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Please Read the Advertisement Don't Come in and ask a stupid question because your going to get a stupid answer you were warned!!
You Must have a TS3 and Working Client and working Microphone to Become an Faction Leader and we must be able to Communicate with you
You Must be Able to Speak English

Are you tired of the communities only in San Andreas Multiply for the Money of the players? Servers being filled with immature, corrupt, and doing whatever they please administrators? Platinum Gaming maybe a server you may want to look into. We want the community to have as much player interaction within factions and the server without having just the server administrators making the call for the factions and who the leader will be. Instead the Government will be an elected official by the players. While applications will have to be submitted to administrators to run for office, once the application is approved. If you are approved, once the forum is open for Government elections you are free to debate and campaign in game. The Government faction will have the authority to hire the faction leaders, therefore all players have a fair chance of becoming a faction leader. We are also working on making the prison an actual Role-play area, instead of just sitting in the prison doing nothing for several hours.

The factions are run by the players after the first election in a month. While the faction leaders will be chosen by the new government, the Department of Game Affairs will only deny an appointee if the person has extensive problems with the admin team. (I.E Several Admin jails). The only time an administrator will run a faction is when a new faction is being open to make sure the Role-play of the first set of members (One of which will be chosen by the government to run the faction) Once the trail of the faction is complete (One Month Max) the government will be able to chose a leader. The rules for of the server will be enforced however that does not mean one cannot be corrupt. The Fire Department will be kept busy with a random fire script that goes off every 30 minutes. The Fire Department will have several stations stationed through the City of Los Santos. Currently the only factions available are Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Sheriff Department, Government, and San Andreas Fire Department. We have taken the Hitman Agency out of the script therefore you can be a Hitman without being in the faction.

In order to become an official family, you must submit an application. The application has to be unique, and the members have to prove they can Role-Play before the gang is accepted. We do not want Families to be known for breaking rules. The rules for of the server will be enforced.


1st Offense 30Minute Jail Time 30% Fine of Player Money
2nd Offense 45Minute Jail Time 45% Fine of Player Money
3rd Offense 2 Hour Jail Time 50% Fine of Player Money Followed by Weapon Restriction Time
4th Offense Player is Banned and have to appeal the ban on the forums

1st Offense:20% Fine of Players Money
2nd Offense:10Min Jail Time
3rd Offense:30Minute Jail Time and 50% Fine of Players Money

~Car Parking~
1st Offense: 30% Fine of the Player Money
2nd Offense: Up to 10 Minutes of Jail Time
3rd Offense: 20 Minutes Jail Time Followed by 20% Fine of the Player Money

Other Rules Will be Enforced as Well!!!

~Flashlight System For The Law Enforcements
~Since People who have VIP can't Stop themselves from Death matching All Heavy VIP Weapons Were Removed to Prevent DM~
~We Are Not Refunding Since there is not point of playing the game if you get everything all at once~

The administrative team is there to help players, and all administrators are required to go through the moderator team. Once you are recommended to the administrator team, the administrator will be started off as Junior admin. Administrator will be on a strict three strike Policy. Reviews are done by a board of Administrative Personal, the administrative personal board will investigate any reports against an administrator or moderator, and all promotions and proposed hires will have to go through the board of Administrative Personal. Platinum Gaming does not allow an administrator to run a faction after the trail of the faction has been completed. The idea of the Administrative team is to enforce the rules, not break them , any admin found breaking the rules of the server will be placed on suspension or dismissed from the administrative team.

Server Information
Teamspeak3: ts3.platinumgaming.net:8767
Without DNS
SA-MP: samp.platinumgaming.net:7777
Without DNS
Website: www.platinumgaming.net

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