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Better than the original?

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Posted 3 weeks ago


What about it?
At least try to be a bit more constructive ;)

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Posted 3 weeks ago

if not in other areas/aspects, it was definitely better than VC in terms of mission variety. we did all kinds of sh*t in VCS. it's like GTA V in that aspect in my opinion. not a monotone game, all kinds of missions from stealth to full on explosive action

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Both are great, but if i had to choose, i'd go with VCS. VC has the better 'Miami in the '80s' story, but i prefer VCS's story as a whole. Vic was more interesting as a character to me, too. I especially love his quotes in the last mission.

Prince Gumball
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Vice City Stories had better characters, a bit better character development and better relationship among them.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

@princegumball, my point exactly, characters were so great and fun in this game that they had no match. I cant remember any other game that i could possible like bad guys like Martinez and Mendez even they are complete idiots but they are still so fun you just can`t hate them. Even Marty J Williams with all of his attitude towards Louise and stereotipical redneck character is pretty funny to me. :lol:

Not to mention Umberto Robina, he is more funny and interesting in VCS than VC. In VCS he is muscular and funny as hell. ((Umberto-did somebody order a stripper? Vic- excuse me? Umberto- because i like my bitches a bit less balding) :lol:  :lol: ..I almost died from laughing when i saw that 1.st time.)) while in VC he is too fat.

And Lance is fun factor No.1 in this game while in VC he is more calm and more quiet. And i find Phill Cassidy`s voice in VCS better. Altough he is voiced by Gary Busey in both games i find his voice in VC somewhat strange.

Not to mention Phil Colins.

However to be fair i must say that storyline (plot) was better in VC not to mention Ray Liotta but characters were better in VCS. IMO at least, everyone`s tastes are different of course.


Anyway i will never understand how could such a great game be so underrated among some fans. I thing it`s all about low selling copies. When they see that game`s selling isn`t such a boom they simply don`t go and buy it because they think it`s a bad game.

But for me, i never check how one game was sold, it`s not important to me, i go and purchase it and than decide whether is good or not.

And here in my country VCS was huge hit among fans , when it first came to EU it was sold out in a week.

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