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SA-The 400 Jumps finally released-It is more like 222 jumps, though

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Posted 13 September 2013 - 01:54 AM Edited by melolo, 13 September 2013 - 09:17 PM.

(Download link, I'll delete it as soon as the mod is aproved and hosted in gtagarage):





Well, after posting a "goodbye" video for this San Andreas cancelled mod ( https://www.youtube....h?v=2D-8YTaUGFI# ), I felt bad about letting it just vanish. I mean, it packs years of work, even if it was cancelled in 2011. So, I finally decided to release whatever I had.
Borrowed an old PC, patched or ditched out half-finished stuff, and here it is: The not-anymore-400-jumps-but-more-like-222-jumps-mod. It has half the features planned along development, but those are still a lot, and anyway I kinda needed to take this out of the way.
If you have a console, you still have a week or so till September 17, so, play the mod and give San Andreas a propper goodbye before the "new" San Andreas arrives in GTAV! Or, if you only have PC, download it and play while you cry... !

Here is a video I quickly put together to show some features (it is not nicely edited or music-sync though, want to post this today).

( https://www.youtube....h?v=gHN5eNfxJkM )


( EDIT: Music deleted for copyright issues, find the music video at the link under the video in the comments section, and play mod video and music video at once!)


(Besides, I plan to upload a gameplay series of videos with all the missions, plus new stuff in each area, to my YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube....user/meloloTube ), check it in next days if you want to see how it is before installing).

- What the mod is NOT having anymore:

  -It will not get the originally planned 400 jumps that named it (plus, the jumps (with some exceptions) are not getting a propper defined-and-hard-to-reach landing area, you just complete most of them by landing anywhere).
  -Nor the amount of map detailing or new parked cars or pickup objects or ENEX I wished.
  -Nor the packs of 8 DYOM new missions that tried to extend the experience of "living" the game's world in "side" missions (8 for the Families, 8 as Stunt Man for the Vinewood Film Studio, 8 Freerunning circuits, 8 countryside different jobs including Truth's stuff, 8 for Woozie in SF, and 8 as Madd Dogg's manager once back in LS. Of all these, only like 4 were completed, an a couple more halfway developed)
  -Nor several texture changes and improvements.
  -The jumps are not equally distributed. As the mod stopped development, LS has a lot of jumps, while countryside, SF and LV just around 12 each, and only a couple in the desert.

-What the mod DOES have:

-It is "savegame friendy". Some of the stuff from the mod will be in your old savegames, some not (new jumps, cars and pickups), but it does not invalidate your old original game saves, as it doesn't touch the main.scm.

-Tries to keep San Andreas looking "un-modded" (no swimming pools in Ganton, or Families driving tanks), but at the same time, upgraded (better detailing in key places, better overall feel of a "living" world)

-222 Unique Stunts, the slow-mo jumps (70 original ingame jumps + 152 new jumps), that would allow for a better exploration and enjoyment of the incredible game's world. Jumps that "describe" areas visually, trying to catch the vibe of each place (a feeling that i missed in most of the game's original jumps); or, sometimes, jumps that simply provide an exhilarating finish to a long speed gain, or show a great view, or just jumps you always wished that were there (Didn't you always want to jump through the giant doughnut? Freud's stuff!)

-In order to not unbalance CJ's economic wealth in the game (at the begining, money is tight), jumps in LS only pay 1 dollar each (not 500 like the original ones, which would make CJ rich too easily). It's a symbolic reward, and at the same time I find funny to complete a gigantic slomo jump and get one sad dollar. As you progress through the game's areas, and CJ's wealth grows, and the jumps are fewer, the rewards grow up.
-229 new ENEX ("enter-exit" floating yellow cones that allow you to enter places or reach building rooftops), giving new access to:

 -Top of lots of skyscrapers, with jumps there.
 -Lots of known interiors (restaurants, 24/7 shops, etc), scattered through the game's world in places that make sense.
 -Several previously blocked interiors: Doughnut restaurant (now with waiter, client, music, reflecting floor), big and small diners (with lots of added stuff), Welcome Pump truck stop (same), girlfriends' places, Ryder's place, Woozie's betting shop (with people inside, plus you can actually place bets) and appartment with music, Zero's "No Man's Land" RC battle fake lanscape built inside a warehouse (with jumps), etc.
 -Access to some new interiors (liquor store, records store) (Just for ambientation, you cannot buy liquor or records there, but you can regain energy with the vending machines if needed)

-+ 200 new parked vehicles, that fit and make sense, by your save houses, at the docks, airports, little towns, jettys, outrageous cars or car colors in Las Venturas... Parked cars in private places (savehouses or other people's houses) are always the same model, and with unique color (a colour in which that model is not shown any other place in the game). The "parked vehicle" by CJ's first home is a yellow bmx, and there are no other yellow bmx in the game.

