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Chops Gang (Xbox360)

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 01:07 AM Edited by Laphin, 11 September 2013 - 01:10 AM.

The creation of all unofficial activities, full of chaos, and off the wall adrenaline rush!


That's what we'll be doing best in Chops Gang. (XBOX360 ONLY)

Everyone loves Chop, and we represent the best canine in Los Santos.


Yeah, we'll be doing all the normal stuff that you can possibly think of in GTAV, but!
We plan to do a lot of crazy activities as well. Anything that our members can come up with, we'll be scheduling our events on the crew feed.



Your input is valued. We don't care about taking over Los Santos like most of these other crews.  Well... we DO, but... in our own way  -  through crazy action and adrenaline!  Sure we can improve our stats and go on some CRAZY HEISTS with the best of them, but we're here ultimately to be OFF THE WALL and have a stupid fun time.


Examples of Ideas would be things like:
*Base jumping 5-8 people from on high into Michael's Swimming Pool (possibly no chute!)
*Teasing sharks in the ocean by swimming out in the middle of the night when it's creepiest, and see who gets bit first. (Can you escape after?)
*Getting 5-8 people on top of an 18-Wheeler and see who can stay on the longest at full speed!
*Settin cars up out in the desert and playin' Monster Trucks!

Stuff like that, so join up, tell your friends. Our goal is to have fun together, and become family!!



**(I will screen you prior to invite, please tell me about yourself when you apply, don't just apply with no message.)

**(This crew is for players who possibly enjoy roleplaying as we'll most likely do silly stuff like that from time to time!) 

**(You are free to invite your friends, but they too need to introduce themselves to me.  If you'd like to become a Representative, politely ask me.) 

**(Also, if someone has the artistic ability, we need an emblem of Chop (or a Doggy Bowl) done up real nice.  We have an okay emblem now, but I need something Themed around Chop)


Thanks guys, see you on October 1st!



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