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Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro

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Posted 06 September 2013 - 09:45 AM Edited by PooyanCyrus, 12 October 2013 - 04:47 PM.


An Expansion Pack for Grand Theft Auto V

San Fierro, making a comeback in modern San Andreas era


Theme Song


2013, September 8: New mission added, Map updated

2013, September 9: A new mission added, Weapons section completed

2013, September 10: 2 new missions Added

2013, September 13: A new mission and Rewards added

2013, September 14: 5 new missions added

2013, September 16: 2 new missions added

2013, September 17: Radio Stations added! 3 new missions added

2013, September 19: 3 new missions added

2013, September 20: 6 new missions added

2013, September 21: 6 new missions

2013, September 22: Nothing but 40th mission

2013, September 23: 3 New missions

2013, September 24: New radio station, "Latino FM" and its track list announced, Track lists of 2 other stations, published, too. 

2013, September 25: Latino FM logo added

2013, September 26: New Map Released! Stonecore FM tracklist added (thanks to universetwisters)

2013, September 27: 8 New missions

2013, September 30: 7 new missions

2013, October 1: 3 Gameplay features added

2013, October 3: Missions completed and the ending revealed! A gameplay feature added.

2013, October 4: "WildStreets" Tracklist added, "Emotion" tracklist completed, Some track added to "Latino FM", and "Characters" section added.

2013, October 10: "TV Channels" section started

2013, October 12: Theme Song added, finally!

2013, October 16: TV Stations completed, Info on websites completed - This is the last update




You can see the full map of the game below. It contains San Fierro, little bayside islands and Whetstone.


(Click on the picture to see the detailed map)


Bayside is a really little area, consisting of two little islands. The north island is named "Goodwill Island" and the south one is named "Green Island". They will be good places for dealing somewhere out of the city and also will be featured in some missions.


San Fierro in this game is heavily based on modern-day San Francisco. It will differ a lot with its 90's. This is city of costly houses and prodigal nabob gangs. Many of main missions bosses like Huang Lee and Ron Heffley live in this city. So you'll fill your hands with blood and money there!



I know you love the game to start its story at San Fierro. But, Unfortunately, you should find your way to San fierro from Whetstone. Where You have lived for 10 years and have done lots of all-profit business. But for now, you're looking for a fine place to have a new exciting life.




Gameplay will not have a big change in this game and it will an experience similar to GTA V, because it's in V era. However, like how the TBoGT and TLad contained improvements to IV gameplay, this game will have improvements to V gameplay.


1. Improved Heads-Up-Display

Wanted Level Stars are placed in top of the map now. Also the radar's map is colored.




2. Dealing Minigame

You can buy and sell drugs or weapons, but be careful to not to get arrested! I'm working on a screenshot of Dealing minigame. You'll know how it is when you see that!


3. Pimping Minigame

This One is a little nostalgic, isn't it?  :) I bet you remember that side game from San Andreas! Now, you can pimp with new cars!


4. Rampages

35 rampages in San Fierro and 15 in whetstone, are going to make GTA:SF a bloody game!


5. Golf and Tennis

There are 4 clubs in map of the game. Three of them, consisting Avispa are in San Fierro, and another one is in the Whetstone.


6. Street Races

You can perform street races with pro street drivers around the city.


7. Stunt areas

Perform stunt races in this places! Also, some unique jumps are there.


8. Evading cop cars

This feature was seen in Chinatown Wars first time. You should stunt in the streets and lose wanted level by confusing cops.


9. Unique Stunt Jump

Look around for unique jumps! 100 jumps all over the map, in places where you don't expect them.


10. Warehouse Robbery

Gangs and professional dealers have warehouses around the city, where they keep their drugs and weapons.


11. Driving

No new vehicles, to be honest. Vehicles are the same as V's, but a "Dashboard View" is added to camera views.


12. Searching for keys

You can search people whom you kill for keys. Keys can be used to get into their houses. You can find the address in their phone or their LifeInvader profiles.




Steve Calbert
31 years old
Steve is an experienced drug and weapon dealer. He lived for 4 years in Bone County and has lived in Whestone in last 10 years. His friend, Huang Lee has came from Liberty City to San Fierro recently. Huang invites Steve to San Fierro and then, the story of the game starts.
Skills: Driving, Dealing, Golf
Mike Cole
27 years old
He names himself a killer dealer, and of course, he is! He's one of Ron Heffley's best friends and joins Steve in his criminal chronicles in story of the game.
Skills: Shooting, Helicopter and Plane pilot, Tennis
Maxie Palmer
28 years old
She's a professional robber. Maria and Dani are her best friends, who have lived in Las Venturas with her. They robbed many banks and casinos and shops in Las Venturas for some years, but Maria escaped with Dani in 2011, when "Wanted" posters were everywhere in the Las Venturas. They escaped to San Fierro 2 years before when the game's story starts. In 2013, Maxie went to Los Santos and had some heists alonside Franklin Clinton, but she didn't give him a proper cut of their action, and then she escaped to San Fierro.
Skills: Bike Rider, Shooting while Running, Bowling
Huang Lee
30 years old
He's your first boss in San Fierro. He has came to San Fierro from Liberty City to take control of San Fierro Triads. He had some robberies and deals with Steve, back in 2011, so that he became one of Steve's friend. Steve keeps his friendship with him, and even does some jobs for him, until he understands murderer of his father were a Triad.
Killed in Mission 17 by Steve Calbert
Ron Heffley
33 years old
An old friend of Steve, seeing him after many years. He's one of people who helps you a lot and keeps his friendship with Steve tight.
Lamar Davis
Unknown Age
Minor Character
A crazy friend of Franklin, who wants to catch Maxie, get Franklin's money back and kill her.
Killed in Mission 10 by Steve Calbert/Mike Cole
Franklin Clinton
Unknown Age
Minor Character
He has helped Maxie in some heists when she was in Los Santos, but he got nothing out of that, and now, he wants a revenge on Maxie.
Killed in Mission 12 by Maxie Palmer
Giovanni Agosti
47 years old
One of two capos of Agosti Mafia family. He helps you in getting to top of the city. He also plans to kill Huang and gives this job to you. But after some time, you understand that Mafia's tricking you and so that your friendship with Giovanni and the whole family destroys.
Killed by Cecilia Barrientos, sometime before the final storyline mission
Julius Agosti
45 years old
Younger brother of Giovanni, who is the other capo of Agosti Family.
Killed in Mission 52 by Mike Cole
Maria Moreno
29 years old
Boss / Could be a protagonist
One of Maxie's best friends, who escaped to San Fierro in 2011 because she was worried of being busted.
Dani (Unknown surname)
27 years old
Could be a protagonist
She was also Maxie's friend, who helped her in robberies and heists on Las Venturas and escaped with Maria in the year 2011.
Rick Arling
37 years old
He's a friend of Ron Heffley. He's Agosti mafia's drivers' team manager, who leaves that family after mission #41. He keeps his friendship with Steve and Ron, and gives you some racing missions. You can meet him at "Whetstone Customs" car customization shop.
Duong Kwan
41 years old
He's boss of Da Nang vietnamese gang group. He gives you some missions, and disappears when you discover that Mafia has tricked you.
Don Alessandro Agosti
69 years old
He's Don of the Agosti Mafia family. He has two sons, Julius and Giovanni. You do some jobs for him but in the end of the story, you find yourself deciding to kill or save him! You kill both his sons in the story.
Can be killed in Mission 69
Cecilia Barrientos
37 years old
She has an illegal weapon business and a bomb shop in the city. She is a professional investor, too. She kills Giovanni in the game's storyline.
Angelina Abarca
29 years old
She's one of Maria's friends who gives you some missions. She also gives some racing missions to Maxie. Angelina lives near the bay and so that she has some boats. She's also a drug dealer.
Unknown Leaker Man
Unknown Age
Minor Character
This man appears in Mission 61 and 62, and helps you finding Giovanni. It seems that he wants to revenge on Giovanni, becuase he texts you "Kill him hard if you want to thank me".




The game's events take place in 2013. Steve Calbert is a well-known 31-years-old criminal in whetstone. He escaped to whetstone from Blaine County, in the year 2003 with two bags of drug and now, He is known for his great ability in drug business. After living in San Andreas Countryside (Blaine County, Whetstone, SF Bayside) for 10 years, he is going to find his way in gaudy modern-day San Fierro.


