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expanding to virtual realities

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 08:39 AM


I have posted a few times on this site related to my desire to create a GTA 5 group like no other. For some reason , no one seems interested at all. I'm looking to create something new , something better than any RP groups on GTA 4. Ofcourse everything has its specifics , but here's the big big picture of what I'd like to achieve during the first year on GTA5:

1- Create a functional role playing group that brings in not only real life jobs and practices , but major corporations , massive government and public scandals , elections , realistic approaches to police codes and conduct etc.

2- Create an online stock market , allowing for an entirely new financial aspect to making it rich in game.

3- Create multi-million dollar contract deals in game , holding meetings that are professional and realistic.

4- Expand large enough to need 2 servers ; with two mayors ; two police forces ; two of everything. Running 2 servers at once , and created cross-city business and trade.

5- Expand further more into 3 or 4 servers , allowing for the creation of countries , and the introduction of a global economy , international military conflicts ; war.

Now to some of you , I know you just want to get in there and shoot at everything. For those of you looking to spend some time working on a geat project , with goals and a vision... You're more than welcome to send me a Pm offering what you can do to help , or just your want to participate.

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