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Do you think TLAD promoted realism for GTA?

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 07:10 PM

I know this is a pointless topic but all there's a lot of people trying to sue and file lawsuits against Rockstar Games for making video games too violent and promoting law breaking, theft and all the other nonsense with the result of becoming rich and at the top of the crime ladder.


What if Rockstar's main (or a primary) intention was to show realism and what would actually happen if this were to happen? As displeasing the ending was, that's what would happen to 99.9% of the people who'd try something like it.


I mean, Rockstar would be trying to get Redemption (not Red Dead ;)) for the series and show the people that don't support the franchise that it's just a game and that's where it stands. With Johnny, his days were near enough over.

← Reveals ending information


I don't want to tell you all what happened since the majority of you reading do, and I reckon I've gone a bit off topic but uh yeah if you're lost reading this then I'd suggest re-reading the first two paragraphs. What are your takes on this..?

Shah Sam
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Posted 07 September 2013 - 07:16 PM

I find GTA IV's story (the original version) pretty realistic too. 


But if we're talking about the mission, I would say that all the games were pretty unrealistic. 

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