Number of published missions: 69 out of 69



Mission 1: The Introduction
Mission Boss: First Mission

Steve's friend Huang Lee (Huang is 30 years old now!) has came to San Fierro with some triads to take control of San Fierro's Chinatown. Huang needs a great man to help him defeat other gangs. So he invites Steve to come to San Fierro to "Have nice business".
When you start the game (You're in your house in Whetstone), you see a cutscene of Huang and Steve on a phone call, when Huang invites Steve to come San Fierro. Then, you should get a car and go to Huang's place.
Main Objective: You should kill a Da Nang member and steal his house's key. Your first safehouse in San Fierro will be this thug's house.

Reward: Triad Respect 1%



Mission 2: A Van and nothing more
Mission Boss: Huang Lee

Huang has spotted some Rifa gang members trying to get into his house; They've got killed by Triads. But Huang wants to get Rifas out of his way. So in the first step, Steve should go and steal a Rifa van parked in Burro street for Huang.
Main Objective: Rifas come after you to stop the van and you should keep driving fast to park the van in Huang's garage.
Note: After this mission, you'll recieve an email from Ron Heffley, an old friend. You should go and meet him.

Reward: 250$, Triad Respect 1%



Mission 3: After a long time
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley

When you try to go to Ron's place, his bodyguards come and don't allow you to go into his room. But Ron comes and tells them to allow you meet him. He hugs Steve and says "Wow! I can't believe this moment, man! I'm seeing you, you Steve, after a long time!"
Main Objective: You should go and buy some weapons from smuggler for him. Police spots you and they will come after you because you've got a 2-star wanted level, so you should go to Pay'n'spray and then go back to Ron's place.


Mission 4: A Killer Dealer
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley

Ron wants you to meet somebody. You don't know who is he, but Ron is saying that he's a wonderful guy whom you MUST meet!
Main Objective: Get a vehicle and go to Calton Heights to meet that unknown guy.

Cutscene: When you arrive at the unknown guy's place, you should knock the door. When he opens the door, it seems he has woke up from sleep because of your knock! So he shouts: "WHO THE f* ARE YOU? HUH?" Then he calms down... "Hmmm... Who are you, guy? Ron told you to come here, didn't he?" When you answer positive, He gets friendly with you and says: "Hahaha... Let me introduce myself, Steve! I'm a killer Dealer! But you can call me Mike. We'll have a lot of fun in this medley mad city!"
Note: This guy is named Mike Cole. After this meeting you'll have two protagonists: Steve and Mike.



Mission 5: Rescue
Mission Boss: Huang Lee

Rifas had kidnapped 3 Triad members. Huang wants you to rescue triads and finish the kidnappers. But remember, it's not that easy, because you have just 4 minutes to do all these.
Main Objective: Get a car and go to Rifa Kidnappers' place. Then Kill anyone else triads. In the way back to Huang's house they'll come after you, so watch out for them.
Note: You'll get "Calm Murderer" achievement if you kill all rifas coming after you in this mission.

Reward: Triad Respect 2%


Mission 6: Nice Lesson
Mission Boss: Huang Lee

Da Nang boys are trying to own the SF Chinatown by buying houses or killing triads. Huang is angry of losing land so he wants you to "Give them a nice lesson".
1. Go to ammu-nation and get some weapons if you don't have any.
2. Go to Da Nang boys' warehouse and destroy one of their cars to pay their attention.
Main Objective: Kill as many Da Nang gangs as you can. Then Steal their weed van and park it in Huang's garage.

Reward: 10x Weed, Triad Respect 1%




Mission 7: A Simple Job Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley

After buying a cellphone, Ron calls: "I don't want those stupid hispans sticking around my house. Tell them to get outta here, It's a really simple job."
1. Call Mike (call Steve if you're playing as Mike) and tell him to come to your house.
2. Buy some molotovs.
3. Go to Ron's house together.
Cutscene: Mike goes to a empty house's balcony and your protagonist automatically changes to Steve, if you were playing as Mike. Soon after that, Rifas spot you.
Main Objective: Shoot at rifas and escape when your health got weak. Then Change your protagonist to Mike and kill remaining Rifas by throwing molotovs.

Reward: 250$



Mission 8: Cleanup Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Huang Lee

15 of Da Nang boys have bought a house near Huang's and more are coming every hour. Huang thinks it's a good idea to explode them all at once! So...
1. Buy two Mini-Uzi's from ammu nation.
2. Go back to Chinatown.
3. Find the house.
Main Objective: Go into that house shoot anyone you can!
Note: After this mission, Mike will recieve a message from His friend, Franklin with this text: "That thug escaped to Whetstone. I missed her. Watch out!"

Reward: 250$, Triad Respect 1%




Mission 9: Whetstone Meeting Mike
No Mission Boss

When Mike recieves that message from Franklin, a "L" sign appears on the map, located at whetstone. This mission starts when you reach that sign.


Lamar has drove all the way from Los Santos to Whetstone to meet Mike.
Lamar: "Hi Mike. I think you've heard the news. Franklin has missed Maxie."
Mike: "Yea I know. But the goddamn thing I don't understand is why does Franklin hates her?!"
Lamar: "Bcuz she stole his money. MONEY, man! MONEY!"
Mike: "Do you mean those raffish 10000 Dollars?! He can make hundreds more than that, but he's too lazy and pernickety to do that, you know."
Lamar: "However, you have ONE job, and that's finding Maxie for me."


Objective: A blue point appears on your radar showing Maxie. You should find her and pick her up.
Main Objective: After she gets in your car,  drive to Mike's house.


Mission 10: That Thug Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Maxie Palmer

Maxie has found out that Lamar is coming to San Fierro after that night. So there is no way left except killing Lamar.
1. Call Steve (or Mike if you're playing as Steve)
2. Make sure you have enough ammo
Main Objective: Find Lamar and Kill him.
Note: After this mission, Maxie will thank you a lot. She will be your third playable character since now!



Mission 11: Chiliad Business Steve
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley

El Mezzerino (A dealer) is vending coke at a pretty cheap price. Ron wants you to get a van and buy coke from him as much as possible. He has escaped from Liberty City recently and for now, he's dealing in somewhere near Mount Chiliad.
1. Get a Van.
2. Drive to El Mezzerino's.
Cutscene: In the way to San Fierro, you see a car juming off a hill behind you. The driver is Franklin. He comes near right side of your car and shouts: "We've many undone work!" and cutscene ends. But he doesn't do anything and goes away.
Main Objective: Buy all his coke stuff and put them in van. Then Drive back to Ron's garage.

Reward: 5000$



Mission 12: Undone Work Multi-Protag
No mission boss

Franklin has came to San Fierro to get his money back. So at the first step, he comes to give Mike a lesson; He injures Mike with a knife. So Mike cannot be protagonist until you finish this mission.

1. Change your protag
2. Call other protag to come
3. Make sure you have enough weapons, otherwise go to Ammunation and get some
4. Change to Maxie (if you aren't!) and go into Mike's house from back door. Then hide behind a window.
5. Change to Steve and go near the Franklin.
Cutscene: When Franklin spots Steve, he shouts: Give me my money or i'll kill this idiot!
Main Objective: Change to Maxie. Open the house's window and shoot franklin's head to get rid of him! Then get an ambulance and take Mike to hospital.



Mission 13: I'll Come Back Steve
Mission Boss: Huang Lee

Huang wants to check out Liberty City Triads so he's going there today. He will come back after a week. But Rifas are now more dangerous than anytime. So he wants you to drive him to the airport safe.

Main Objective: Drive Huang to the "Easter Fly" airport in his stretch.

Rewards: 50$, Triad Respect 2%

Note: After this mission, Steve will recieve a message from Ron Heffley: "I want to meet you. Come ASAP."


Mission 14: The Truth Steve
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley

Ron Shouts: Did you know you're an idiot, idiot?
Steve: What do you mean Ron?
Ron: I've heard you're working for those stupid Triads! THIS is why I call you an idiot!
Steve: What's the problem with that?
Ron: Do you know your father?
Steve: I never saw him. He was dead before I born.
Ron: Why did he die? Who killed him? Do you know?
Steve: Hey... Stop saying bullsh*t... Huang Wasn't even born then.
Ron shouts: But triads were born! Huang's father was there!
Steve: I'm really confused.
Ron: So let me end this confusion. The man who killed your father in Liberty City, was a chinese stupid triad! A TRIAD! Are you still confused?

- Ron Calls Mike: "Where are you? Come to my house fast."
- Mike comes in.

Main Objective: Follow Mike and Go into the Mafia safehouse. Mike will introduce you to the Mafia members then.
Note: After this mission, a mission-interior will appear near Steve's house.
Reward: Agosti Family Respect 2%


Mission 15: Finish of Friendship Multi-Protag
No mission boss

You're going to end the deal with Triads. So in the first place, you should remember them you aren't friends anymore.

