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iFruits Offcial Crew!

#ifruits #GTAV Crew Offcial
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Posted 12 September 2013 - 02:28 AM

Hello everyone! HaggisNinja here! With our Official PS3 CREW!

I have a Crew that is recruiting, we are going to be an official Crew and will play professionally. No messing around!

Add me on PSN: HaggisNinja 

Here is our Rockstar Crew page: http://socialclub.ro...om/crew/ifruits

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFruitsCrew


We will be accepting all applications, let's make this a big crew. If you want to read more details on how the online play will work with GTA ONLINE, you can read it here: http://gamerant.com/...online-details/


I will assign people to their own role in missions: If you can prove to me that you're a good sniper i will assign you to that role, If you're an amazing driver i will assign you to the "Getaway Driver" role. I also dole out the money and loot after missions don't worry though it will all be separated out equally and if you have any objections or problems with that you can message me.

So come on guys join the iFruits, I promise this will be HUGE! #iFruitsCrew FTW!5a58bd5d73673fbeb9f959d4b823c143.png


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