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Strange horizontal line across center of screen

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Posted 26 August 2013 - 07:40 AM

Hey all.

Was playing this with a 570. Gta 4 played pretty much ok. Now that i have a 670 i am having some issues. Namely that im getting some sorta artifacting or well i duno if its that but textures seem on walls and things seem to go very undetailed to normal detail in a flash. Its quite annoying. I never had this afaik with my 570.

Also i have noticed this in the past but its more annoying somehow now.

I have this thin line from the center left to center right of the screen and it sorta cuts detail in half. The bottom half of screen is fine for detail but the upper half seems lowered detail. I thought it was like AF 4x or somit issue but the setting ingame is AF16x So im confused. Increasing shadows to very high helps somewhat but still its annoying. Heres a pic u should be able to see the flow of the line by lookin at the shadows.


Any advice for fixes or somit? Im on steam, latest update, just got a 670 and using 314.22 drivers with only thing in nvidia panel set diff from stock is triple filtering is on and a gta 4 profile to put fxaa on. Thats about it.

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