1. Call other protagonists.
2. Make sure you have enough weapons, otherwise go to ammunation and get some.
3. Get a vehicle and head to Chinatown.
4. Run over some triads to get their attention.
Main Objective: Kill as many triads as you see.

Reward: Agosti Family Respect 1%
Note: This is your second chance to get "Calm Murderer" achievement if you have missed your first chance.
Note: After this mission, you'll recieve an email from Mafia's capo, Giovanni Agosti, inviting you to his house.


Mission 16: Respect Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Giovanni Agosti

Mafia needs to come over gangs. Gangs are now taken over most of the San Fierro and most dealers trust them. Agosti Family doesn't want to be a Gang group, but wants the SF! It's your job!

1. Make sure you have molotovs, otherwise go to ammunation and get some.
2. Call Mike (If you play as Mike, call steve)
Main Objective: Head to Rifa hideout and throw as many molotovs as you can to their hideout.

Reward: Agosti Family respect 1%
Note: After this mission, you'll recieve a message from Huang Lee: "I'm coming back tomorrow. Take care of Chinatown 'till i come."


Mission 17: Go hell Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Giovanni Agosti

Giovanni knows that SF triads' boss, Huang is coming back today. So he thinks it's the best chance to get rid of him.

1. Drive Giovanni's stretch out of his garage (Steve's task).
2. Call other protags to get bikes.
3. Follow Steve with Mike or Maxie while he drives to the airport.
4. Go somewhere that Huang can't spot you and wait until Steve picks him up.
5. Follow Stretch again.

Cutscene: Huang spots Maxie and Mike and sends a message to a triad.

6. Change to Mike (If you aren't playing as him already) and shoot Triads coming from left side of the street.
7. Change to Steve and lock the car's doors so that Huang cannot escape.
8. Change to Maxie (If you aren't playing as her already) and shoot Triads coming from right side of the street.

Main Objective: Shoot Huang when you arrived at Mafia safehouse.


Cutscene: Giovanni comes out of the safehouse. Huang says: "Wh... why... steve?" Giovanni hoofs Huang's head and says: "Go hell! Good job, all three of you" Then a Mafia member comes and hauls Huang's dead body.

Reward: Agosti Family respect 5%




Mission 18: Threesome Maxie
Mission Boss: Maria Moreno

Cutscene: Maxie enters Maria's house but doesn't find her. Then Maria pulls her hair and shouts: Hi!
Maxie: Damn girl! Didn't expect to see you here!
Maria: Robbery doesn't make sense without you! This is why I left Las Venturas to here!
Maxie: What's on mind? What crazy plan again?
Maria(Laughing): Something TOO crazy! (Shouts)Dani! Dani? Come on.
Maxie: See who's here! (and hugs Dani)
Dani: I'm here to explode SF!
Maria: OK, Maxie. So, this is everything. I'm sure you enjoyed robbing Casinos last year! We're criminals, Maxie, and we need some action. Would you help?

There are some annoying boys living near Maria's house, actually, they're Rifas.

1. Make sure you have a Minigun, otherwise go to ammu-nation and get some.
2. Get a vehicle.
3. Go near their hideout.
4. Get out of the vehicle.

Main Objective: Kill as many Rifas as you can!

Reward: Minigun unlocked to buy for all protagonists


Mission 19: Keep him Mike
Mission Boss: Giovanni Agosti

A Triad has tried to kill Ron recently. Mafia members have nabbed him and found out that they have planned to kill Ron today. Giovanni wants you to save Ron.

1. Make sure you have a MiniUZI, otherwise go to ammu-nation and get some.
2. Get to Ron's house in 30 minutes (Actually, it's just two minutes of in-game time.)

Main Objective: Look around for triads and kill them if you saw any of them.
Reward: Agosti Family respect 2%



Mission 20: Mafia Protector Steve
Mission Boss: Giovanni Agosti

Triads are getting really crazy since when you've killed their boss and killed many of Triad members recently. They have planned to kill Don Alessandro Agosti and major capos, Giovanni Agosti and Julius Agosti. Drive Mafia bosses to a safe place and they'll pay you a good amount.

1. Make sure you have a Mini-Uzi, otherwise go to ammunation and get one.
2. Drive Giovanni's stretch out of his garage.
3. Follow the path on your radar which is heading to somewhere in north bayside island.
4. Shoot triads from car windows.

Main Objective: Drive the stretch to Bayside Mafia hideout safely.
Reward: 5000$, Agosti Family respect 4%


Mission 21: Already Awesome Maxie Decide

Mission Boss: Maria Moreno

Maxie: Maria? Mariiiaaaa? Where are you...
Maria: Oh... Maxie... Hmm... I'm here, how're you.
Maxie: Excuse me for waking you up.
Maria: Don't be sorry, max. I should have some serious words with you.
Maxie: 'Bout what?
Maria: See max... We're already awesome, why do you work with Mike and Steve. Remember, Mike was going to kill you and Steve is a Dirty-minded everything-dealer.
Maxie: Come on, they're the reasons why I'm alive!
Maria: However, It's you who decides to be with your friends, or some rubbish dealers.

Decision: If you answer positive to her, you'll have "Threesome" missions. Otherwise, you'll continue regular game.
For Negative answer:
Maria: Woah... Yea... I'm the stupid who helped you at your stupid robbery plans... Get outta here and deal weed with those headless guys, Punic!

For positive answer:
Main Objective: Go spray random "GoldGirls" tags on the walls; As many as you can in 2 minutes.

Reward (Just for positive answer): Golden spray, Maria's house as your safehouse (only Maxie can use)
Note: After this mission, "Threesome" will replace Maxie in protagonist selecting. You can change between these three girls in threesome missions.



Mission 22: Showing 'em trouble Threesome

Rifas are trying to Hide your spray tags and dump your group forever. It can be a trouble, but Maria wants to show 'em some trouble! So...

1. Dress different, in a way that they can't identify you.
2. Change to Dani and go to Cecilia's place. Get a car bomb from her.
3. Press "Call"  button to collect all three girls in one place.
4. Go to Rifa boss house, Calvino, and steal his car.
5. Drive to Safehouse's garage and Arm the bomb.

Main Objective: Drive the car with armed bomb in less than 3 minutes ( It's real time, not in-game time! ) to Rifa boss

place and don't stay near there.

Reward: Cecilia's place is open to you since now


Mission 23: Driver Steve
Mission Boss: Giovanni Agosti

Mafia now respects you, and they've seen Steve's great ability in driving stretch cars and fast cars. So they want to give you a new, great position: You'll be the Mafia's driver. The good thing about this job, is the great money you make out of it! For now, you should drive Giovanni to a house near Patrick Drive for an important meeting. He wants a safe but fast ride.

1. Drive Mafia's Sabre out of garage.
2. Pick Giovanni up.

Main Objective: Drive to the specified place in less than 2 minutes (in real time). Wait until the meeting ends, and then drive Giovanni back to Mafia's place.

Reward: 6000$, Agosti family respect 2%
Note: After this mission, Mike will recieve a message from Julius Agosti: "I've heard a lot about you. I want to meet you. Come here soon."


Mission 24: Bodyguard Mike
Mission Boss: Julius Agosti

Mafia has a great interest in Mike and Steve. They know that Mike is a great gun for Mafia, so Julius wants you to be Mafia Capos' bodyguard. Being a bodyguard isn't an easy job, but they pay their bodyguards great! Julius knows that a Da Nang gang member wants to terror him, so protect Julius and don't let the Da Nang kid be alive anymore.

1. Pick up the Minigun from bodyguards' room.
2. Stand in front of Julius' room.

Main objective: 3 Da Nang gangs will try to kill Julius. Send all three of them to hell.

Reward: 8000$, Agosti family respect 2%



Mission 25: San Fierro Racer Steve
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley / Rick Arling

Rick is one of Ron's best friends. He manages Agosti Mafia's drivers team. He's interested in Steve's great driving skill and wants him to be team's driver in the upcoming Rally race. Other drives are from Triad, Rifa and Da Nang team. Be careful and carry a Mini-Uzi with yourself; Shooting is no fault!

Laps: 3
Course: Gant Highway > Slate Boulevard > Patrick Drive > Burro Street > Gant Highway

Reward: 10000$, Agosti family respect 2%


Mission 26: Drive-By Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Julius Agosti

Julius: Chinese maniacs, with no boss, with no control of them. Most of them are killed and now, they aren't more than 100.  They're very few. Isn't it fun to finish them?
Mike: One hundred? I don't think so.
Steve: Think so, man, if you don't! Even when Huang was alive they weren't many.
Julius: Steve's right. After Lee's death, they're all fighting each other to become the new boss. I think I told you what you should do, didn't I?

