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Unknown reggae song in Scarface game

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 05:12 PM

Hi everyone! I've got a song, you can listen to it here:

The problem is, in the game it is originally called "Give it to her" by Buju Banton, but I have doubts about the title, since I didn't find any Buju Banton songs by the same name on any of his discography listings. I'm not even sure anymore that it's Buju Banton, although all the Scarface OST lists say it, but I heard (and checked) a few other songs that are also incorrect on all of these list, so I'm starting to think this song is not even Buju Banton, just nobody discovered it yet (even on youtube the only "Give it to her" by Buju Banton can be found as a Scarface OST upload). If any reggae fans out there know the title and the artist of the song, I would be really grateful smile.gif Thanks in advance!

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 07:20 PM

I very much doubt the credits are wrong. They can't be since the music is licensed. There are a few unreleased Giorgio Moroder songs on the soundtrack, which means that the song you are looking for might also be unreleased.

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 07:53 PM

It is totally Buju Banton.

The class of guys he is from makes it pretty hard to track his/their music. The song is a standard dancehall/reggae track that they all do.
Here is Mr. Vegas doing it

Because those guys are DJs that revolted against the rules and regulations that Jamaica broadcasting imposed most of their stuff is live or very underground.
I'm a huge Yellowman fan and I'm guessing that about 70% of my collection of Yellowman is stuff that was never released on any sort of album.

If you liked that track and that particular era of dancehall you may want to check out some Cutty Ranks stuff. Tiger is also one who grew into that style of dancehall. If you want to hear the forefathers check out people like Yellowman(especially Yellowman and Fathead) and Eak A Mouse.

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 07:39 AM

That seems possible, although just as I mentioned, I found numerous soundtracks in the Scarface game OST set, which have nothing to do with the title given to them. For those, who are familiar with the tracklist and are interested, a few examples:

Bobby Valentine - El caiman -> Mon Rivera - Las cajas (artist is not Bobby Valentine, "El caiman" is an existing, but totally different song)
Celina y reutilio - Agallu sola -> Celina y reutilio - Alborada guajira (only the title is wrong here, but still)
Cortijo y Kato - El pipisigallo -> Sonora Matancera (canta Bienvenido Granda) - El pipisigallo (again, has nothing to do with Cortijo y Kato, the real song was produced much earlier)

These are the ones I've found so far by going through the list, which made me have my doubts about the Buju Banton song. What you just said also makes sense so for now I'll accept it biggrin.gif but if someone knows this song by a different artist/title, their help would be much appreciated smile.gif

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