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[IV|Script] Send SMS to the player

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Posted 14 August 2013 - 02:59 PM

Hello everybody,
I'm back on GTA IV with C++ ScriptHook SDK and I have a little trouble...

I would like to send a SMS to the player, to his phone like in the game during mission when a character send a SMS to Niko.

In Scripting & ScriptingDirty files I find interesting native functions :

// Display (a) messages icon under the radar
void SetMessagesWaiting(u32 msg);

// Display an icon above the radar with the phone number and "the contact"
void SetPhoneHUDItem(u32 id, const ch *gxtText, u32 phoneNumber);

// There is also the Audio & Stat message
PlayAudioEvent(ch *name);
IncrementIntStatNoMessage(Scripting::eIntStatistic stat, u32 value);

But as you can figure it out these functions only warn the player he receives a SMS.
If I use only these functions no SMS will be in the phone...

So I started searching for a function in .sco scripts of the game thanks to OpenIV... But no way to understand how a SMS is send sad.gif
I found a function that (as I understood it) display the good Phone HUD Item regarding numbers of unread SMS but that's all.

So maybe I do a "good" search and no native function is used to send a SMS to the player and so how scripts does ?
Or the native functions is not known from the community (neither the Wiki nor Aru's Script documented it).

I also look at gxt file and search for any match between load additional text function and item's name in gxt table, but SMS seems only to be in the MAIN table and no item's name are defined for these text messages :s

I've search on the forum with "mobile" and "phone" words without success.

I'm asking if anybody had an idea what I could have missed or if someone already know and answer to : how can we send a SMS to Niko ?

Thank you and sorry for my english, I'm French.

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