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[V.$.m.g] Vice Money Murder {Psn--Xbl)

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 graphic designer for banners and logos wanted!!!!! Extra money and guns for graphics guy....




Vice Money Murder is a crew that is, somewhat, cannon to the official R* crews and GTA Universe. Vice Money Murder is the Los Santos chapter of the Vice City Mambas Gang, a cannon R* crew. V$M is a a hybrid mafia-street-syndicate with an ironic (yet perfect) mix of mob and street principles. Flashy but not noticeable. Our goal is to become well known as the guys who took over LS and maybe R* will notice the intentions and immortalize us into GTA history as the VC Mamba Gang's LS set.

To put it simply, V$M is to bring a little Vice City to Los Santos by relentlessly taking over the city like Tommy Vercetti would do. If it's there, we take it. If it makes us money, we sell it. If it's fast cars, women and drugs, we entertain it. We trust no one but ourselves and are only out for we. LOYALTY. Trust is all we ask and in return, you get to make a name for yourself in the city of Los Santos as we rise to the top. V$M is a family that holds no bounds. We represent Vice City, sun-soaked metropolis is what we were built for.

What kind of crew is this?
Vice Money Murder is a street gang with mob rules. V$M is also mafia family with a street mentality. We will Uzi a rival apartment, bandanas up, and then eat dinner in gang colored suits on Portola Drive. We will extort your liquor store for profit and then rob the place and mug pedestrians.
This is where the whole "street mob" mentality arose. Gangs need discipline, but cannot become to strict or uniform otherwise the enemy will get you to the routine. So we move methodic like the mob yet are still as unpredictable as any notorious street gang. This also ensures that any type of GTA player, of any kind, can find his "niche" within the ranks of V$M. We currently have 2 divisions of the V$M to suit any player:

------------- The Representatives (Mission-based/Competitive): This is for all players who enjoy the competitive modes such as death match and so on. Also players of this division, if problems erupt (like gang vendettas or a compromise to the safehouse) are expected to handle the problem. If guns, protection, assassinations, retaliation, back-up or any extreme and violent measures are needed, Rep Gang handles it. Offense is our best defense, so it's your job to be the best and sharpest criminals in all of Los Santos. If there has been a tip off of a rival gang hideout with a jackpot, we call Rep Gang. If we need anything that is to difficult to do solo, we call Rep Gang. So basically, your the bread and butter.

------------- Muscle Gang (Free-Roam and Havoc): V.$.M.G are the guys who are REALLY in the streets. Bandanas, hoes, guns, money and cars. Hood life. There just out there causing mayhem in the name of mayhem. From mugging peds and robbing liquor stores to full out gang wars and high speed chases, Muscle Gang are the true gangsters of the crew. This part of the crew is for those players who don't want to be obligated to complete missions but rather just dick around! Rob other players, sell drugs, grief, parachute, free-roam.... Just remember to rep! The more you rep in the streets, the more the streets take notice and the more notice you get, the more the boss has to give you a pay raise.



PS3 Crew

Rank                                             GTAForum Name                            PSN ID
Don Father (Boss)                                  JStarr31                                             Starr31
Consigliere                                         jvictoria11                                     xGodIsBlackx
Underboss                                        Danilo_Frost                                       Fun_Frost
Supplier                                         xyron34 (SoA AU)
Chief Security
Rep Gang    
Street Soldier    
Street Soldier    
Runner/Carrier (NR)  
Runner/Carrier (NR)    
Spotter (NR)    
Spotter (NR)  


Rank                                             GTAForum Name                   XBL Gamertag
Don Father (Boss)                                JStarr31                                           Starr31
Consigliere                                         jvictoria11                                   xGodIsBlackx
Underboss                                        Danilo_Frost                                    Fun_Frost
Supplier                                        xyron34 (SoA AU)
Lieutenant                                         scouse choice                              scouse_choice
Chief Security
Rep Gang    
Street Soldier     
Street Soldier    
Runner/Carrier (NR)   
Runner/Carrier (NR)     
Spotter (NR)     
Spotter (NR) 





Reptuation & Colors

Vice Money Murder Gang is a criminal syndicate currently operating in Los Santos, San Andreas. Some would call this crime ring a mob-oriented street gang while others will call it a street-based mafia. In any light, V.$.M.G is a on going threat in the streets of Los Santos. Notarized as a violent yet intellectual crew, V.$.M.G specialize in drugs, extortion, racketeering, and laundering. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the ♥ ♠High Rollers♦ ♣, a rivalry stemming from early 90's Vice City, who's foreign gang families were fighting to take control of our domestic drug trade.

