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Posted 15 August 2013 - 09:42 PM Edited by Toke, 30 April 2015 - 06:53 PM.


Welcome to the Recruitment forum!

This section is used for Recruitment only. Want to organise an Online event? Use the Events forum. Want to find someone to do a quick robbery or have a race? Use the Find a Group & Meetups section under GTA Online. 

  • Format your Recruitment topic in any way you like; there is no specific style you must follow, but please put some effort into your opening post since you are trying to attract our members! Please see this guide for advice
  • Essential details such as Platform and Social Club link are required. Missing one of those will get you a friendly reminder, missing two is a automatic lock for your thread.  Please copy and paste the Recruitment Topic Basic Template found below into your topic if you need help laying this information out.
  • Bumping is allowed - however we require that the OP limit it to once a week and post something worthwhile and contributory instead of just "bump".  Having other members of your crew bump your thread for you to circumvent this rule is prohibited.
  • GTAForums Rules still apply in this section, you can read them here.
  • Not adhering to these recruitment section rules may cause your thread to be locked. If this happens to you, message a forum leader whose names are located on the bottom right of the section if you have any queries.
  • Failing to follow these rules on multiple occasions gives forum leaders the right to remove your topic(s) permanently; guidelines are only in place to keep this section clean, tidy and fair!
  • Use Common-Sense please. Don't double-post.
  • ONE Topic Rule. This goes for gangs who have multiple platforms members operate on as well as standard crews. Do NOT create multiple topics to promote your crew or 'chapters', you will have your threads locked and any future threads locked on sight. Gangs must run their crews through one topic (this includes multiple platform gangs/crews)

Joining a Gang
You are welcome to join any crew or gang that interests you and accepts you. If you can't make up your mind, please use the Free Agents' Recruitment topic. This allows recruiters to have a central place to view potential members, and gives free agents the chance to showcase their skills. Please don't make individual topics as they will only be removed. You are also welcome to apply directly to gangs who base themselves here as part of the Gangs Community, which you can read more about below. For more info on getting recruited, check here: Free Agents' Recruitment Topic
GTAForums Gangs Community
You don't have to operate your crew or gang from GTAForums to post a Recruitment topic, as we realize with the massive world of GTA Multiplayer, you have many options where to base yourselves. However, there are number of groups that choose to do so and together they form the Gangs Community; a place for any type of multiplayer or social group to organise and socialize. If you're interesting in joining us, head on over to the Gang Chat forum to mingle, and view a list of those who are already fully established in the Gangs Database.


The Staff would also like to encourage members who frequent this section often to report anyone breaking any of these rules.  That includes those who bump their threads early, post multiple threads for the same crew, advertising ones crew in another crews thread and blatant verbal abuse.  The traffic this section gets is immense and the Staff often times miss some of these offenses so do your part to help gtaforums (this section anyway) clean.  Thank you.
Recruitment Topic Basic Template
Crew/Gang Name: 
Leader Contact: 
Social Club Crew Link: 

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