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Reasons why Liberty City will always be #1

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 04:06 AM

       Rockstar has come a long way. From the first Grand Theft Auto with the classic overhead view, to a city that can combine almost all the cities R* created inside it (GTA V). but there is one city that will always come out on top. that one city that has the most amazing views, most diverse streets, hostile neighborhoods, etc. That city I'm talking about, is Liberty City. as a native Brooklynite, waiting for GTA IV to release was something so unbearable, it was one of the most difficult things i ever had to do. and when it finally came out, i was in shock and awe. 

       Liberty City may not have had a lot of activities like GTA V will have, or what GTA SA had, but LC had something no city has yet to have... and that is the true uniqueness. Each borough had its own unique traits, that no other borough shared. Broker was a middle-low class borough mixed with Eastern Europeans, blacks, hispanics, jews, hipsters, and even italians in some spots. Dukes had a large irish and hispanic population, Bohan was known for having mostly blacks and hispanics, and algonquin was home to yuppies, blacks, puerto ricans and businessmen. Alderney was in my opinion the most pointless borough, even though it played an important role in the story. the point is, Liberty city was so carefully developed, that it actually feels like you live in the boroughs. and in my opinion, that is probably all rockstar ever wanted. the realism that R* developed over the years is remarkable, and it is only getting better. 

      Like i said earlier, i do have some issues with the map, for instance the exclusion of staten island, which may have played a huge role in the mafia aspect of the game. also, the size of the map itself was big, but could have been so much bigger, with the additions of south jersey, long island, larger more ethnically diverse boroughs, and so on. but one thing i noticed about R* is they learn from their mistakes. they dont make many mistakes to begin with, but when they get criticism , they pounce on it and work until it is perfected. 

       My one dream is for R* to recreate Liberty one more time. i believe that if my wish is granted, Liberty City will be ELITE FOREVER. 


please comment below the reasons why you believe Liberty City will always be number one in this magnificent series they call, Grand Theft Auto.


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Posted 14 September 2013 - 04:04 PM

You should be a journalist, man :)


I have never been fortunate enough to go to New York.

Nevertheless, Liberty City is my favorite GTA city because it is such a crazy place. Some of the wildest and most insane people live in LC. I would fit right in. If it was a real life city, I'd live pretty happily there.

I'm not just talking about IV era Liberty City. Even III era LC is a crazy place, just plain wild.


I wish that Rockstar Games isn't finished with GTAIV's Liberty City yet. I'd like to see Yusuf Amir's finished project at southern Algonquin. I'd like to have a luxury penthouse on Columbus Avenue and bet on stocks at The Exchange , and see theater plays at Triangle.

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