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The Armed Limo Service [PS3]: The GTA style business group

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Posted 13 September 2013 - 08:22 PM

  The Armed Limo Service

We know where we're going, but do you?



  Without being too serious, the Armed Limo Service is a business group with RP origins (SA:MP) that will be running on PS3. If you want to do some jobs with psuedo-military precision whilst wearing a nice suite then I recommend you could get in touch. 


  Think films such as The Italian Job, The Transporter and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. This is a GTA style business with British mob influences.

Activities & Objectives:

The main objective: To become the richest, most powerful and loyal group in GTA Online. 


To achieve this, we will offer various activities to members such as:

  - Armoured Escorts.

  - VIP Management & Security.

  - Event Security.

  - Vehicle convoys.

  - Weapons training.

  - Vehicles training.

  - ALS Missions set by leadership

  - Organised GTA Online Missions  (with tactics)

  - Unorganised GTA Online Missions  - Doing missions as a group in a retarded way for laugh

  - Target practice in cooperation with LSPD and Blain County Sheriffs Dept. 



More to be announced. 




  This is not a serious group, myself and the Leader Wdoyle will be playing for fun and f*cking about half the time.

- Have fun with the group members. 

- No screwing people over, especially group members. Have some self respect. 

- You must own a company approved vehicle (These will be announced). 

- Work as a team!


To rank up in the group we will have some basic missions and training in mind which will be good fun. 



Join Here:

If interested please join our social group: http://socialclub.ro...ed_limo_service

We should have a proper forum up when GTA Online is released. 











"Excuse me sir, you didn't pay your fare." 




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