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Forum Colour Scheme

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  • Ben73


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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:31 PM

So I love this forum, I have been here for a little while now, but I can only look at this forum for a couple of minutes. The dark blue background with white text really does not work well for me.
Has anyone else had this problem?
All other forums I visit have white or very lightly colourd background with black text and I have no problem.

I don't think my eye sight is that bad. I have never had glasses and pass all the eye tests in my work medical each year.

I really didn't want to make a thread about this, but it has been bugging me ever since I first join the forum. I but I really want to know if I am the only one who feels like this?

And if this is a problem for other members too maybe this site is due for a theme update to a more user friendly colour scheme.

  • miromiro

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:36 PM

If you're bothered with the current skin just change it here. There's a variety of other skins, maybe you'll like on of them. But no, I don't think that the staff will make a new skin any time soon. Probably the only one will be the GTA V one which will be released in a couple of months or so.

  • Andreaz1

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:55 PM

I love the white on blue, and I do have bad eyesight, for whatever difference that makes. I think it makes for very good readability without the background going too dark. I really hope they don't change it too much when the forum updates comes as I really dislike bright backgrounds. It feels like all they do is hurt my eyes.

If you don't like the white on blue, try going to your Control Panel and try out another skin under "Skin and Languages" in the menu to the left.

  • Tacymist

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 06:16 PM

I've come across forums over the years with that white on black scheme and I always despised it. The background should never be so bright imo, it bothers the hell out of my eyes after a while. Personally I think the default look of this forum is spot on, the text is easy to read and the background provides excellent contrast to it.

Anyway it's already been suggested you change your skin in your control panel. Try switching to Conventional by Cerbera, IPB, or Hashcake, those are similar to what you described. The GTAVice skin is also kinda bright.

  • Ben73


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Posted 17 August 2013 - 10:55 PM

I was unaware you can change it. Thanks for teh replies. Ill give another skin a go and see if that helps me. Thanks for that.

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