1. Change to Steve (If you aren't already) and get a fast car.
2. Pick Mike and Mafia members up.
3. Head to Mafia's trusted weapon dealer's place. Wait until Mike and other mafians get their weapons.
4. Drive to Chinatown.

Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Mike and shoot any triad you can from the window. Also, If you answered negative in Mission #21, You can play as Maxie who sits back and shoot triads from window.
2) Play as Steve and Drive fast but nice.

Reward: 20000$, Agosti Family respect 5%


Mission 27: Taking over Chinatown Threesome

Maria: It's funny! It's really funny! It seems the whole Mafia's working for us!
Dani: Yea, they're just killing Triads to make our work easier.
Maxie: Some of them have escaped to Whetstone, I've heard. We should end them. Then, we have some keys.
Dani: And thus, some new fancy houses!
Maria: I don't much like Chinese houses, however, I love killing!

1. Play as any girl you want and get a car.
2. Pick others up.
3. Drive to Cecilia's and get 3 Mini-Uzis from her.
4. Drive to specified place in Whetstone.
5. Get out of the car.

Main Objective: Play as one of the girls and go to one of three houses. Kill anybody there and search dead triads for keys.

6. Get in your car.
7. Call other girls with your cellphone.
8. Drive back to San Fierro, Chinatown.
9. Get into the safehouse specified with the key you found.
10. Save the game there.



Mission 28: GoldGirls Threesome(Dani) Decide

NOTE: The notable thing about this mission, is that if you haven't decided to join Dani and Maria in mission #28, now you have to!

Cutscene (an important-looking session in Agosti Mafia's place):
Don Alessandro: We're taking over the city... And losing chinese and hispanic gangs...
[The camera shows Giovanni smiling]
Don Alessandro: We have male shooters... as well as... female shooters... We have male drivers... as well... as female

drivers... I'm angry... Angry of you, Girls, and Women! In recent days... We haven't saw any action... from you... weak

[Girls and women stand up. Sound of shouts and swears can be heard]
Don Alessandro: We don't want... other Mafias... to befool us... because of having female members... If any of you,

girls... are wives... of our members... you'll never be our gunmen... and drivers... since now. But you can live... with your

husbands... otherwise, you're allowed... to live in your OWN way.
[Sound of shouts and swears can be heard, again]

(Maria's house, night):
Dani: It seems the Mafia's helping us more than our guns.
Maria: How?
Dani: They've deported their female members.
[Maria Laughs]
Maria: That's really nice! It's our first and last chance to become a real gang group.

[Bunches of girls come out of Mafia's place angrily, and stand right in front of the place]

1. (You'll automatically be changed to Maria) Go out of the House.
2. Go to Mafia place's street.

[Maria goes near the deported girls]
Maria: What's going on here?
[Girls look at her]
One of the girls says sadly: Worst thing you can think of.
Maria (Laughing): They kicked you out?
[The girls looks Maria straight, angrily]
Maria (smiling): There's a solution...

[Girls have blocked the street and are stealing cars and getting into them]
[Maria's house; Girls have arrived]

Decision: You can either play the game as:
(A) Maxie-Maria-Dani
(B) Mike and Steve

Threesome missions are only available if you Decide as A, and other missions are available if you decide as B.


Mission 29: Way to Chinatown Multi-Protag

Mission Boss: Giovanni Agosti

Mafia's angry of how GoldGirls "stole" their female members. GoldGirls are now coming more and more powerful.

"GoldGirlz" spray tags can be seen anywhere. They also control the Chinatown since the Triads' disbandment.
Now, Mafia has one way left to control the Chinatown: Get close with Da Nang boys; Yeah, the gangs who tried to Julius!

It's clear that they were going the wrong way, but now they aren't stupid like what they were in that time.
Giovanni and Julius, the Mafia capos, have started the friendship with Da Nang gangs' boss and they've planned for an

attack to Chinatown.

1. (Steve) Get a vehicle.
2. Pick up Mike.
3. Drive to Da Nang hideout in Hashbury and pick up two vietnamese gang boys.

Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Mike and shoot GoldGirl gangs from the window.
2) Play as Steve and drive fast but nice!

Reward: 5000$, Da Nang respect 5%, Agosti Family respect 3%
Note: After this mission, Mike will recieve a message from Julius Agosti: "Thank you for saving me, boy. Be an specific

man and keep your great work with us up!" He'll also recieve a message from Duong Kwan, Da Nang boss: "Da Nang's

Da Gang! You have a good job, cuz you work for me!"
Steve will also recieve a message from Ron Heffley: "I'm going to leave here for about a month. See you in Vice City."


Mission 30: Gang War, Mafia Style Mike

Mission Boss: Duong Kwan

Rifas aren't really worth wasting time to waste them. However, there isn't any way except wasting some time. Da Nangs

have managed to steal a helicopter. An Agosti mafia member is the pilot, and you, alongside a Da Nang boy, are going to shoot any Rifa you can see, from the open doors of heli.
Kwan gives you enough ammo, so you don't need to buy any!

Get into the Heli.

Main objective: Shoot Rifas from the window.

Reward: Da Nang respect 2%, Agosti family respect 2%



Mission 31: Defending Chinatown Threesome

Agosti Family members have arranged to attack Chinatown. What more description's needed?!

1. Make sure you have a MP5, otherwise get three from Cecilia's.
2. Get on the roofs of the houses.

Main Objective: Shoot them and don't let them enter the houses.


Mission 32: Bang Da Nang Threesome 

Mafia's assisting Da Nang vietnamese gang group. It has a simple reason: They want Chinatown, and wants it, also. It's clear that Da Nangs are way wonkier than escaped Triads (when they were alive). Maria, Dani and Maxie, are the three girls who Mafia doesn't want to be alive.

1. (Maria) Get a fast car.
2. Pick up Maxie, Dani and another girl.
3. Drive to Cecilia's, and wait until they buy some weapons.
4. Drive to Hashbury, where Da Nang is based.

Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Maxie or Dani and shoots gang boys.
2) Play as Maria and drive fast but nice.


Mission 33: The Deal Boat Multi-Protag

Mission Boss: Duong Kwan

Liberty City Korean gangs send a boat of drugs to whetstone every year. Their prices are lower than everywhere and all gangs want their drugs, because they're fine-made and many people want them. Da Nangs have a drug shop in hashbury which is their best money-making business, but they're going out of ecstasy and weed, and customers are going to buy stuff from others. So go and get some for them. But be fast, Rifas are sending a boat there, too.

1. (Mike) Kwan has placed a MP5 for you in garage. Go and collect it.
2. (Steve) Get a fast car.
3. Drive to bay.
4. Get a fast boat.
5. Head to Whetstone drug boat.
6. (Mike) Shoot the men on the boat.
7. Collect the drugs on the Koreans' boat and get in Steve's boat again.
8. 1) Play as Steve and skiff the boat to the bay.
    2) Play as Mike and shoot Rifa boats coming after you.
9. Get out of the boat and get on the bike on the bay.

Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Steve and ride to Da Nang garage fast.
2) Play as Mike and shoot Rifas who come after you.

Reward: 10x Ecstasy, 5x weed, 5000$, Da Nang respect 3%


Mission 34: Eastern Stuff Threesome

It would be a good business to sell drug and have dealers around the city, specially now, when GoldGirlz Need to gain respect from people of the city. It's a fine plan, to have some dealers around city, a money-making and respect-gaining business. But the only thing we don't have, is the stuff! Korean gangs of Liberty City, send a boat of their drug stuff to Whetstone every year. Their prices are the best in whole country and of course the quality is nice; So, why are you waiting? Go and get 'em and don't let Da Nangs and Rifas catch the drugs!

1. (Maria) Get a fast car.
2. Pick up Maxie and Dani.
3. (Maria) Dani has a friend near the SF Bay, Her name is Angelina. Drive to her house and get her boat.
4. (Dani) Skiff the boat to Koreans' place in whetstone.
5. (Maxie/Maria) Shoot the men on the boat.
6. Go on Koreans' boat and collect the drugs.

Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Maxie or Maria and shoot Rifas and Da Nang boat coming after you.
2) Play as Dani and skiff the boat to bay.

