday and we're on mic. Looking forward to seeing an invite soon. Thanks!
GTAForums Name: animelord00
Social Club Name: northerner78
XBox360 Name: animelord00

Invite sent.

Hi guys,
GTAForums Name: Goudgele_R
Social Club Name: GoudgeleRakker
PSN Name: Goudgele_Rakker

Invite sent.

Welcome. Remember, no crew killing. And feel free to post in our chat topic.


Thnx! :)

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