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GTA IV Xbox360 police roleplay

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Posted 11 August 2013 - 06:02 PM

The server is all about living life the way you want to.
you can get a job?, here, a list:
Police Officer (x15)
Helicopter tourman (x5)

Hey, even a drunk unemployed?
Practically, any job you want! wink.gif

Laws :
Speed is 40mph
No crossing red lights
Obviously no murder
no drunk driving
no wreckless diving
no bumping into cops!
Do not enter the airport without permission!

My name is matthew, GT : ReCoN xXx SnIpE , ill be a police cheif but still has the same roles as a police officer, if you would like to join the lcpd please contact me smile.gif I need someone to be head fireman and head medic, also, i need a mayor(im not that selfish) Yes im 13, but im very mature and not squeaky!

Say if your a police,fire,or paramedic in alderny, you only have that power in alderny, you come to alqougin and try to be a cop, it wont work. some with bohan, alqougin! I know in xbox gta you are limited to what you can wear, so i class ourselves in the services as none-uniformed officers. however... LCPDFR for xbox, which i will be downloading in a couple of days for the console version!!!

MESSAGE : ReCoN xXx SnIpE on xbox to join! oh, and must have a mic! and not be under 12, or over 16. sorry, if your 17 but can get along with me thats fine, its just akward with 23 year olds lol!

~ if you have any questions ask me in the party, im in england so im on everyday but i usually get on at 7-8:30(GMT)am And btw, AMERICANS ARE AWSOME! Hope you guys join! Oh and... HAVE FUN! also, dont be a dick and just troll.

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