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Better than the original?

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  • UshaB


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Vice City Stories ftw, due to a self righteous protagonist with great melee combat and just it being awesome.

  • Honker1944

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Posted 2 weeks ago

It is better.Why?



-empire building

-funny dialogues

-main character

Vic has a real personlity.Perhaps it is hypocritical psycho but he can take care of his freinds and I really like him for that :lol:

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  • Cuthwy

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Posted 2 weeks ago

In my opinion, original VC was better.

  • svanderman


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I think VC was a better crime game. It was a bit strange to have Vic say he doesn't want crime in the cutscenes, and then have him brutally murder half of the VC population in freemode. I do, however, really like the empire system and mist importantly: Lance Vance. I loved and hated him at the same time.

  • hot-temper27

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Posted A week ago

Overall, Vice City Stories is better. But Vic was a very below-average protagonist. He constantly says he wants nothing to do with drugs yet he builds drug empires. And even after he says he wants nothing to do with drugs, he ends up at a drug deal two years later and his hypocrisy gets him killed. That's why Tommy was much better personality wise. Because he actually had equilibrium. He stayed true to himself and never came off as a hypocrite like Vic did most of the time. Plus even though Tommy was ruthless and hot-tempered, he was still loyal to most of his allies and you could tell by looking at him that he really did have a heart deep down (though he rarely showed it). So yeah. The only thing VC is better than VCS at is the protagonist.

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