Reward: 50x Ecstasy, 50x Weed, 50x Acid, 50x Coke, 30x Downers, 20x Heroin


Mission 35: Golden Deals Threesome Maria

We have lots of drugs, there are lots of Addicts! It's time to start our drug business. Da Nang dealers are losing all their drugs and Rifa dealers are low on Acid and Coke. Other dealers, aren't gangs so they aren't any danger.
For now, 6 girls are ready to start dealing business (Cecilia and Angelina are 2 of them!). So give them enough drugs for start.

Main Objective:
There are 6 bags of drugs in the garage. Get a car and carry each of them to a girl.

Reward: A Rocket Launcher with 10 rockets



Mission 36: Robbery Threesome

Note: This mission is only available between 21:00 and 6:00.
Da Nang boys have a really few amount of drugs, and they've missed the Korean stuff boat. But they're enough for a nice dealer to make more drugs and money out of it. Steve is an experienced dealer, and it would be no surprise if you see Da Nang boys are gaining lots of money and even more drugs than you, because Steve works with them. So what's the solution? A robbery!

1. Dress in a different-than-usual way (all three girls).
2. (Maria) Get a fast car.
3. Pick up Dani and Maxie.
4. Drive to Da Nang drug warehouse.
5. (Maxie/Dani) Get out of the car.
6. Walk silently and go to back side of the nightman and kill him. Steal his keys.
7. Open the door and walk into the warehouse.
Main Objective: Collect the drugs to your bag.

8. Walk out silently and lock the door.
9. (Maria) Drive back to house's garage.

Reward: 100x Ecstasy, 80x Weed, 90x Acid, 100x Coke, 50x Downers, 100x Heroin



Mission 37: Drugs, Safe Mike
Mission Boss: Duong Kwan

You've got the Koreans drug boat, so that Rifas and GoldGirlz are angry. Kwan wants you to keep Da Nang drug Warehouse safe tonight.

Objective: Collect the Mini-Uzi placed in front of Da Nang hideout.
Main Objective: Kill any single person who tries to reach the warehouse.

Reward: 5000$, 10x Weed, Da Nang respect 2%
Note: After this mission, a mission-interior will appear near Mafia's place.


Mission 38: High Jack Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Don Alessandro Agosti

A Las Venturas-Based Mafia is trying to start work in San Fierro. One of their capos has came to San Fierro and they're going to buy a big house in Calton Heights. There's nothing interesting about them except their new and sleek Stretch cars. Don Alessandro wants you to hijack them.

1. Get a bike.
2. (Steve) Ride to rival Mafia's Garage.
3. Hide behind a car and wait until its driver comes.
4. Throttle the driver and get his switch key.

Main Objective: Drive the car to Agosti Mafia's garage.
Do the 3 and 4 and main objectives again and then the mission is passed.

Reward: 30000$, Agosti Family respect 3%


Mission 39: Da Thugs, Da Fire Threesome Maria

San Fierro's Vietnamese gangs, Da Nang boys, are going to be a trouble for us. Also, Steve and Mike have became their flunkies in every job. Their boss, Duong Kwan is now Steve and Mike's boss, due to Mafia's friendship with Da Nang gang group. The only way left to throw them out of the way is...

1. (Maria) Get a fast car.
2. Drive to Cecilia's shop.
3. Buy some grenades from her.
4. Drive to Da Nang hideout in hashbury.

Main Objective: Their hideout has a broken window. Throw as many grenades as you can into the hideout and escape.



Mission 40: Da Mafia Steve

Mission Boss: Don Alessandro Agosti
GoldGirlz have been killed many Da Nang members. In fact, to be honest, now Da Nang members aren't more than fifty. Also, their boss is injured, so that many Da Nang members are leaving San Fierro to other cities. Mafia has a close friendship with this Vietnamese gang group and their boss, so they want to make Da Nang a part of Mafia. It's best chance to expand Mafia and Don Alessandro doesn't want to miss it.
1. Get a Bus from parking-lot.
2. Head to Da Nang's damaged hideout.
Main Objective: Drive them to Mafia's place and park the bus in Mafia's big garage.
Reward: Agosti Family respect 2%
Mission 41: Mobsters, Tricksters Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley
Ron: I can't believe that, man! They tricked us. Alessandro, and his trickster sons. They tricked us. They stealed our money.
Mike: Ooh sh*t... What are you sayin' Ron?
Ron: I mean, they deported girls, you know.
Mike: Yea, and we're not girls.
Ron: I know, but girls' money, and stuff are still in Mafia safehouse.
Mike (Shouts): What's connected about us and the deported girls, Ron?
Ron: Don't shout... See... Last month, I bought some nice drugs from a Hispanic guy, right?
Mike: And?
Ron: I gave them to Aaren, one of my dealing teammates, who was a mafia member.
Mike: Ah-Oh... Holy crap.
Ron: I think we should join GoldGirlz. They're strong, they want a revenge. They're just like us.
1. Go to Maxie's house in Chinatown.
[Maxie opens the door, but when she sees Mike, attacks him with him and tells him to stop]
Mike: Hey, hey... I'm not going to do anything bad.
Maxie: So, with what crappy reason are you here?
Mike: Maxie, you should realize that we aren't enemies anymore.
Maxie: Do you want me to believe that?
Mike: Mafia has tricked us. I just wanted to tell you that we're going to join you, I mean GoldGirlz.
1. (Mike) Call Steve.
2. (Steve) Get a bus and pick up the Mafia members.
3. Drive to Chinatown.
Main Objective: No special main objective, but objectives 2 and 3 will be repeated 4 or 5 times.
Note: Say goodbye to "Threesome", because since now, Mike, Steve and Maxie will be playable like what they were before mission #21 (Even #28 if you decided not to join Maria and Dani in the first time.
Note: This mission is available for both game modes: Regular and Threesome.
Mission 42: GoldGangz Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Maria Moreno
Ron has came to Chinatown and explained Maria what's happened. Maria is now to rename her gang band to "GoldGangz", because there are many men in the band now. Something's missing, huh? What's the mission?
Mafia has some dealers around the city, who don't want to join GoldGangz. There is only one way left.
1. Make sure you have enough ammo, otherwise go to Ammunation or Cecilia's and buy some.
2. Get a fast car.
Main Objective: Drive through dealers' places, kill them and steal their drugs.
3. When you collected all the drugs, drive back to Chinatown and park the car in Maria's garage.
Mission 43: San Fierro Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley
GoldGangz are newbies. They haven't been a gang in San Fierro for a long time. But the Rifas are experienced. They have a half of San Fierro or even more.
You can make the city yours, so why don't you?
1. Make sure you have enough ammo, otherwise get some from Ammunation or Cecilia's.
2. (Steve) Get a fast car and pick up Mike, Maxie and Dani.
3. Drive to Hashbury. Perform a drive-by there.
4. Up to 5 waves of Rifas attack you. Kill them.
5. Search for keys.
Main Objective: Go into the houses with keys you've found. Then switch to Steve (If you aren't already) and Park the car into your garage.
Mission 44: Capo Mike
Mission Boss: Cecilia Barrientos

Agosti mafia is still alive. They still have some members who defend their mob group against others. But it's about time to finish them, so start with a car bomb in Julius's car!

1. Collect the bomb.
2. Get to Mafia's place's parking.
3. Get into Julius's car.

Main Objective: Arm the bomb and escape.


Mission 45: Weed Need Steve
Mission Boss: Maria Moreno

Some of our dealers need some weed. Get some for them.

1. Get a van.
2. Drive to El Mezzerino's warehouse in whetstone.
3. Find an open window and go into the warehouse slowly.
4.Fill your briefcase with the weeds.
5. Find key of the warehouse's door.
6. Get into your car.

Main Objective: Give the drugs to dealers.

Reward: 10x weed, 5000$
This Mission unlocks the "Biker" for Maxie.


Mission 46: Biker Maxie
Mission Boss: Angelina Abarca

A bike race between GoldGang girls is going to start at Grove Course today. Won't you race?

1. Get a Sanchez bike.
2. Head to the start point.

Main Objective: Win the race.

Reward: 10000$, Sanchez bike
Note: After this mission, someone unknown will call Steve: "A good driver, huh? Let's see." Then, a mission interior appears at Whetstone Customs.

Mission 47: Head to the top Steve
Mission Boss: Unknown - This mission starts when you arrive at Whetstone Customs' garage.

[A dude comes out of the garage.]
Dude: What's yo name, baby?
Steve: Steve Calbert, let's go.
Dude: Steve! (Laughs). Driver... Dealer... Which one are you?
Steve (Puts a knife on unknown man's neck): Why did you call me?
Dude: To see who's better.
Steve: Will you let me go if I say you're the best.
Dude (Takes his sunglasses off): I'm Rick!
Steve: Ooohhhfff...! Let's start the race!

