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Tracking Down the Other 2

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 06:59 PM

I apologise in advance if this has already been discussed. 


Recent articles/press releases have indicated that we'll start with one character and not be able to switch to the others until they've been introduced. We also know that the map is open from the beginning. 


We also know that the characters will be going about their daily day-to-dailies when we're not playing as them, and the areas they are likely to be in. 


So, my question is... Will it be possible to locate the other two characters from the first opportunity to free roam?


For example, we've played the opening mission as Franklin, potentially. We're then able to either wander off and explore or pick up the next mission. So we decide to wander off. 


Can I then go to the Financial district and locate Michael? Or head to the wastelands and locate Trevor? As Michael doesn't appear to recognise Franklin in the second trailer, when point out the beach house, Michael potentially wouldn't react to Franklin if located. Could he be attacked, or interacted with in any way? Trevor is also a stranger to Franklin, so again, he wouldn't react to passing him. 


I'd love to think R* planned ahead and put in some kind of reaction if you'd interacted with them earlier, independent of the story. 


Or would they have made it impossible to find them until they're 'unlocked'?


Just a thought.

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