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Posted 12 August 2013 - 05:37 AM

Hi all,

I have spend more than a week trying to fix my issues by myself, forums, googling...

Nothing worked for me. If I replace a single car in the game the issue with taxi spawn and only one or two additional vehicles start and do not stop.

I have learned how to use scripts, scripthook, asiloader (dsound.dll and xliveless). I have also tried the mods and scripts trafficLoad, trafficFlow, taxifix...

Tried to downgrade to (whitout making it playable, i have the steam... And i was not able to convert IT to a working sad.gif)

My specs are:

i7 3940
32gb RAM (1600)
nVidia GeForce GTX 680M (4GB)

The closest version to a playable versión that i was able to build was:
Aru ASI Loader
Scripthook 0.5.1

The last one does not work without the dll from the c++ redistributable. Problem is that when I use that, the traffic issue is nearly solved but then the texture load issue begins and I was not able to fix that one...

As usual, search on forums, tried with commandline.txt with various optiona, tried with the settings on the nVidia control panel... Nothing seems to work for me

If there is anybody who can help me I will appreciate it A LOT!!!

Thx all!!

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