Laps: 1
Course: South Whetstone > Mount Grove Road > Top of the mount

Reward: A Banshee in your house garage, and free customization at Whetstone Customs (Just once)


Mission 48: Riot Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: This mission starts when you start a gang war with Rifas at Slate Boulevard.

[Rifa members come with Ron and Rick behind them. They have kidnapped them]
Rifa member: Don't shoot or I'll kill them!
Steve: Holy sh*t!

1. (Steve) Get a stretch.
2. Drive to other another place in Rifa territory.
3. (Mike) Get out of the car.
4. Shoot two Rifas' feet.
5. Throw them into the car.
6. Drive back to Slate boulevard.

Steve: It's time to exchange.
Rifa member: Ok sucker.

7. (Steve) Pick up Ron and Rick.
8. (Maxie) Collect the Rocket Launcher in the street.
9. Get to the roof of a house.

Main Objective: Shoot 3 rockets to the Rifas.

Reward: Slate Boulevard is your teritorry now!
Note: This is your third chance to get "Calm Murderer" achievement.


Mission 49: Whetstone Ride Maxie
Mission Boss: Angelina Abarca

Get back on your Sanchez and ride hard! A race is starting in Whetstone in next 5 minutes. Get there fast!

Objective: Get to the start point in less than 5 minutes (real world time).

Laps: 3
Course: Whetstone > Green Island > Goodwill Island > Whetstone

Reward: Free Paintjob at Country Bikers Club (Just once)


Mission 50: Busted! Mike
Mission Boss: Maria Moreno

Cops have busted one of our dealers. Go bust him out and don't forget to steal his drugs back!

1. Go to the SFPD.
2. Walk into the wardrobe slowly.
3. Wear police clothes.
4. Go to "Recorded Objects" room.
5. Find dealer's drugs.
6. Get out of the office and put the drugs into a police car's back.
7. Get into the office again and find cell's key card.
8. Find the busted dealer's cell and bust him out.

Main Objective: Run out of the office, get in the police car with drugs and drive fast to the dealer's house's garage.

Mission 51: Kill Frenzy Maxie
Mission Boss: Angelina Abarca

Some people are acting Angelina's bikers' rude. Go show them some trouble.

Main Objective: Get on your Sanchez and kill as many people as you can. Then get the cops lost.
Note: This is your last chance to get the "Calm murderer" achievement.

Mission 52: His last day Mike
Mission Boss: Maxie Palmer
[Maxie runs to you]
Maxie: Hiya Mark! I have an important news for you.
Mike: And what's that?
Maxie: Do ya remember the Julius's car, and the bomb?
Mike: Hmm.
Maxie: They spotted us and advised him not to get in his car.
Mike: That lucky sucka!
Maxie: Would you please make today his last day?
1. Wear your Mafia Outfit.
2. Get a silented colt from Cecilia's.
3. Get a heli and fly to Julius's hideout in Whetstone.
4. Kill his protectors.
Main Objective: Get into the room and get near the Julius.
[Mike punches Julius and he falls]
Julius: You, you... rat...
Mike: Just like you!
[Mike shoots at him]
Reward: Julius Hideout will be your property
Mission 53: Just Follow! Maxie
Mission Boss: Angelina Abarca
A Mafia racer has some important information about Giovanni and Alessandro Agosti. We should reach him alive, to find their hideouts and plans.
1. Get a bike.
2. Go near the member's house, but with a proper distance, or he will spot you and you'll fail.
Main Objective: After a while, he comes out of his house. Follow his car with a proper distance.
Unlocks: Mission #54
Mission 54: Cecilia's job Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley
Ron has heard you've found an important mafia member's hideout. Ron wants you to keep your good work up and introduce him to Cecilia.
1. (Steve) Get a fast car and pick up Mike and Maxie.
2. Go to that member's house.
3. Get in the house slowly.
4. (Mike) Attack him from behind.
5. Throw him in the car.
Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Steve and drive to Cecilia's.
2) Play as Mike and punch the member if he woke up or tried to do something.
Mission 55: Got some words Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley
Nobody wants to mess with Cecilia, 'cause she's a good investigator! She has got that mafia member to talk about the drugs. So go and get Ron's drugs back.
1. Collect the weapons Cecilia has left in your room for you.
2. (Steve) Get a van and pick up Mike.
3. Head to the warehouse in the Gant Highway.
4. (Mike) Walk into the back door of the warehouse silently.
5. Collect as much drugs as you can and carry them to the van.
Main Objective: (Mike) It's a trap! Mafia members are following you! Shoot them from the window while they come after you.
Reward: 10x Weed, 5x Ecstasy, 1000$
Mission 56: Hot Chase Steve
Mission Boss: Angelina Abarca
A Rifa's going out the city with a stolen boat, Which is Angelina's. Go get the boat and kill the gang.
Objective: Get on your boat.
Main Objective: Follow the stolen boat and shoot the Rifa diving it.
Reward: A "Speeder" boat.
Mission 57: Be Polite! Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley
Rifas are getting rude again. They punched Maxie and threw him into a car today morning. Go rescue her.
1. (Steve) Get a fast car immediately.
2. Drive to the hideout.
3. (Mike) shoot the guardian gangs.
4. Get out of the car and search them for a key.
5. Get into the Hideout with Steve and hide behind a desk.
6. Shoot everyone fast, before they spot you and shoot Maxie.
Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Maxie. In this mode, mission will get passed when you get in the car (after a cutscene)!
2) Play as Steve and drive to Maxie's house.
Mission 58: The Party Steve
Mission Boss: Cecilia Barrientos
Cecilia has found out that Giovanni is on a private mafia party tonight. You can make his party even more enjoyable!
1. Wear your Mafia outfit.
2. Get a fast car and drive to their secret club.
3. Run to the back of the building.
4. Arm the bomb Cecilia gave you.
[Camera zooms out and the building destroys. But you'll see someone running out from the flames and getting in his car]
Main Objective: Follow the car.
[When you reach the car, Steve shoots from the car window and then the escaping car stops. Steve goes to see Giovanni  dead, but finds a regular member dying.]
Steve (punches him): Where's Giovanni?
Member: He... He... bay...
Mission 59: Red Island Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Ron Heffley
Ron knows what did the dead Mafia member say yesterday night. He knows a Mafia hideout at the Green Island. Perhaps he  wanted to say "Bayside" but didn't have time to.
1. (Steve) Pick up Mike and Maxie and Drive to Green Island.
2. Get out of the car and get near the hideout silently.
3. (Mike) Get to the roof of the building.
4. (Steve) Go near the front door.
5. (Maxie) Stay near the car.
6. (Steve) Go into the building.
[It seems nobody is there, but suddenly you see some lights]
Steve (Shouts while shooting everyone he sees): Traaaaaaaaaaaap!
Mike: Holy Crap!
[Steve runs out and gets in the car]
7. (Mike) Shoot every car you see from the window (Of course the Mafia cars!)
[Maxie sees a man in a Mafia stretch. The cutscene flashes to an early thing Maria tought her about finding out the real face of face-changing people. You see the man in the stretch and the screen flashes to Don Alessandro. Then she jumps on the stretch.]
Main Objective: (Maxie) Shoot the stretch's window!
[Someone shoots Maxie. Your car gets near the stretch to collect Maxie when she falls]
Mission 60: Stealers go hell Steve
Mission Boss: Maria Moreno

Some unknown guys have stealed Maria's banshee. They have a garage near Avispa club Go check if the car is there.

1. Head to the garage.
2. Kill protectors.
3. Search them for garage's remote control.
4. Get into the garage.

Main Objective: Get in the car and run away!


Mission 61: Bury-Hash-Bury Mike
Mission Boss: Cecilia Barrientos

Cecilia is continuing investigatement, and reaching new info everyday. She has found out that Mafia has some shops near Hashbury. For now, this is their main business in the city. Go help them be richer!

1. Go to Hashbury.
2. Go into the first shop
3. Kill the shopper.
Objectives 2 and 3 are repeated for about 10 shops.

Main Objective: Lose the cops and go back to your house.


Mission 62: Deep Throat Steve
This mission starts first time you change to Steve after finishing Mission #61.

[Steve is in his house. Someone knocks the door. Steve opens the door and a man is there. He has a hat which shadows his face.]
Steve: Who the f* are you?
Man: Nobody Cares, just follow me.
Steve: Stupid people are no help.
Man: But I AM! Look at your back.
[Three Mafia members are coming after you]

1. Run away from the members.

[Steve is running and then misses the unknown man, then his phone calls]
Man: Call me tomorrow. We should talk 'bout Gio.