-Several new pickup objects (there were much more planned, but they were messing with some elements from the game and I stopped adding new ones, aside from deleting many of the ones I already had place)
 -Usually the new pickup objects have a reason to be there like the cameras forgot over tables into Cluckin' Bell, which provide a quick access to cameras while you play in the desert (with several Cluckin' Bells around). A couple rocket launchers and miniguns are in places where they provide a fun climb to get them, and a fun spot from where to cause mayhem as they respawn quickly, more than being there to give the player a cheap access to them.

-Several new or changed audio areas : Electric hum in the power substations, fitting music in some new basketball hubs, ambient music in all restaurants, music during the looong "New Model Army" RC mission for Zero, and into Smoke's crack palace, Jefferson Motel, Madd Doggs's mansion, and CJ's home.

-You can check for every new parked car, pickup, audiozon, jump or ENEX location by opening any of the mod's "audiozon" files, that contain them (use notepad). There is a description and location line for everything. Concerning the "pick" section (pickable objects), some descriptions mention deleted objects. You can see an object is deleted if the next line after description, with numbers, starts with a "#" ("#" symbol makes the game ignore that line).

-You can bring your hommies with you into bars, clothing shops, CJ's home...

-You can eat and regain energy in all your savehouses.

-Special attention given to interiors with a mission in them (Jefferson motel (you can enter out of missions too and find people there, sometimes weird couples in some rooms...), Big Smoke's crack palace, Gray Imports mission warehouse...)

-Lots of unused animations, and new animation groups using that ones, that allow for different ways of walking and running for peds, and not everyone walking the same way like robots. Some more peds, that fit in their geographic environment, act as criminals (randomly stealing cars or being chased by cops), giving more life to the streets.

-Some "new" vehicles, like the Sprunk truck (you can find one parked by the Sprunk factory in Montgomery), the savanna taxi and faggio taxi (this one only around the beach), and the "corporate" Four Dragons Casino car, a "themed paintjob" slamvan that accepts other chinesse related paintjobs in Transfender.

-Aztecas drive now a painted Remington. You can give a "paintjob" to this one and the other lowriders that is actually a "clean" paintjob. This means you can have a Remington with no paintjob on it, and specially, a CLEAN looking Savanna, Blade or Tornado (before they always looked backeted no matter you kept painting them, unless you gave them a paintjob)

-Some texture fixings, like (important) the ugly "car grunge" every car has (it was a bug in the original game), leaving some for the poor cars, but cleaning most for the rich ones.

-Other texture fixings are the poor star pavement in LS "Walk of Fame", the repeated lamp post reflection over an old downtown skyscraper,  recovering the playstation original name "Shaddy Industries" for the Solarin Industries, both in San Fierro factory and Dillimore warehouse (plus adding a "Shaddy Industries" yankee truck with better sign, instead the Benson), the "arss" cannopy by the OTB place in LS Downtown (that was an eye sore for behing side by side with the detailed shopfront of the OTB), Ryder getting a "Burger Shot" foodwrap when they are actually at a "Cluckin' Bell" during the mission "Drive Thru", and the poor CJ's mom pic in the cinematic where he first comes home. All this little fixes you can check up at ( http://www.flickr.co...s/[email protected]/ )

-New places to play basketball, with panoramical views that inmerse you in the given area, some with ambient music even if they are exterior; several exterior pool tables that allow for a relaxing game with panoramical surroundings.

-Thousands of new map objects detailing the world's map, adding stuff to back alleys, key places and corners, etc; special attention to put lamps, posts, etc, to improve night lighting during cinematics, like making Catalina's windows project light over CJ when he cames to the hut at night, etc.

-Access to the Doherty garage interior office.

-Detailing of the Wang Cars dealership with desks, chairs, fillers, lights...

-Undercover (civilian) cops that fit their environment.

-Security guards, and soldiers walking around army areas (docks areas in LS and SF), can act as cops, and arrest you if you are wanted.

-Same for the bodyguards watching for the rich people at the golf clubs.

