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GTA IV loading screen

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 01:21 AM

So I got GTA IV around a month ago New and when i got it I just let it sit and gather dust and with GTA V coming around I though I would pop it in and play it again like I did several years ago (This copy got damaged) So I put it in installed the data downloaded the patch and then the loading screen came up. And so I went to make a cup of cola and I came back and it was flashing "The cousins bellic" And so I sat and waited for the game to start. And I must have sat for a couple of minutes before I realized something was wrong and it wasn't just taking a long time to load. So I looked online and found people saying they had the same problem and that they had a fix for it. So I thought "Great, I can play the game" Unfortunately I tried everything they said. I deleted the utility data, save data, disconnected from the internet and media servers, deleted my internet cache and cookies, disabled the information board. And it is still stuck. I am wondering if any one has a fix for this because I am getting really annoyed. I have it on PS3 by the way.

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