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ICEnhancer 2.1/Patch 1.4/xliveless/time cycles

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Posted 30 August 2013 - 01:23 PM

If this is in a wrong section, please move this into a proper one.

My story is this:
I installed Icenhancer 2.1 for 1.7.0 of GTA IV. The "readme" of the mod stated that it works best with patch 4, that patch 7 will give red sky and that it was worth downgrading.
I played in 1.7 for a while, the game looked nice and red sky only appeared on top of an Alderney skyscraper and it was just a small patch of red.
And then I downgraded to 1.4
Icenhancer for 1.4 has a folder "If it's a fresh install." In it, there are a couple of xliveless files that are advised to be copied into IV's folder for the purpose of time cycles(?)
So I did that.
After this, the game menus disappeared. Menu options like "Start", "Options" , "Map", "Audio" - options like that were all blackened and invisible. Autosave didn't work and new game was started after I pressed enter. It all got back to normal after I deleted xliveless files from game's folder. Am I doing something wrong?
This far, after playing for some time, the mod seems to work without xliveless.
I'd like to know what are time cycles? Are they how game recognizes day and night, rain and sun?
If so, then how come Games For Windows Live gets in the way? For the game doesn't work properly without it.

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