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Undead overrun

will it get a comeback in GTA
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  • DEERxBanshee

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 07:17 PM

Actually i would like to see dinosaurs hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahaha

  • DeadZombie

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 07:26 PM

I'd like dinosaurs too. Honestly. If it's between zombies and dinosaurs I'd be ok with either or both

  • Adecool

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 10:56 PM

it would be cool if people could create things like this in the content creator. like a custom horde mode with any type of enemy including zombies. 

  • midniteryu

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 12:20 AM

Honestly it would be nice to have several of these options being available to you when you start a free roam match, imagine being able to set wither in your free roam game you can have a mass rioting ( like GTA San Andrea's did), or zombies, Aliens, Marshal law. True some or even all of this scenarios are not for everybody and not everybody will like them but thats why they should simply make them options to be played when wanted.

  • GlitzyTomb


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 05:46 AM

I think zombies could be done well, and if Rockstar actually did Zombies they'd do it in spectacular fashion.


A lot of themes are over done, that doesn't mean that the next game that uses that theme will be bad.  Aliens and Zombies are quite common.  Some variant of Space Marine is very common, usually incorporating either Aliens, Zombies, or both.




Come to think of it, having read midniteryu's post above...


I'd really like to see a GTAV: State of Emergency DLC.  Kind of poking fun at their biggest failure to date...but also an opportunity for a really cool game.


Less police response but much more heavy handed when it shows up. Instead of having cops every where you could have Los Santos divided into gang territory.  Some of them already existing like Ballas, Families, Lost, Vagos, etc. etc. and some new ones as well as determined by Rockstar's view of the United States under martial law.


Would also be relevant to current events due to the Arab Spring and the absurd rumors of cessation or civil war I've been hearing lately.

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  • Patriot_Action

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 06:18 AM Edited by Patriot_Action, 09 September 2013 - 06:21 AM.

no no zombies please that stuff is overdone and i was slightly upset when red dead did it


no no zombies please that stuff is overdone

This. Even the standard survival/horde mode in general is overused and tired.



I have to agree  we already have to many resident evils, not that its not a good  game just sayin lol


Suggestion. Ignore it, and don't buy it then. 

Some of us still love the game modes. Including me. 


Suggestion. Realize other people have opinions that you might disagree with. Don't like it? Ignore it, and drop the sassy attitude.


We gave an opinion. So did you. In none of the posts you quoted did any of us say it would make the game worse, or we'd refuse to play it. I'd rather see "new" or innovative game modes than something that's been rehashed many times in past games.


Apologies for quote train.

  • VLongo92

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 06:26 AM

Maybe not zombies, (I'd like them but rock star is infamous for going against the grain..) I think it would be more of a survival, apocalypse add on.

  • bent_toe


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 07:13 AM

Maybe not zombies, (I'd like them but rock star is infamous for going against the grain..) I think it would be more of a survival, apocalypse add on.


Red dead redemption had one of the best zombie expansionpacks/stand alone ever created to mankind....

  • gta5freemode4eva

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 07:17 AM

Zombies have been done and over done BUT only a few games (and films) have done it well and pulled it off. RDR was imo one of these. 


I think Zombies would go down really well in GTAV but this shouldn't be the only consideration.


 - Silent Hill mode (replica ofc) - I can imagine standing in the middle of Los Santos and all of a sudden i hear 'that siren'. The sky grows dark, the walls and floor start peeling and morphing and I know I need to check the rounds in my weapons as some weird sh*t is about to happen. (http://www.youtube.c...h?v=i-W_ArPy2yE)


 - A 'crazies' mode - another take on the zombie mode (same goes for 28 days later)


 - Police, military and all other services turn on the public - they ofc have access to awesome hardware and we, the public, have to survive.


 - Aliens (think alien 2) - I shouldn't need to describe this. It should just be made.


 - Flood the main area of the map so only the rooftops are showing in Los Santos. Add a mixture of sharks n other dangerous sea sh*t, people that are extra protective of their possessions and loved ones (because of loss etc) and a poisoness gas outbreak because of the floods (already enough in so this could be left out) and there is another scenario. To survive you must breath safe air in the form of gas bottles which aren't abundant. You must skip from rooftop to rooftop so boats/jetskis are involved a lot more. Mountains are safe unless they've been taken by hostiles. 


Note - if it is a survival mode then gasoline, weapons etc shouldn't be freely available and in most cases things like vehicles should need some parts to be collected for them to work. Also 90% of vehicles should not work at all.


 - Someone mentioned dinosaurs - Multiply the animal count by 500%...

'The local chemical plant spilt its contents into water supply and has been drank by the local wildlife. The chemical plant was holding a new growth hormone. Wildlife has increased in size by 50% and there was one recent sighting of the Snow Leopard which has grown by 300%'. That's a little remix. You could ofc do a Jurassic Park themed one. 


I know this creator tool will be very basic but I sure hope it gets complex and very in-depth pretty soon. Its going to be great seeing what people come up with. 

  • BigBadBarstow


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 12:47 PM

Needs to b free roam if they did it

  • Drakeulah

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 05:44 PM

A friend and I were talking about this a while back and we both agreed that bc RDR zombie dlc was soo good it'd be amazing to see what R* could do with GTAV that being said I'd be extremely surprised if they did it.  Seeing how they already did it for RDR.  Honestly, I'd be okay with any apocalypse themed dlc. zombies, aliens, angry hillbillies idc i'd play it.

  • gta5freemode4eva

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Posted 10 September 2013 - 07:07 AM

A terminator mode would be awesome

Bellic 4 life
  • Bellic 4 life

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Posted 10 September 2013 - 07:20 AM

I would love Zombie DLC, or the following:

-Civil War
-Australian-American War
-Economic Collapse (In a game about money....)

  • bent_toe


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Posted 10 September 2013 - 08:33 AM

Needs to b free roam if they did it

Second this.. imagine the pure awesomeness!

There is a zombie mode for GTA IV on pc and it rocks.

  • DawkinsEfect


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Posted 10 September 2013 - 09:04 AM

I personally would love it, but again with what R* posted in the Ammunation commerical, looks like we are getting Aliens

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