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Spy Mission Challenge [Mission Pack]

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Posted 26 August 2013 - 12:13 AM Edited by Blues2030, 27 August 2013 - 06:20 AM.

Spy Mission Challenge
Mission Challenge

Spy Mission Challenge it's a new challenge to train your spy and accurate to kill enemies. in this challenge, you play as "Jack" the main charaters. you must complete all mission in specified time! example: mission 1 the top time is 4:30, you must complete faster than me example: you beat it 4:27! and in this mission average the town is in the San Fiero so, train your skill to kill enemies.

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  • The "Gameplay" is same like GTA V, that's you can switch your characters in mission
  • Added Sounds
  • Pro guns used, and
  • Mission will be Real with effect.

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Charaters Description
Lina Rodriguez She born in English, 27 september 1992. she are tomboy and like war. she always use Sniper rifle to kill enemies or it can be called "Distance Shooter"
Bruce Hendlstone He born in China, 5 mei 1988. he go to San Fiero because in China he get bullying with his friend there. so, he join in team to help to kil enemies. he called "shooter at close range"
Jack Wartingson he born in Los Santos, 31 December 1990. he go to san firo for a reason and he join a team to help our team. he type a "shooter at close range"
Mission Up Coming Soon! Published at 27 August 2013

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PatrickW & Dutch3010 for the best DYOM
tinypic.com to upload picture
Rockstar Game for GTA SA
All other to play my mission

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