-Golf clubs, by the way, feel more alive: all the golf carts are now white, looking better (except for one parked in LV), there are golfers in the greens and gardeners on mowers, old rich men wandering around stealing other people's carts, and sometimes chased by bodyguards... The clubs get overrun during nightime by trepassers having fun with dirtbikes and karts (street guys in Venturas, Hotel personel in SF)

-Boxers jog around in the guetto. Boxers, bodyguards, and the Martial Arts Master in SF, are really tough now, they hit like a mule and you should avoid them.

-Verdant Bluffs park in LS is populated with a weird crowd unique to the park, thus creating an isolated "micro-universe", much like real life parks.

-LS beach is much more alive now, with different animations for the beach folk, parked lifeguard vehicles, boats, water ramps to bounce over the piers (only with the squalo!), clercks in the food stands, people buying food, people in the street market stalls, with some "gifts" to "distract" for your girlfriends, plus sexhop, 24/7, bar...

-Speaking of gifts for girlfriends, there are several new: cellphone, sunglasses (both at the beach market stalls), and box of condoms (in motel rooms and sexshops). It's funny to see her so happily accepting the box!

-Hippy "gang" in San Fierro, with painted camper van that you can give other paintjobs to in Transfender, including Truth's custom paint (or painting it "unpainted").

-Detailed hippy street market in Hashbury, with music, clercks, people, texture of "hippy stuff" on the stalls tables... It certainly doesn't look perfect, but is way better than the original "abandoned" place.

-You can enter the giant hippy shop in Hashbury for a weird experience! (enter any other interior after that to get rid of it).

-ProLaps shop, sexshop and strip club in San Fierro.

-Access to Helipads with helis on top of the Four Dragons Casino and behind Caligula's.

-Propper physics for some unused objects that are fun to have back in the game, like the beach ball, or the red cylinder road barrier.

-Every gas station in the game, in cities or in a lonely desert road, has a small 24/7 shop you can enter (open 24 hours), and a big explosion area "tilted" towards the nearest road to casue mayhem.

-Every little town in the game has stuff like shops, diner, a basketball hub hidden somewhere, interior or exterior pool table, some have sheriff's office, etc, maaking them more alive. Unlike in the cities, all this shops and bussiness close at night (different time depending on the bussiness), giving he town a more quiet, night-ish feel, but open very early.

-"Foam" effect and water sound in all the carwash tunnels (they don't actually clean the car though)

-Boats in all the LS Docks jettys

-All the ladders around the SF airport, that go from water level up to the runway, are now usable. (The spawning point was nicely put right at the tip of the ladders at first... but that caused other people (Torinno and T-Bone during "Mike Torino" mission, girlfriends, etc) to fall if they were spawned behind CJ, so the spawning point for each ladder was pushed forward into the runway). Service vehicles parked near every ladder, to save a long runway jog.

-Some detailing in known interiors include: recovering of the reflecting floors for Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell, that were there but not visible due to a mistake in the game's texture pack (plus added too to big dinner and doughnut restaurant); doors, lacking kitchen light, smoke extraction grill, in Burger Shot, grill too in Cluckin' Bell, grill and detailed backroom in W.S.Pizza, toilet in Old Reece's barbershop...

-The "open" but empty diner in Palomino Creek is now fully detailed with waiter, music, pics, fans, toilet, new exterior texture, cannopy... "Open" liquor store in Blueberry gets some new stuff too, like fixing the ugly "srunk into the counter" till.

-All the fast-wedding chappels in Venturas have a pink "just-married" vehicle parked in front of them, different acording to the chappel looks, and a little joke if you try to access the chappels.

-Hotring racer cars (you can steal the three different models from their exhibit at the V-Rock hotel in Venturas), the Sweeper, the Burrito van, and some other previously "non accepted" vehicles, can now get into Transfender, thus getting new wheels, colors and nitro. A hotring racer with nitro is...well... a hotring racer with nitro! Only these and the Infernus can do the new Unique Jump over the LS Docks channel.

-Several peds (mexican gang members, hippies in SF, entertainers in LV...), have been asign the "user musictrack" as radio station when they drive. This is because I change the music pack I have into the User Tracks folder from a latino pack when playing in LS, to a hippy pack in SF, and a "Las Vegas" fitting music when in LV. If you don't have user music tracks, you'll find this peds just listen to ads in their cars.

-Sweet's car is now a Savanna with paintjob and a tighter handling. I find missions for the Families better looking with this car. You cannot mod or paint his car.

-You can find certain rare cars easier (phoenix, Berkley's RC delivery van and hotknife are parked in a certain place each, euros can be seen in rich areas, unused fbitruck parked in the LV police precint garage...)