Mission 63: Gio Multi-Protag
This mission starts when you call the unknown man.

[Steve, Mike and Maxie are in Steve's house, waiting for the unknown man to answer, and finally he answers]
Man: I'm not used to talk too much, so go to Paradiso.

1. Head to Paradiso.

[Giovanni is coming out with two bodyguards and his driver]

2. (Steve) Follow his car with a proper distance.
3. (Mike) Shoot his bodyguards.
4. (Steve) Drive faster to catch his car.
5. (Maxie) Shoot the driver.
6. (Steve) Drift to in front of his car.

[Steve gets out of the car to get in Giovanni's car, Gio gets out too, he wants to escape, but Mike and Maxie show him their guns and he goes back]
Steve: Words aren't needed. We both know what do I want. So shut up and get in the car.
[Steve calls Maria and tells her what's happening]

7. (Steve) Get in the car.

Main Objective: There are two ways to pass this mission:
1) Play as Steve and drive to Maria's safehouse.
2) Play as Mike and don't let Gio escape.

Note: After this mission, Rick Arling will call Steve, saying: "Hello, Steve! I bet you would like some days in the countryside. Investing Gio will take a long time and you'll get bored. So come 'n join me at Whetstone Customs.


Mission 64: Faster Steve
Mission Boss: Rick Arling

Rick knows an experienced chinese driver around here. He has won against Rick, but that was his last win. Go and have a race around SF Bay with that rude driver!

Laps: 2
Course: Top of the Mount Grove > Whetstone > Green Island > Goodwill island

Main Objective: Win the race.

Reward: 10000$


Mission 65: End of the line Steve
Mission Boss: Rick Arling

A Rifa driver has attacked Whetstone Customs, Rick's friends' car customization shop. We should make this game over.

1. Get in your Banshee.
2. Pick up Rick and his friends.
3. Follow the Rifa's car.

Main Objective: Rick and his friends will shoot the driver from their window, so just go where that thug goes 'till they kill him.

Reward: 7000$
Note: The unknown who helped you finding Giovanni, calls Steve sometime after this mission: "Thank you for catching that rat, I mean Gio. Kill him hard if you want to thank me."


Mission 66: Hurry Up! Steve
This mission starts first time you get into "Whetstone Customs" after doing Mission #65.

[Steve is getting into the garage, then his phone rings, Maxie's calling]
Maxie (Talking fast and nervous): He.. Hello Steve. Hurry to Chinatown.
Steve: What 're you sayin'? I can't understand.
Maxie: Gio has escaped. Understanded?!

1. Get in your car.
2. Drive to San Fierro fast.
3. Search for Giovanni around the city and get out of the car when you found
4. Punch him in a way he doesn't die, but can't walk anymore.

Main Objective: Throw him in the car and drive to Cecilia's fast.


Mission 67: Don Passed the Street Maxie
Mission Boss: Cecilia Barrientos (Starts on a phone call)

Giovanni doesn't want to say anything. He's no help. By the way, Cecilia has saw a Black stretch with black windowglasses. She thinks that was Don Alessandro's car, because when it was passing the street, Giovanni looked at Cecilia room's window tenty. Follow that car before it gets unreachable.

Main Objective: Get on your Sanchez and follow that car with a proper distance. It ends at a garage in Goodwill Island.


Mission 68: BANG Multi-Protag
Mission Boss: Maria Moreno

Mafia's almost dead. Their members are about One hundred all around the San Fierro and their capos aren't working anymore. Maria has planned for an attack, which ends their story. Be ready for the explosion!

1. (Mike) Get into the heli on roof of Maria's house.
2. (Steve) Get in your car.
3. (Maxie) Get on your bike.
4. You can act as any of three protagonists, you can either:
    1) Play as Maxie and kill members on Patrick drive while riding.
    2) Play as Mike and Shoot members in Burro Street from high in the sky!
    3) Play as Steve and kill members in Jerry Boulevard and Paradiso

Main Objective: (Mike) Pick up Steve and Maxie when you have killed all members and get the heli back to the roof of Maria's house.


Mission 69 (This mission's name is "The End", but the name appears after you pass it) Multi-Protag Decide
This mission starts after a phone call from Cecilia to Mike: "I killed Gio, but found out that Alessandro is holed up in Goodwill Island and wants to escape to Los Santos County. He has some bodyguards, also. Don't let him escape alive."

A plane is flying to Goodwill island in the next 5 minutes. Fly to there.

1. (Mike) Get on the heli and wait until Steve and Maxie get on it.
2. Fly to the bayside area.
3. Shoot the Alessandro's getaway plane.
4. Get near the ground.
5. (Steve/Maxie) Shoot Alessandro's bodyguards.
6. (Mike) Land the heli on the ground and get out of it.

[Alessandro kneels on the ground]
Alessandro: I'm so old... You killed... my sons... and destroyed... my business.
Steve: We did the right thing. Stealers should go hell.
Alessandro: I helped you... come powerful...
Mike: And stealed our drugs then.
Alessandro: I'm 69 years old... I don't have power... to make my family... powerful again... (Cries) I don't even... have any family...
[Maxie looks bored, looking at Mike and Steve]
Alessandro: I will die... in less than... one year... It doesn't matter... if you kill me... or not.
Maxie: Is the speech finished?

Decision: You can either:
    A) Kill Alessandro
    B) Save Alessandro

Cutscene (Appears if you decide as A):
Steve: Goodnight Mr. Agosti!
[Shoots Alessandro's heart]
[The camera zooms out, showing people who walk in San Fierro streets]
[Screen gets darker and this text appears: ~ The End ~ ] Then the credits comes in.

Cutscene (Appears if you decide as B):
Mike: 69...
Maxie: Poor hick!
(Steve Laughs loudly)
[The three protagonists walk together, getting far from Alessandro and he's still there, kneeling on the ground. Then, he falls on the ground, suggesting he had a heart failure]
[The camera zooms out, showing people who walk in San Fierro streets]
[Screen gets darker and this text appears: ~ The End ~ ] Then the credits comes in.




Some missions are specifically for one protagonist. Those missions are marked with that protagonist's name; e.g.: Mike

Game has some missions which must be played with both protagonists. Each character has his own role in these missions. These kind of missions are marked as "Multi-Protag".

Some missions, have more than one way to pass. In these missions, you decide to do what you like. They're marked as "Decide".

Threesome missions, and Maria and Dani as playable characters, are only available if you answer positive to Maria in Mission #21. Unlike other missions which appear after receiving a mail, phone call or message, these missions are available all the time until the last threesome mission.

More Missions Coming Frequently.

Like this post if you enjoyed this concept!

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  • universetwisters


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 10:38 AM

Woah, it's been a while since a concept thread popped up around here...

Good luck on it amigo, not many of them seem to last...
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  • AnDReJ98


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 12:59 PM

Dammn, i didn't even know how to post on this new forum. Anyway, nice job, like the thread, only map is a little bad, no offense, nice keep it up.  :^:

  • phoenixShine


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 05:56 PM

Nice. I wait for more info.

I don't see any GTA Concept Art since some months.

  • LibertyKing

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 03:57 PM Edited by Libertyking, 07 September 2013 - 03:58 PM.

The map is weird... But I still like the concept!

  • PooyanCyrus

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 04:23 PM

Thanks for your feedback @LibertyKing.

What do you think about missions?

  • PooyanCyrus

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 05:20 PM Edited by PooyanCyrus, 18 October 2013 - 09:06 AM.




Calm Murderer: Kill 30 or more gangs in one mission.

Chance to get At Missions 5, 15, 48 and 51



Career Criminal: Complete all the storyline missions.

Chance to get At last mission.



San Fierro Gang: Complete all 35 San Fierro rampages.

Chance to get at last San Fierro Rampage



Whetstone Gang: Complete all 15 Whetstone rampages.

Chance to get at last Whetstone Rampage



Real Gang: Complete all 50 rampages of the game.



San Fierro is Mine: Make all the San Fierro yours and lose other gangs.



Stunt Man: Collect all the unique stunt jumps.



Novice Dealer: Make 10000$ Profit out of dealing drugs and weapons.



Dollar Dealer: Make 50000$ Profit out of dealing drugs and weapons.



Real Dealer: Make 100000$ Profit out of dealing drugs and weapons.









VOSA and WAV are talk radios.



