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Lets get creative!

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Mr. BROver
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Posted 15 September 2013 - 06:23 AM

As the title says, lets get creative! What we have to do is make up missions of our own, and hopefully, R* might see it and they may add it for future DLC or for online! Ill go first.

My mission will be called ' The Station Master' . In that, Trevor and Franklin have to kill a target travelling in a train, and then drive it off the bridge and then jump of it.

So Franklin will do the driving part as he comes from the top of the train and Trevor will get inside and kill the target. After killing him they will drive it off a bridge and then jump off it and then open their parachute and then


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Posted 15 September 2013 - 07:59 AM Edited by DarkLordSmurf, 15 September 2013 - 07:59 AM.

Michael, Franklin & Trevor meet up at Michael's house. They are going to rob three banks in succession.


They arrive at the first bank, heavilly armed, and wearing masks. In they go, taking out the security-guards with non-lethal force, while maintaining extreme crowd control. Franklin goes down to the vault, with Trevor right on his tail. Cut to Michael, who somehow begins to open up to the scared customers. He tells them, that he really didn't want to be back in the criminal life, but he was drawn in. Now he's thinking about staying in that life, if the three robberies were a success.


Trevor and Franklin comes up with the haul. They hurry out of the bank, jump into their car, and Franklin, being the driver, speeds off.


They arrive at the second bank. They prep for what's in store, since this bank looks more defended than the last. Michael spots something they can use to their advantage - aircondition. Michael looks around, and spots a Bugstars-vehicle on the opposite side of the road. He runs to it, gets the bug-spray and runs towards the bank. He tells Franklin to get to the roof, and put the bug-spray in the ventilation-ducts. Five minutes later, the bank-customers are either knocked out, or coughing wildly. Michael, Trevor & Franklin puts on gasmasks, and enters the bank. The robbery goes off without a hitch.


They escape once again, but this time, there are witnesses. A man on the side of the road saw when they entered the bank, and has called the cops.


Five minutes of driving later, they end up at the third and final bank. Again, they put on masks and go in hard. Like the first robbery, they maintain strict crowd-control, while Trevor gets the honor of getting the money, They eventually end up with quite an amount - but then, sirens are heard. The cops know they are in the bank, and they are urging Michael, Trevor & Franklin to come out, with their hands up. Trevor, being a psycho, begins to shoot at the cops, while Michael & Franklin tells him to stop. They run a strict no-lives-lost operation during this mission. Trevor ignores them, and empties his assault rifle into the copcars. Now it's time to escape. Franklin runs to the car, backs it up to the bank-doors, and Michael & Trevor gets in.


Now, they are in hot pursuit. The cops are right behind them. Up front, a roadblock has been set up. Franklin maneuvres his car with extreme skill and confidence. Michael & Trevor begin to shoot from inside the car. Front and back, left and right. Ten minutes and several copcars later, they finally evade capture. Michael instructs Franklin to drive to his house, where they count the money in the basement of Michael's mansion.




MONEY = $300.000 each

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Posted 15 September 2013 - 08:01 AM

In GTA Online you can make your own Missions.

  • KaraDemon

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Posted 15 September 2013 - 08:04 AM

^ lol, I am pretty sure if they are gonna add anything to single player its already done or in the works.

Morto Matrix
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Posted 15 September 2013 - 08:06 AM


I don't want to get creative ever again because of that video.

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