-Better Lil' Probe Inn interior. A bug was keeping the UFO pics in the pool table area behind the wall, thus invisible. They are now correctly placed, plus a couple stools and a door for the backroom the waitress goes in and out.

-Lamp post over the "Restricted Area" lonely sign in the desert, plus red tilting ligths across the road, making it look better and more menacing at night.

-Targets for free shooting practice in the exterior shooting ranges in the desert's ammunations. Targets on top of trees in the brown water pond in Flint county, to shoot from the top of the tilted tree.

-ENEX to get yourself fast on top of Mount Chilliad, in case you want to save the climbing (accepts cars and bikes).

-"Xtrem ProLaps" Vortex on top of Mount Chilliad, kinda like a extrem sport element prepared there for some stunt, Red Bull style. You can use it to jump out of the mountain top and, keeping it leveled, float-plane over a couple miles.

-Part of the new map detailing is the use of a big (not usable) machine from the Angel Pine junkyard as log grabber in the town's sawmill and in the panopticon lumberjack area, with added red tilting light on top and front light. It looks rad in the middle of a misty night, very Alan Wake-ish.

-The "San Fiero" tatoo now correctly says "San Fierro".

-Countryside stormy weather light fixed, no more red light during rainy nights.

-Several car color changes, like golfcarts now always white, forklifts always yellow and black, and some others.

-Cop cars for each city come in different color, trying to fit in the vibe of the city. Each city cop car model sports a different motto: "We'll beat your ass" (LS), "We'll bite your ass" (SF), and "We'll bet your ass" (LV).

-In true Village People homage, San Fierro cops, firefighters, paramedics and construction workers show peculiar animations.

-Recovered the unused jukebox from the game's files, and textured it to place into diners.

-Several cars with wrong lighting are fixed (sadler, dodo, superGT); SF tram carries passengers; Remington can be found in convertible version, as originally intended. (This changes come from DeeZire's gigantic mod "Things to do in San Andreas", and are used with author's permission).

-Smaller, more relistic moon and stars, looking better at night.

-The ability to hold AT ONCE camera and spray can. I found it a design flaw the fact that, if I want to spray gang tags as I play around, I'm not able to carry a cam and take pics. Now it is posible. Plus, the brass knukles are a hand gun, like knifes, bats etc, and not like "part of your unarmed hand", so they don't get "stuck" to you forever, you can ditch them out.

-Spraycan uses now the inventory place of parachutes. So if you want to base jump from a building, you have to lose the spray can as you take the parachute. For this reason, every building in LS with a parachute on top of it has a pickable spray can under the nearest gang tag, so you can recover the spray can as soon as you touch the ground after parachuting.

-I like to change clothes as I progress through the story missions into different areas; so I find a flaw that the first thing you have to do after being kick out of Los Santos in "The Green Sabre" mission, is to go back to LS to buy some country wear. So there is now a Binco shop in Angel Pine. The same way, I don't like when you arrive to SF and find that if you want to just get rid of some clothing from the countryside, you have to BUY A HOUSE... Now there is a free changer inside the Doherty Garage office.

-Weaker fences and meshes that allow for an easier break-through driving while being chased. Metal fences produce sparks when break.

-Added OTB shop to Las Venturas, it was weird the lack of it in the city of gambling. Doughnut restaurant too.

-Government agents, soldiers and scientifics from Area 69 can be seen around the lonely desert roads at night, carrying on their misterious bussiness. Sometimes they travel with masked experimental soldiers in barcoded shorts, and these soldiers sometimes try to escape. If you find one, don't mess with him.

-I probably forget some stuff, but list is long enough by now!




This mod was developed by melolo, but has some work from other authors, used with their permission:

-San Andreas Limit Adjuster (without the raised limits for ENEX, etc. this mod would be impossible)  ---------- by Sacky.
-Correct lighting models for the SuperGT, Dodo and Uranus; convertible option for the Remington; San Fierro tram carrying passengers  ---------- By DeeZire, from his incredibly gigantic mod "Things to do in San Andreas".



-DeeZire for the inspiration to start modding San Andreas, and the use of his mentioned models.
-Sacky for the use of his vital SALimits tool.
-OrionSR for his extensive documentation about ENEX and his help and patience with noobs back in 2008.
-Same about the help and patience for Aftburner, and his encouragement. Thanks to the "how to" video he kindly made for me one life ago, the cop cars have their different mottos on the doors.
-And finally, thanks to the authors of the many tools I downloaded from gtagarage.com, specially the Med map editor, the SA Place Manager, Ped editor, IMG Tool... And to the authors of the many tutorials that can be found there for each modding field. Cheers!

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