Genesis - Mama
Pink Floyd - One of these days
Aranda - Satisfied
Metallica - Battery
Stellar Revival - The Crazy ones
Apartment - Fall into place
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Metallica - Fight fire with fire
Metallica - Nothing else matters
Beatles - Yesterday
System of a down - Lonely day
Chris de Burgh - Up here in heaven
Billy Joel - Just the way you're
2NE1 - Lonely
Loreena McKennitt - Tango to Evora
Chris de Burgh - The Lady in red
Modern Talking - Wild Wild Water
Datarock - Fa-Fa-Fa
Roger Waters - The Tide is Turning
Britney Spears - Everytime
Panamore - The Only Exception
Gipsy Kings - Suena de Noche
Kevin McLeod - Easy Jam
Cubanismo - Mardi Gras Mambo
Bob Marley and The Wailers - One Love
Omara Portuondo - Guantanamera
Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock
Ruben Rada - Yo Quiero
Irakere - Boliviana
Ibrahim Ferrer - Compositor Confundido
Los Guaracheros de Oriente - Patria Querida
DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More
June - Hardcore Vibes
Too fast for mellow - Get my Luv
DJ Delirium - Be Happy!
Network - Words
System of a Down - Blast your own bomb
Full Option - Rave all night
Happy Toons - I want you
Toni Salmonelli - Hey! (Buzzy's Ragga Mix)
Critical Mass - Dancing Together
Forbes & Cyclone - Full Forcer
Porter Robinson - Language
Bauuer - Yaow
Avicii - Silhouettes
Nari and Milani - Atom
Swedish House Mafia - Don't you worry child
Morgan Page - Carry me ft. Nadia Ali
Zedd - Spectrum
Bauuer - Harlem Shake
Eric Prydz - Allein
Sander Van Doorn & Mayaeni - Nothing Inside
Kayne West Ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2Chainz - Mercy
2 Chainz Ft. Drake - No Lie
B.o.B - So Good
Travis Porter - Ride Like That
Red Cafe Ft. The Pain - Champagne
Wale Ft. Rick Ross - Bag of Money
Trey Songz - Heart Attack
Drake Ft. Lil Wayne - The Motto
Zedbazi - Obi
Rihanna featuring Eminem - Numb
Nonstop Pop
Rihanna - Where have you been
Demi Lovato - Give your heart a break
Calvin Harris - Feel so close
Fun. - Some Nights
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me Mabye
Ke$ha - Die Young
Nicki Minaj - Starships
Ellie Goulding - Lights
Fiona Apple - Every single night
Right from White Stupa - 07:00 to 08:30
Morning News - 8:45 to 9:30
Liberty City Skies - 10 to 12
San Fierro Proud People - 12:30 to 14
Afternews - 14:30 to 15:30
Damned Advertisements! - 15:30 to 17
6+9 Transactions News - 17:30 to 19
About Federal Shutdown (Analytic Program) - 19:05 to 20
Night News - 21 to 23
Middle East Analytic Program - 06:00 to 08:00
Middle East Deep Troubles - 08:15 to 9:45
About Middle East Wars - 10:00 to 12:00
America's Hot News - 13:00 to 15:00
Middle East Bad Situations - 15:15 to 17:00
Terrorism and Middle East 17:15 to 19:00
Middle East and 9/11 Connections - 20:00 to 22:00
News - 22:00 to 00:00
No Ideas with Programs :/
National Wilderness
Deep Layers of Water - 06:00 to 10:00
Wildest Animals in The World - 11:00 to 15:00
LS Bigfoot Hunt - 16:00 to 20:00
Dinosaurs: Reality or Legendary? - 21:00 to 02:00
123 Entertainment
Celebrity News - 08:00 to 12:00
Live with Celebs - 13:00 to 16:00
Vinewood Today - 17:00 to 20:00
Movie - 21:00 to 24:00
Movies are "Liberty City Dark Nights", "Carcer City Survival", "The Damned Angel" and "Tony's Love Ballad"
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  • phoenixShine


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Posted 07 September 2013 - 05:34 PM

Very nice achivements. I now wait for info about weapons, vehicles and radio stations. :^:


Keep it up! :^:

  • Coolyfett


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Posted 08 September 2013 - 05:03 PM

The map is weird... But I still like the concept!

I like the concept, as its OWN game and NOT DLC. Maybe it could be GTA 6 on the next gen consoles. We could get another Asian main character again. Id like to see a female also. GTA 6 set in San Francisco

  • PooyanCyrus

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 05:38 PM


The map is weird... But I still like the concept!

I like the concept, as its OWN game and NOT DLC. Maybe it could be GTA 6 on the next gen consoles. We could get another Asian main character again. Id like to see a female also. GTA 6 set in San Francisco


Sorry for leaking, but a female protagonist is coming to story. Just wait!

  • Nathaaann


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Posted 08 September 2013 - 05:53 PM


The map is weird... But I still like the concept!

I like the concept, as its OWN game and NOT DLC. Maybe it could be GTA 6 on the next gen consoles. We could get another Asian main character again. Id like to see a female also. GTA 6 set in San Francisco



Out of the three states I hated San Fierro. Something about it, I preferred if GTA VI would be set in either Vice City or Las Venturas.

  • phoenixShine


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Posted 08 September 2013 - 05:56 PM


The map is weird... But I still like the concept!

I like the concept, as its OWN game and NOT DLC. Maybe it could be GTA 6 on the next gen consoles. We could get another Asian main character again. Id like to see a female also. GTA 6 set in San Francisco
Sorry for leaking, but a female protagonist is coming to story. Just wait!

Ok, I can't wait! I would see female person as protagonist in future GTA.

Btw. I argue that concepts writing comes back.

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 01:10 PM

No new answers :/

Seems like i'm talking with a wall! :facedesk:

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 01:29 PM

Can you post some of the radio stations?

  • PooyanCyrus

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 01:41 PM Edited by PooyanCyrus, 17 September 2013 - 12:12 PM.

Yes, I'm working on them but haven't progressed really because I'm more working on the story and preparing for Maxie's missions. I'll add radio stations names and logos soon, but playlists are really hard to fill! For now, names are: SF-UR, San Fierro Pride, San Fierro Rock Radio, VOSA (Voice of San Andreas), Emotion, WAV (Weird American Voice, parody of VOA) and Nonstop Pop.

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 01:59 PM

I hope to god you have a gabber station. PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE A GABBER STATION.


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Posted 14 September 2013 - 05:32 PM

I have no idea of gabber music. I haven't heard even ONE gabber song and don't even have an idea of its name or logo :/

Give me ideas, I'll do my best!

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 06:34 PM

Gabber is basically really hardcore techno music from the early 90s that came from the netherlands. Give this mix a listen


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Posted 16 September 2013 - 01:36 PM

Missions are already reaching 20! I've planned for about 60 missions.

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 12:33 PM

@universetwisters: As I've realised, Gabber is type of Hardcore music, so "StoneCore FM" should be a good name, not?

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 11:25 PM

@universetwisters: As I've realised, Gabber is type of Hardcore music, so "StoneCore FM" should be a good name, not?

I'd guess. I can imagine SF-UR could be a good name, unless you've got another type of techno planned for that station.

  • PooyanCyrus

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Posted 18 September 2013 - 07:29 AM

SF-UR was (and is) a house music station. Gabber should have a new station; a hardcore station with a hardcore name!

@everyone: What do you think of WAV and its motto?! :lol:

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 07:12 AM

What about vehicles info?

  • PooyanCyrus

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 07:50 AM

@S13: I'll put them here soon, but story has been taken a long time. I want to finish the story first and then, i'll have time to work on vehicles' graphical stuff.

Btw, is it good to have two stories? I mean, as you see, in mission #28, Maxie follows her own way and doesn't stay with Mike and Steve anymore. Is it a good thing?

... and, one another thing! the story is a little complex, so if you're reading the missions, decide what you want to do, and just read the missions related to your decision. for example if you decide to play as Threesome in mission #28, just read Threesome mission since then, because reading other missions will make you a bit confused.

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Posted 25 September 2013 - 01:01 PM

Just wanted to tell you: The story's ending will be published soon.

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 05:17 PM

Talking with a wall, that's what i'm doing these. Even no negative feedback :(

  • RandomStunt

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 06:29 PM

why does this have only this many posts? this is awesome man.

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 07:35 PM

@StuntmanDYOM: Thanks!

Boris The Vodka
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Posted 01 October 2013 - 11:07 AM

Good sh*t, man. :^: I'm checking it almost everyday to see if there are any new missions. What I disliked is the "5 Protagonists" thing, it was ridiculous.


Also, there's no 31st of September. Just sayin'.

  • RoadRunner71

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 12:37 PM

I'll take a look at it later. I've never really liked or been interested in San Fierro, though.

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