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10 questions.

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 03:51 PM

Im not usually on forum's I dont care about propper grammer nor do I jump on people who misspell words or forget the dots and exclamation marks. So if you do click back.

I thought it would be nice to try and find some like minded people to join a crew I dont mind what level I end up as so long as im with like minded people.

Number then yes or no anwsers please.

1. Do you enjoy trolling.

2. Do you dislike trolls enough to troll hunt.

3. Do you put yourself at risk in game to help a fallen team mate.

4. Will you play dirty to advance yourself faster rather than playing the long game.

5. Will you search out a good crew and stay loyal to that one crew.

6. Would you rather have ten good friends in your crew you can get to know and help each other advance rather than just accept anybody to make up the numbers.

7. Will you use cheats if you can.

8. Does being the crew leader mean alot to you.

9. Would you rather play death matches more than doing racing.

10. Will you play the game with an ipad next to you with walk through websites.

Sorry I couldn't think of great questions I should have maybe planned it out but I think answering yes or no to these might help me and hopfully others to invite members to their crew. I would like to be apart of a crew with mafia morals not bloods or crips attitude lol.

Im more than happy to change questions that are offered and I would like to see some threads like this from some of the more experienced forum users a sort of guide to find like minded players and not have a 300 strong crew that you dont know anyone.

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