The 3-point Symbolism
The symbolism originates from the triforce of the Almighty 3 points of Wisdom, Courage, and Power. This trinity is stronger than all others. A trinity so strong and omnipotent that it has united us to create a triforce like no other. A divine unity that is destined for supreme victory over all of our adversaries. The Heirs of the Three will destroy the hatred, falsehood, wars, and in-harmonies in life. 3 is life. The 3 is the eternal connection that unites body, mind, and soul.




We are identified by the beige/khaki color worn by our members with particular bandanas, clothing, gang symbols and distinctive hand signs. V.$.M.G also go by the name "Dirty Money" which stems from the brown/beige color worn by the gang. Members also refer to each by "Three/3" which is in reference to occult gang symbolisms. Although graffiti is frowned upon by the higher-ups, it is still practiced by the newer members of the crew.

Muscle - Khaki and Black
Representatives - Beige and White
Lieutenants - Tan and White Suits
Commissioners - White and Tan Suits
Leader - Undisclosed


"All of my brothers and sisters within this family shall hold dearly the divine colors of this almighty alliance." - V. Vinnotti

The White is for the original purity of courage, wisdom, and power. It represents the pure mind of our brothers and sisters born before the struggle, and the white light that unites us all after life.

The Black is for the color of the dark and vicious past of our family, for the and for the everyday unknowns of life. Black is also the color of the "UNIVERSAL": U and I VERSES all.

The Beige is for the land and dirt we walk on, the color of the caskets for our enemies, and the natural earth we inhale to keep our minds at peace.









Assault_SMG.png      Advanced_MG.png








Vice Money Murder Gang ran territory along Hoarmont Ave. in Downtown, V.C., some streets in Little Haiti and most of the Little Havana residential areas. Now V.$.M.G is operating in Los Santos, San Andreas. Branching into various sub-groups known as "sets", significant and noticable differences exist between these sets such as colors, clothing, rank, and operations.
V.$.M.G now covers a good portion of Los Santos occupying parts of South L.S., East L.S., and streets in Vinewood. The V.$.M.G have been documented to even have ties within the military, existing in both the San Andreas and Vice City bases.



Muscle - Grove Street, South L.S.
Representatives - Rancho, East L.S.
Lieutenants - Vinewood, Los Santos
Commissioners - Undisclosed
Leader - Undisclosed

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Ranks - V.$.M.G

-------------THE LEADER--------------


This is the absolute leader. Usually the leader
manages to direct overall operations via telephone
or other forms of communications a.k.a:
President, Godfather, Supreme Chief, Don

----------------THE COMMISSIONERS--------------

In charge of advising all things dealing with financial, legal, or political
control from an unbiased opinion and only seeing whats best for the
family. No decisions, just good advice. Also in charge of treasury.
(Inside consultant)

Guns, Drugs, Intel
(Outside consultant; usually a member of an ally gang)

A current gang member who's job is to be the influential representative in
all places of the crew. The Underboss makes decisions on behalf of the
boss whether it be gang elections & crew alliances or executive decisions
& war declaration.

Non-snitch informant who supplies information ranging from
rival gang activities to law enforcement operations and communicate,
by way of violence, information between rival gangs.



This group consists of gang members acting as a board
committee when gang activites are discussed. These members
are faction leaders who were given ranking status
through loyalty, trust and performance a.k.a: 5 Star Elites,
Generals, Assistant Chiefs, Capos

--------------------THE REPRESENTATIVES-----------------



Disciplines gang members who violate gang code; fail to pay share of
profits; fail to put in work for the crew. As the Enforcer, you are also required
to carry out "hits" arranged by the boss (alone or with a group of your
choosing). Also In charge of leading in bigger heists and armory.


Coordinates/Controls gang wars, and protects existing territories.
Also the Enforcer's 'right-hand man'.


Responsible for bringing in new ways of income and expenses.
Help improve the earnings obtained from Drugs, Guns, Small Heists,
Properties, Missions, Activities, Robberies, etc. Rep Gang is the bread
and butter of this crew. These guys put in the most work.



Recruit at schools, parks, shopping malls, etc. Recruiters
are usually playing mission based games looking for the best of the best.
A recruiter is enticed by the opposition's skill and see it as quick profit.
Also takes part in leading the small heists and activities.

Includes Hardcore to Marginal members. The hardcore is the most
active and dangerous because they are trying to attain
status and notoriety among the ranks. A street soldier can
be involved with drive-bys, gang fights, drug sales, and car boosting.

These individuals transport and deliver guns and drugs and
other various items to various locations or to other gang members.
They are usually newer and younger members with a lot to prove.
Also required to sell hard drugs (Meth)*

Serve as lookouts for police when gang members are involved
illegal activities, such as drug deals, shoot-outs, fights, robberies,
auto theft, etc. Basically, lowest new-comers, who aren't the best drivers,
trying to make a name for themselves. Also required to sell soft drugs
*Note: If such activity is included in GTA:O





Jobs and Hustles

- Drug & Arms Shipping
- Stocks & Laundering
- Large Heists

- Guarding Safe-house
- Extortion
- Home Invasions/Raids
- Big Heists

- Gang Wars
- Assassinations
- Gambling
- Street/Cage Fighting
- Small Heists

- Drive-By's
- Bets (Races, Arm-Wrestling, Bounties, etc.)
- Car Boosting
- Drug Dealing
- Robberies
- Illegal Street Racing

























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The D.O.O.R
Decrees of Order & Respect

To ENTER, one must first respect the D.O.O.R and failing to do so is punishable by death

  • - I shall believe in all that the family teaches and observe all it's directions
  • - I shall respect and defend the Don Father and his family unto death
  • - I will not present anyone directly to family nor reveal inside information
  • - I will defend my turf from all who oppose it without hesitation or mercy
  • - I shall respect all those whom are blood and constitute to defend them
  • - I shall complete all tasks asked of me even if contrary to the laws of man
  • - I shall not brandish the weapon of man nor tongue against fellow family
  • - I will be champion any and everywhere in representation of my family
  • - I will not cooperate with law; defending all charges unto death
  • - I will never backstab or cheat family; I will remain faithful to the decrees

The Oath to Arms

The pledge sworn by every new member


Should I faulter on my comrades side, this oath shall kill me.
If ever should I succumb to greed and envy, this oath shall kill me.
If my word should ever be spoken untrue and betrayal, this oath shall kill me.
If I ever lack in discipline or refuse orders, this oath shall kill me.
Should I show fear to any man big or small, this oath shall kill me.

The 13 Concepts of War
The 13 Concepts of War:


1. Always listen before you talk; look before you walk; observe before you stalk.

2. In war you must follow the commands of the higher ranks who are designated as such because they are more, if not better, informed than you.
3. Never make important decisions while angry because an intemperate nature can run you into a brick wall.
4. What is pain to a warrior but a privilege, rage quits are for the weak. To know victory is to know defeat.
5. The injuries that you inflict upon the enemy should be considered such an act of terrorism that the the enemy should never consider revenge.
6. Never allow your enemy to live, because one day he may rise up to repay you for your mistake.
7. One must be a fox to recognize a trap and a lion to fight and eliminate the threat.
8. The best defense is often times a good offense.
9. There is no greater sin in war than ignorance.
10. War has no room for diplomacy, war is outright VICIOUS.
11. Beware those around you who shout out the most, yet find time to talk during conflict, these individuals will reason with the enemy.
12. In war, strive for complete domination; always attack before you are attacked.
13. During War or peace never allow you priorities to be misguided.

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Reserved for tonight....

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Stop bumping please.

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Sent you an application via XBL.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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Sent you an application via XBL.  Look forward to hearing from you.

No problem just PM me your SocialClub name... And send the XBL request to MereSephiroth

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All y'all other small time crews ain't f*cking with mine! VICE MONEY MURDER 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I joined in the Socialclub my PSN Name is iEnergetixx. Im located in Germany but i hope this is not a problem. 

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Wow.... Just wow.... All clothing that happens to be beige or tan is like the most expensive, if not, the most tedious to attain. Either it's too much money or you have to be rank 1045 to get it!

I feel like R* knew V$MG was coming and said "no, your guys are god-like. Please level up to god-like staus with god-like money and maybe then your crew can wear colors.....

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    Vice Money Murder Gang {V.$.M.G}

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Complete over haul happening so try to get the best seat in the crew for heists!!!! We need new members as many old members were cut....

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